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9 Best Webinar Landing Page Examples We Found For You

Best Webinar Landing Page Examples We Found For You

Are you a marketer at an institution or company that’s riding the wave of webinars?  If you’re in the tech or educational fields, particularly, chances are you have been promoting more internet-based events to convert leads and drive sales by presenting speakers on a niche topic or fronting an in-house team presentation.  

From the promotion to post-event curation, there are a series of steps involved in hosting and marketing a webinar. Perhaps, you have cracked the email marketing game, and you’re recording a great email open rate for your webinar registration invites. What about the next step—designing an attractive and functional webinar landing page that invites your subscribers to sign up? How can you get that right?

In this blog, we have selected 9 winning examples of webinar landing pages to inspire you and summarize the dos and don’ts. We’ll look at the hits and misses of each page in terms of design and copy.

1. AWS Aces It

Obviously, this Amazon subsidiary knows how to maximize web presence. On this page, we love the use of the brand colors and the clean layout. Also, the copy is to-the-point and sets out every little detail. 

The use of simple GIF iconography and the inclusion of detailed FAQs are the other standouts. We also appreciate how the CTA has been repeated throughout the copy.

Things We Would Change

2. A Strong Case For A Segmented Design 

The Strada Education Network has used a simple, segmented layout here. As this is a post-dated landing page we have reviewed, we will comment on the fact that they have considerately plugged in the webinar video. 

(You can also consider leveraging content marketing with relevant videos and case studies once the event is over. According to reports, 91% of professionals who view webinars say they then visit a website to get more information on the topic. If they’re already on your content-populated site, you’re enhancing the probability of conversion.)

The headline is set apart in attractive, bold letters. The color palette is soothing, and the design elements are synced up with the copy purposes. We, especially, love the bulleted design.

Things We Would Change

3. Emma Eggs You On With Restraint

The email marketing brand has pared down the aesthetics and makes a good case for simplicity with this landing page’s design. The form is simple and invites conversions. The copy is straightforward. Post-dated, the blog has neatly plugged in the webinar video. 

Things We Would Change

4. Learning Lab’s Light Hand With Listing 

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology gets almost everything right with this landing page. There’s a lot to put out there for a webinar series, and the objective is accomplished with A-plus aesthetics.  The listed layout appears entirely in sync with the event communication objectives. 

The copy is neatly broken up and revolves around the relevant details, and the follow-up pages and sign-up forms are straightforward. The use of images also works. The hero image, in particular, is striking and seamlessly integrated into the overall styling, with a good font-contrast set-off.

Things We Would Change

5. Use of Simple Symbols

Stanford University appears to be in total touch with what works for a webinar landing page. This simple and effective layout says everything that it needs to. 

The use of small, subtle, and supportive symbols stands out. The ‘Add to my calendar’ and ‘RSVP to this event,’ in particular, should invite plenty of conversions. Also helpful is the direct communication on disability-related accommodation further down. 

The segments are optimally spaced. The social sharing buttons are small but perfectly placed and set off with a good amount of white space. We also tip our hats to the linking to the speakers’ sites; this is well-rounded communication.

Things We Would Change

6. Digital News Platform’s Downsized Display

YourStory has taken the highly pared-down route with this landing page.  A design focussing on the extremely essential elements is one option for webinar event organizers. Put together one vital visual followed by a streamlined sign-up form, and you’re good to go.

YourStory’s page has a prominent branding element, and its design is well-balanced, clear, and summarizing. The plain white design with neat borders eliminates distraction completely.

Things We Would Change

7. Email Marketing Brand Invites With Elegant Design

This marketing curation platform has done up this page for an email marketing webinar nicely. A vertical segmentation often makes scanning easier, and ClickZ has nailed this, with the right panel completely taken over by the brand’s visual identity.

The webinar details are neatly captured up top in a short summary. It’s always good to add the speaker details, if possible with their images, as this brand has done here.  It serves to bring out an ‘event’ tone in the template. 

Things We Would Change

8. Paris Business School’s Case Study in Clear Design 

HEC Paris’ webinar invite is based on a clean and clear template with a pleasing color palette. The page view starts with helpful iconography, and this continues throughout the folds. We loved the striking simplicity of the title panel and the navigation buttons. The share button couldn’t have been better captured, and the navigation panel at the bottom is non-intrusive. 

Things We Would Change 

9. Education Event Page Epitomizes Elegance

Macmillan English’s page design was one of our top favorites. It’s a clean design that includes every webinar essential. The page clarity is of a high level, particularly with the font type. The title panel, in particular, stands out effortlessly. 

The social sharing buttons have been unobtrusively integrated and also repeated a few scrolls down. We also liked the slightly dynamic CTA buttons. Their two-shade design serves to grab eyeballs.

Things We Would Change

Wrapping Up

So there you have them—9 inspiring webinar landing pages that have got most things right to rake in registrations. To summarize, these 3 golden rules should guide you to design your webinar landing page:

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