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Email Header and Footer Design Tips to Swear By

[This blog was originally posted on Aug 20, 2019 and has been updated to showcase new examples]

When you design an email for the campaign you are planning, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? The message, the tone of the email or the email design are some of the first thoughts that you tend to have when creating your email. But, have you ever thought of the email header or the footer design?

While the content and design are important, it is the email’s header and the footer that complete it and make it whole. The header is the first thing that the subscriber sees when they open your email, and hence it needs to be attractive and well thought.

The footer, though not many people are going to look at it, is important to those who plan to unsubscribe or, wish to see your social media channels.

According to, consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those that don’t receive email offers.

Therefore, it is important you take into consideration all parameters before designing an email.

Here, we will look at the objectives of both header and footer, and the things you need to consider when designing them. Further, to lucidly highlight our arguments, we’ll make use of some brilliant email header and footer examples.

#1 Designing an Email Header

If we were to describe the email header in one line, it is the teaser to the movie that you are about to watch. The header helps set the expectations for the email. The following questions are answered in the header

The objective of the header is to indicate the various elements of the email and persuade you to read the email and probably take the action as well. In some cases, the call-to-action is present in the header itself.

Why do you need a strong header for your email?

Elements that are present within a header

Now that you know why you need a header, let’s move on to the elements that make up a good header.

If you have included all these elements in your header, then you are ready with the perfect one for your email template. Make sure you use this header as part of all your email campaigns. The more standardized your email header is, the better it helps with brand retention.

Email design header tips

Some email examples with interesting header

Below, we have listed a few stunning email header examples. Take a look.

The header includes the brand’s name and it is clear that it is a welcome email and is meant for on-boarding purposes.

What makes this feature among the finest email header examples is that it does a brilliant job conveying the central message of the email- the flash sale.

This email from Food52 contains yet another fine example of an interesting email header design where the brand has chosen to incorporate its important links in it.

#2 Designing an Email Footer

The footer is often ignored while designing an email. You tend to forget the footer altogether. However, it is an important email element because you certainly want people to leave your email with a good impression about you.

The main objective of the footer is to give your email a good closure. Your subscriber could gain access to connecting with you in the future or, your subscriber could get details about where to find more information about your brand.

The objective of the footer is to keep up with the interest that the users are showing in the brand. In case, someone does not want to keep the subscription to your emails, then the footer ought to take care of that as well.

Why you need a strong footer for your email?

Elements that should be present in a footer

Footer design tips that leave a better impact

The final impression should be as good as the first impression. So, make sure you follow these tips when designing the footer for your email.

Some winning email footer designs

This email by Klaviyo has the perfectly articulated footer. Although there is ample whitespace, it does not miss out on any important information. Links to unsubscribe as well as change your preferences can also be found in the footer.

Uncommon Goods’ footer is animated, making sure that they are able to cast a memorable impression on their readers even as they exit the email.

Wrapping It Up

If you ignore the email header and footer design, you might not be able to deliver a memorable subscriber experience. Make sure to use the same header and footer throughout all campaigns. The color, fonts and even the design elements should be consistent so that it helps in brand retention.

In a nutshell, the devil is in the detail and email header or footer are no exception.

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