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Testing all the way! AB Split and Multivariate Email Testing #Infographic

email testing infographic

email testing infographic by email monks

‘Maximum conversions’ is what drives the entire effort that goes behind email marketing campaigns; irrespective of the size of business. Email testing (Email AB Testing and Multivariate Email Testing) has the potential to drive conversions with the constant iteration suggestions based on statistics and preferences of your own email list.

Out of the many subject lines, images, copies, CTAs, etc there is no sure fire way to identify which one will work well for you unless you put all of these components to test.

What should an ideal email test be like?

An ideal email test (Email AB testing or multivariate testing) must be kept simple by not testing too many elements in one go. A test that goes parallel to the determined end goal of results can fetch the closest insights to your questions. Splitting the list becomes a necessity for an ideal email test but it is important for the email marketer to decide the relevant sample size against the size of the population. It is imperative to focus on the email elements that yield bigger and more important email test results.

What elements should a marketer put to test?

Identify elements that you think are very important to your campaign based on the type of email. CTAs would be more important to a sales email whereas banners would be of more importance in industries such as travel, etc. Generally, test-worthy elements such as time and day of send, type of offers, email personalization, email copy, email layout, preview pane view, destination links, imagery, etc. that can generate heavenly success rates for your email campaign.

… & now to the email AB testing and multivariate testing Best Practices!

  1. Do not start without an email marketing goal
  2. Gauge activities on a quarterly basis for easy reviewing
  3. Revamp & rework if the strategy fails
  4. Review all data sets parallel for a holistic view
  5. Move on after you know what works best for a particular element.
  6. Move your focus beyond analyzing the basics.

Experts know that email AB testing and Multivariate testing enhances the effectiveness of campaigns and enables marketers to send out better targeted emails. Clearly, testing is imperative before you launch any of your email campaigns.

We collaborated with Email Strategy Consultant Samantha Iodice for our meticulous work on Effective A/B Split & Multivariate Email Testing Infographic that aims to bring about a better understanding of email testing methods, testing elements and best practices. Click on the preview of the infographic below to see the full infographic and drop in your views and experiences regarding email testing in the comments below! 🙂

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