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Email Fatigue – Everything You Need To Know

Email Fatigue

What is Email Fatigue?

Yes, email fatigue is very real. What is it, you ask? Simply put, it is when a subscriber stops engaging with your emails, presumably disenchanted by the manner in which you are communicating with them. Well, with over 333 billion emails (jaw-dropping, we know) being exchanged daily, it’s pretty much an inevitability, we’d say. 

Every passing second brings with it a new competitor, making it extremely difficult for you to secure the attention of your target audience. On top of that, should your marketing efforts (somehow) end up afflicting your subscribers with email fatigue, the damage to your business can be rather irreversible. There are many factors that contribute to email fatigue- irregularity in email timing and frequency, irrelevant content, and unclean email lists, to name a few. So, how exactly does email fatigue hamper your campaigns? And what steps can you take to overcome it? We answer all your questions in this blog. Read on!

Reasons You Should Dread Email Fatigue

As an email marketer, the last thing you would wish for your campaigns is to stay stagnant and unopened in your audience’s inboxes- a fate that awaits you if you aren’t insured against email fatigue. Listed below are some ways in which email fatigue impedes your campaigns.

How Can You Avoid Email Fatigue?

To keep your customers free from email fatigue, it is important that you keep them at the very core of your email marketing strategies. Aim, at all times, to deliver a peerless user experience to your audience, and the results will automatically follow. 

In this section, we will walk you through the practices that will help you keep email fatigue at bay.

1. Maintain Email List Hygiene

If you want your email campaigns to fetch you maximum results, you must work toward maintaining a highly engaged email list. Along with adding new contacts, it is equally important to weed out unengaged and dormant ones from your list. 

The damage caused by such contacts is primarily twofold:

1. They prevent you from obtaining a clear picture of your campaign’s performance.

2. They harm your sender reputation and deliverability, bringing down your engagement and visibility.

Creating an email campaign takes up considerable time and effort. Why would you want to send them to contacts who are least interested to hear from you? (or to those who are not even active anymore?) 

Being sound with your email list management is key to battling email fatigue. Here are some list management techniques you should take stock of.

Take a look at frank body’s opt-in form, for instance.

2. Ace Your Email Timing

Even the most diligently crafted email marketing campaigns out there will come up short if they aren’t delivered at the right time to your subscribers. Email timing is a rather tricky business, for it is highly subjective. The browsing behavior and internet habits of your target audience will obviously be different from those of your competitors. While scanning through multiple reports and surveys might lead you to a few reliable conventions, when it comes to email timing, the writing can never be set in stone. At the end of the day, you will have to experiment with different times, days, and email types to understand what best suits your target audience.

Keep the following pointers handy to get your email timing spot on.

3. Test Your Emails Across A Smaller Section

Irrespective of how seasoned an email marketer you are, you can never be completely sure of what will resonate with your audience. Therefore, the wise foot forward is to test your emails across a small pocket of your target audience, gauge the response, work in the necessary modifications, and then execute the campaign in its entirety. What parts of your email should you test, you ask? Well, just about everything- subject line, headline, preheader text, CTA (call-to-action), images, custom fonts, and offers. Of course, you can only test one element at a time. So, to facilitate a smooth testing process, we’d suggest you to prioritize your elements, depending on which aspect you are unsure of the most.

Wrapping It Up

Email marketing is the go-to marketing channel for numerous businesses for various reasons- it offers high ROI, lets you implement personalization at scale, and enables you to build a unique brand identity, among many others. However, if you cannot tackle email fatigue, you will not be able to avail yourself of these virtues. We hope the tips and tricks shared above arm you with enough insight to overcome it!

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