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Game of Email Marketing (Throne) – The Winner is here!


Email marketing is like a war. Many marketers like you are “in it to win it”. So they apply different strategies to make sure they have the upper hand, and based on the integrity of their strategy, some come out as victors (namely better brand-customer relations and improved ROI) and some need to leave with a few casualties (namely unsubscribes and SPAM complaints). So let’s charge ahead into the battlefield and explore different strategies.

Staying true to the Motive: Some marketers tend to start planning with gaining ROI while delighting their customers, but under the pressure of gaining it quicker, tend to ignore the ‘delight’ aspect. The motive behind a subscriber willing to share their details, is to get something meaningful in return. Marketers who forget that, always meet the end sooner.

Adaptive to Innovation: Emails have long progressed to become ‘Mailable Microsites’ i.e. emails now have interactive elements that tend to improve user experience very well. Yet, some email marketers still resort to sending the same old plain marketing emails that soon lead a subscriber to unsubscribe. Even if you cannot add interactivity in your emails, convey the same message differently. Humor works well and even adding animations in the form of a GIF or subtle cinemagraph can also work wonders.

Conveying the message quick: No one has the time to go through an entire email, so marketers now send minimalist emails. The message is conveyed via images or minimal text combined with a powerful CTA copy.

Learning from peers: The thumb rule for improving self is to learn from the peers. It is THE vital difference between a veteran and an amateur. It is necessary to take inspiration from things around you.

We uplers have done so & created an infographic “Email Marketing Lessons from Game of Thrones” explaining what email marketers can learn from the characters of the popular TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. Check it out, NOW!!!

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