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Interactive Email QA Checklist to Keep your Emails on Track

interactive email QA checklist

Email marketers spend plenty of time to craft an interactive email that not only delivers the message in a beautiful way, but also renders well across all devices. If you want to amp emails, adding interactive elements to the template is a great way of doing so. However, many a times their effort fails as they leave their subscribers disappointed. So, what is the best way to be assured that your interactive emails are doing wonders in the subscribers’ inboxes?

Be patient, before we move on to our main matter, it is crucial to first understand what interactivity is all about.

Understanding Interactivity in Emails

Email marketing has evolved manifolds, considering many email clients have started supporting the interactivity. Interactive animation makes emails look vibrant with ample effects like: flip & scratch effect, menus, GIF, accordions, etc. that helps boost CTRs. The advent of Interactive emails has actually given subscribers an opportunity to take action within the Inbox.

But for that it is vital to send interactive mail that glides well with the email client. We’re all aware of the feeling of receiving an email which appears to be broken. No wonder it is one of the most pertinent reasons why subscribers get pissed off and unsubscribe. For that, it is crucial to create an interactive email QA checklist that keeps your interactive emails on the track.

To check that all the best practices are in place, Email Uplers with their zeal have come up with an email QA checklist to make your interactive email templates and campaigns heavenly that will not only boost open rates, but also maximize lead generation.

Interaction Testing


Please perform the below formatting test with interactivity and without interactivity (on fallback).


Please perform the below Content test with interactivity and without interactivity (on fallback).


Please perform the below images test with interactivity and without interactivity (on fallback).


Please perform the below link test with interactivity and without interactivity (on fallback).

Creating and following an interactive email checklist is a critical step that needs to be taken before sending out your email campaigns. Going with this email checklist will help you send blunder safe interactive emails that make subscribers happy 🙂

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