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Give Thanks in Style by Making These 8 Thanksgiving Email Inspirations Your Guide!

Thanksgiving Email Templates

Getting together with family and friends, dousing each other in ceaseless warmth and gratitude, and putting out eye-popping, sumptuous spreads; there’s nothing quite like Thanksgiving, is there? But email marketers, lend us an ear- before you submit yourselves to the arresting aromas wafting from turkeys and yams, you’ve got your work cut out for you. 

5.29 billion- that’s how much people spent on online shopping during last Thanksgiving. With brands putting in concerted efforts to foster superior online shopping experiences for their audiences with every passing day, it wouldn’t be wrong of us to assume that this figure stands to be comfortably toppled this year.

And while new entries make their way into the record books, why should you shy away from claiming a slice of history for yourself? How can you go about that, you wonder? Why, by putting out astonishing Thanksgiving email marketing campaigns, of course! Campaigns that will charm your audiences to no end and send your conversion rates through the roof! Who better, then, than the best in the business to guide you in this endeavor? Today, we bring to you a host of delightful Thanksgiving email examples curated by some of the most recognizable brands out there. 

Can’t wait to dive deep? We have no intention of making you wait either; let’s go!

1. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

Subject line: Thanksgiving Meals Made Easy😋

Come Thanksgiving, nearly every brand out there concerns itself with launching a new line of products for the season. And so, with your target audience being bombarded with product recommendations left, right, and center, you will have to focus on innovative ways of marketing your product in order to stand out. In this regard, you’d do well to pick up a trick or two from this Thanksgiving email campaign from Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit. 

The instant you pop this email open, the enticing hero image fires on all cylinders to grab your attention. Next, as you scroll further, you come across the various dishes that Callie’s has to offer. A delectable image of each, paired with a delightful copy, makes this section extremely engaging. Additionally, the content has been organized in a zigzag fashion to promote greater readability. All of this, makes it rank easily among the best Thanksgiving email examples out there.

In the email footer, one can clearly spot the social media buttons and a host of important links such as view in browser, manage preferences, and unsubscribe. The decision to highlight these links in a separate shade to make them doubtlessly distinctive is very sound.

2. Byrdie Golf Social Wear

Subject line: What Thanksgiving Means To Us

Email traffic during Thanksgiving witnesses a significant rise. Hence, the only thing that can compel subscribers to interact with your emails is if they are infused with a personal touch, much like how Byrdie Golf Social Wear have done with their Thanksgiving email campaign over here.

The email puts Byrdie’s founders under the spotlight and gives readers an insight into what the occasion means personally to them. As a result, you no longer see Byrdie as just another commercial entity out there but rather as an enterprise built by individuals who share the same emotions and values as you. Breaking convention, this email doesn’t offer a dozen recommendations to its subscribers either; just two- one from each of the founders, attached with a personal testimonial note. 

On the visual front, this Thanksgiving newsletter template boasts an extremely neat layout, thanks to the ample usage of white space. The bottle green dialogue boxes contrast brilliantly with the background and thus offer excellent readability. Care has been taken to include high-quality images of the founders, as well as the products they recommended. 

3. Caraway

Subject line: Thanksgiving Food Storage In a Snap

Normally, brands would stick to either one of the typefaces- serif, and sans-serif- in their emails; not that there exists any hard and fast rule regarding mixing them, but just that such outcomes generally end up looking quite visually confused. However, if your approach is as clinical as the folks at Caraway, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Using serif for headings and sans-serif for the body copy is a great way to distinguish the two, thereby improving the readability of the email

Next, let’s discuss the visual presentation of the products. Placing them against a soft-colored background and adding shadows lends an additional degree of depth, massively auguring their noticeability. Understanding that the images are the main attractions of this section, Caraway has taken care to keep the copy absolutely minimalistic. And though brief, the copy ticks all the right boxes, doing a wonderful job of keeping the reader engaged. The single-column layout of the this Thanksgiving newsletter template warrants mention, too- it makes the email easy to navigate and, subsequently, that much more consumable. 

One last thing that I want to talk about here is the CTA design, specifically the arrows in them. Though a subtle touch, it is a brilliant visual cue, effectively communicating to the subscriber that they would be redirected to a new location upon clicking on it. While this might seem like a trivial detail, the important role it plays in offering clarity to the subscriber

4. Food52

Subject line: Happy Thanksgiving, from our table to yours

We’ve always maintained that when it comes to subject lines, clarity takes precedence over wit on any given day. This philosophy perhaps assumes all the more weightage during high-traffic junctures such as Thanksgiving, where your subject line could be the difference between your email getting noticed and it hopping on the first train to oblivion. This Thanksgiving email subject line by Food52 very much exemplifies this approach. 

Then, as you open the email, the hero section holds your attention with an image of a magnificent spread. This image is paired with an amiable copy that is sure to not only put the reader in a good mood but also encourage them to check out Food52’s goods. Scrolling further brings us across the various categories of the brand’s products, a section that is kept wonderfully clutter-free courtesy of the employment of white space. 

Overall, the email strikes a wonderful balance between visuals and text, which makes it extremely pleasant for the eyes. Just above the email footer, the brand has quite clinically highlighted the primary reasons that make purchasing from them a delightful experience.

5. Email Uplers

Subject line: This Thanksgiving activate feast mode

At Email Uplers, we always strive to infuse an element of interactivity into our festive mailers to offer a memorable experience to our readers. This is something you can consider as well to take your Thanksgiving email marketing to the next level. Our last year’s Thanksgiving mailer was no different. This time, we invited our subscribers to partake in a small game where they were required to spot the differences between two utterly mouth-watering Thanksgiving feasts, all against a ticking clock, of course! (What’s a game without some adrenaline?) Should you manage to fulfill the objective, a congratulatory message will appear on your screen, nudging you to share the game on your Twitter handle. However, should you come up short, you will be asked to re-attempt the game. 

6. Rothy’s 

Subject line: What we’re wearing this Thanksgiving.

Rothy’s have prioritized clarity with their Thanksgiving email subject line, which is just the way to go about it. Now, coming to the body. Product presentation doesn’t get any more innovative than how it has been done in this Thanksgiving email from Rothy’s. One can’t help but appreciate the creative minds at work here who managed to infuse personality and character into a set of lifeless clothes with their art direction. Don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t certainly be able to look past such an interesting hero section image ourselves! 

The copy accompanying this visual is no less inviting; together, they make sure that the reader definitely clicks on that CTA. This email is also quite creative in the manner in which it incorporates social proof (in the second image). Making a mention of the number of people who are fond of the product is a surefire way of piquing the buyer’s curiosity. On the design front, the email template embraces minimalism, which perfectly complements the sleek art design that lies at its heart. 

7. Chipotle

Subject line: Let us cater your Friendsgiving 🍁🍂

The best brands out there are those that figure out an ingenious way to weave their offerings into the narrative of the occasion at hand. A case in point is this Thanksgiving email by Chipotle, which easily boasts of one of the most delightful Thanksgiving email subject lines as well. Deciding to rechristen Thanksgiving as “Friendsgiving,” Chipotle puts forward its products as the ideal items that should populate a Friendsgiving table. And so convincing is their pitch that you have no qualms whatsoever about accepting their narrative. 

While curating their email template for Thanksgiving, they have chosen to go heavy on visuals, all the while taking care to adhere to an ideal text-to-image ratio; this makes it highly engaging. The design aesthetic is rather informal in nature, allowing the brand to position itself as an extremely approachable entity.

8. Leesa

Subject line: A Thanksgiving treat for 2

If you curate your visuals mindfully, you’ll have no trouble configuring the mood of your email. This email template for Thanksgiving from Leesa brilliantly highlights the point we are trying to make. All the images used here radiate warmth and joy, which is in perfect alignment with the message that this email holds. Here, Leesa has also highlighted the social impact it has been able to create on account of its customers, a move that goes a long way toward strengthening customer relationships. In the email footer, one can notice the social media buttons as well as the customer support helpline number and email address.

Wrapping It Up

Designing a pitch-perfect Thanksgiving email marketing campaign involves a whole lot of hard work, discipline, and, of course, creativity, as we are sure these email inspirations would have made you realize. In the process, we also hope that these examples have been able to set your creative gears into motion and left you brimming with a gazillion ideas for your Thanksgiving campaigns!

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