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4 Tips To Make Your Product Landing Page Stand Out

Product Landing Page

Every internet user out there, irrespective of how frugally they use it, I’m sure, at some point or the other, must have found themselves on a product landing page. So, we’ll cut straight to the chase- why do you need one? You see, even if your product singles every tick and more off the “Perfect Product” checklist, it will fail to register sales if it’s not marketed enough. For any niche that you can think of, there are dozens and scores of companies going neck to neck with each other. This competition, of course, is only going to get steeper in the days to come.

Who gets the cake, ultimately, boils down to who is the most successful at breaking themselves into the public eye. And when it comes to presenting a pitch for your offerings, very few marketing real estate assets are as effective as product landing pages. 

Are Product Landing Pages Different?

By now, you must have noticed that I’ve taken care to avoid using “landing pages” as an umbrella term to make my arguments and instead chosen to use the phrase “product landing page” (that said, it is important to clarify that I do use “product” as a blanket term here. It includes both tangible entities as well as abstract ones, such as services, memberships, or courses offered by an individual or organization). While the latter is a subset of the former and, thus, shares several similarities, there are some extremely crucial distinctions between the two for which I’ve taken this call. 

What are these differences, you ask? Let’s take a look.

Now that we are fairly familiar with product landing pages, let us navigate to the central scope of this article- understanding what goes behind winning product landing pages. As I mentioned earlier, the internet is rife with product landing pages of varying contours and hues. However, not all of them disrupt the collective consciousness. Naturally, we decided to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the ones that do and compile our findings into an article. Yes, this very one. Without further ado, hence, let’s dive in!

1. Hook Visitors With Your Headline

What is the first thing that will grace your visitor’s eyes when they arrive at your landing page? No points for guessing. The importance of a headline that hits all the right notes, therefore, can’t possibly be overstated. It’d not be wrong, in fact, to categorize headlines as a “make or break element”; if it works, it’ll encourage your visitors to scroll down and engage further with your page, and if it doesn’t, well, they will bounce immediately. Anyway, I’m sure you get the point. It’s something you’ll hear from any reputable landing page design agency out there too.

All that said, let us address the million-dollar question now: How do I write an impactful product landing page headline? 

I won’t keep you waiting for the answers. Read on.

This landing page from Four Sigmatic ticks all the boxes we discussed above.

2. Make Your Product’s Benefits Customer-Centric

Given we just talked about the importance of addressing the problem statement in the headline, it is a good juncture to talk about how this sentiment should also be writ large across the rest of your page, particularly the product benefits section.

One of the biggest reasons businesses lose the interest of their audience is because they choose to drone on about their products’ many virtues. See, highlighting your USPS is critical, I get it. After all, if you don’t establish what makes your product unique, how will you ever garner the interest of your customers? That said, there’s a certain method to go about it; yes, the very approach we talked about previously- make it about the customer. Treat this as a thumb rule. 

Your audience knows that there is no dearth of the product they’re looking for in the market. But they won’t purchase from everyone, right? They will only engage with those who are able to convince them that they have a thorough understanding of their pain points. Let us consider the previous shampoo example. Talking about how your shampoo is sulfate-free is not an issue. But, at the same time, you also need to explain how this particular feature is going to benefit your buyer. Come to think of it, product marketing is all about finding the best possible manner to tell consumers how your offerings not just slots into their lives, but also enhance their quality by leaps and bounds.

Magic Spoon’s product landing page is a perfect illustration of the arguments presented above.

3. Let Your Product Shine, Visually

I know, I know, this is very obvious. But, let me also explain why this nugget of advice happens to slip under the radar of so many out there. Often businesses focus so intensively on writing about their product that they eventually forget to SHOW the product. 

It is no secret that we respond better to visual information than textual. And in a platform such as the product landing page, where you have your visitor’s attention for a minimal period, leveraging visuals to captivate their imagination becomes all the more necessary. 

Multiple landing pages exist, where the length of the product’s image is matched by its description, large and chunky blocks of it. As you might have already guessed, they come across as extremely droll. Your product should be the indisputable hero of your landing page; there are no two ways about it. And this is not a tough task to mount as well, given the plethora of visual options you have at your disposal- photo, video, illustration, and animation, to name a few.

4. Use Social Proof

Customers always like to be assured that whatever they’re purchasing is going to be well worth the investment. Especially when said assurance comes from another fellow customer. Therefore, incorporating social proof into your product landing page design is an excellent way of cranking up its appeal. 

In case you’re wondering how to go about it, here are a few ways:

Wrapping It Up

The perfect product landing page won’t be made overnight. It requires a lot of tinkering and back and forth, and truth be told, that’s the whole charm of it. But once you crack the formula, there’s no looking back. We hope the techniques shared above can help you with that.

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