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‘Tis the season – How to catch hold of 75% abandoners who intent to return?

Holiday season is almost around the corner and online retailers are gung ho to make the most out of this merrier season. While they are able to achieve their margins, they also battle a scenario where consumers leave their desires into the cart and abandon for various reasons.

If you too are battling high abandonment numbers, get free from the curse with highly visual and intuitive cart abandonment emails. According to Return Path, only 21% online retailers send cart abandonment emails. According to eConsultancy, 75% of cart abandoners abandon the cart with an intention to return and resume purchase. Clearly, there is a gap that could earn you some big bucks.

Here are a few reasons why prospects leave the cart:

Today, we shall share some simple and actionable tips to recover the cart abandoners.

1 – Sending time is vital. Send two or more emails to start with.

Cart abandonment email is simply one more way to engage your potential customers. Ideally, as a best practice, let them feel your presence in their inbox by sending a cart abandonment email within an hour of the abandonment. The main aim to send out first email is to (a.) remind him about the abandonment (b.) assist him in finishing the purchase by resolving the doubts if any (c.) link the abandonment with urgency and offer to instigate purchase.

Alexandalexa is a perfect example as their first cart abandonment email is just a gentle reminder with contact to reach out for queries if any.

Waiting for 24 hours to send your second email is ideal. Don’t rush into sending the second email too quickly; this will only annoy your subscriber. Your second cart abandonment mail might contain urgency counter, offer or discount or more detailed discussion about the returns, shipping etc.

Again, the urgency in cart abandonment emails successfully creates the anxiety of customer’s favorite item going out of stock. To make this more tempting and hard to lose include free shipping or any other discount just like Neiman Marcus or Asos.

Sending time might vary from one company’s strategy to another and so would be the number of emails to be sent to regain a customer, so choose the ones that works best for you.

2 – Custom Email Designs

When you send your cart abandonment emails, there are various things that can be considered to come up with an enchanting yet interesting mail. Designing custom email templates for individual is the best option to make emails more personal.

You can customize the email designs best on the data you have or your presumptions based on the visitor’s browsing history, past purchases etc. While designing templates, include the items left over in the cart, price, link to resume etc. Also, include a no brainer CTA for instigating a purchase.

Including some recommendations to cross sell or up sell always works for the abandoners. Here’s a great one from ProFlowers.

3 – Copy, Headlines and CTA matters much

As discussed in the previous point, the CTA instigate purchase. No matter how clichéd that sounds, but it is crucial to personalize your cart abandonment emails. 86% of merchants believe that given the array of personalization techniques, personalizing cart abandonment emails might yield greatest ROI.

Many online retailers prefer playing safe while some others also don’t mind putting their feet forward with bold headlines. Here are a couple of great cart abandonment emails with punchy headline in addition to recommendations.

4 – Resolve Queries

The primary reason behind sending abandonment email is to sort out customer queries and let him easily resume the purchase. Finding out what made your customer abandon the cart is crucial and thus resolving their queries matters much.

Normally, if you need any other help with a contact detail might be a good way to send first abandonment email. But, something specific about resolving their questions in right TAT helps escalating the purchase. This holds true for technical products largely that require more clarity and understanding.

Here’s something more than contact us to resolve queries:

You can also ask specific questions about site speed, checkout problems or price differences.

5 – Capture emails ab-initio

An email is essential to recover the lost sale. To successfully send the emails you require valid email address of the consumers who abandoned your shopping cart. Ask for the email address in the beginning or in the end when the consumer is checking out. This will help your successfully reach out to prospects through cart abandonment emails.

6 – Positive Reviews, Ratings and Customer Success Stories

Social proof immensely holds its own importance and impact in buying decisions. Several online retailers include ratings & reviews to help the consumer make a right decision. However, talking about cart abandonment emails in specific it is good idea to showcase some social proof, ratings, reviews and other confidence building factors in such abandonment emails to instigate quicker action.

Here are a couple of good ones:

Well, there you have the 6 effective & working spells to break the cart abandonment jinx. Apart from these, you can also follow these takeaways to make your cart abandonment spells more effective.


  1. With more than half of emails opened on mobile, optimize abandonment emails for on the go recipients.
  2. According to a research, every cart abandonment email can derive more than $8 revenue so make sure you play all your cards right and design with full personalization.
  3. Alongside asking to finish the order, shower some blessings with information to make the buying decision easy and quick. 42% of abandoners require more information, as stated by HubSpot.
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