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10 Valentine’s Day Email Inspirations That Will Get You Swooning!

Valentine's Day Email Template

Valentine’s- that time of the year when winged cherubs announce themselves en masse, coloring the streets red with their inimitable resplendence and wreaking delightful havoc inside everyone who has a beating heart. It’s the most romantic time of the year, sure, but did you also know that it’s among the most financially lucrative season for brands as well? Valentine’s day spending in the US in 2022 amounted to a whopping 23.9 billion dollars. After all, who wants to leave a stone unturned when it comes to shopping for their sweethearts? 

As you might have already guessed, brands vie, incredibly passionately, for their audience’s attention during this period. So, how do you sweep them off their feet and inch ahead? By designing stunning custom email templates for Valentine’s Day, of course. To get your creative juices flowing, today we have rounded up a collection of 10 of the most eye-popping Valentine’s email template examples out there. Can’t wait to check these inspirations out? Well, dive right in!

1. Starbucks

Subject line: Happy Heart Day! 💖

Starbucks’ Valentine’s email is extremely minimal on text, to the extent that its CTAs are the only embodiment of them. Otherwise, this email thrives entirely on visuals- glorious high-resolution images that strongly communicate to the reader that Starbucks will be their perfect Valentine, no matter if they choose to visit their nearest outlet or avail of its offerings from the comfort of their homes. 

Most of the backgrounds in the email use soft gradients to add a degree of visual flair. Stick to the practices Starbucks has used over here, and your Valentine’s day campaign is sure to stand out.

2. Magic Spoon

Subject line: Love you to the Spoon and back

Short and sweet- that’s the approach Magic Spoon has taken with their Valentine’s email. It also flaunts one of the most catchy Valentine’s day email subject lines as well. A catchy header, followed by a crisp yet delightful copy and topped off with a gorgeous image (trust Magic Spoon to take something as staple as cereal and turn it into something utterly tempting!). 

My favorite part of this email, however, is undoubtedly its CTA game. Crafted in a color that contrasts sharply against the background, the button is undeniably prominent. Secondly, the phrase is amiable and inviting, a cent percent capable of nudging the reader into taking action. And lastly, the small bit of animation that is accorded to it- not only does it help reaffirm the theme of the email but also enhances the button’s conspicuity. 

3. Rigby

Subject line: GIVEAWAY ❤️ An Extra Special Valentine’s Day

Hosting giveaways during high-traffic periods is a clever way of getting your Valentine’s day email campaigns to claim the spotlight. That said, you need an effective email as well to make sure your contest grabs as many eyeballs as it deserves, too, much as the one Rigby has produced over here. 

The email’s hero section is a collage, comprising pictures of all the various kinds of gifts one would be able to earn should one decide to participate. Notice how in the email copy, Rigby has made use of emojis as context clues while listing down the prizes that are to be won; quite an ingenious touch, in my opinion.

4. Walmart

Subject line: Valentine’s Day is here❤️

I’ll actually doff my hat to you if you manage to overlook the hero section of Walmart’s Valentine’s email. No matter where your cute benchmark lies, you and I can both agree that this image is an absolute top-tier entry. 

In this product recommendation email, Walmart guides its readers toward building a curated cart for their loved ones. The color palette of the email uses different shades of pink, perfectly keeping in line with the occasion at hand. Since every section in the email has a uniform color, the title of each functions as a divider over here. 

5. French Connection

Subject line: The Valentines Day edit

This Valentine’s Day email from French Connection has one of the most chic-looking hero images you’ll ever come across. This is followed by a charming copy which, in turn, is followed by my favorite section of the email- to establish a personal connect with their readers, French Connection has included a “meet our creator” section as well, the said creator’s custom-designed Valentine’s top being the attraction of the hour (displayed with the help of a captivating GIF). The footer of the email discloses the minimum amount required for free shipping- a good touch to maintain transparency with the customers. 

6. Paws

Subject line: The ways our pets show us affection

Paws, in their Valentine’s email, decided to capture their readers’ eyeballs by sharing a read that is relevant to the occasion. One look at the title, and you’d agree that it is, indeed, quite compelling. If at all you had any second thoughts regarding opening it, I’m sure that hero image will help resolve all of that. Additionally, they also put up a masterclass in writing CTA phrases- they’re short, witty, and, most importantly, tell the reader what they’ll achieve upon clicking it. 

7. Peloton

Subject line: Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ Workouts for Your Mind and Your Body

Although written to serve as the header for their Valentine’s email, Peloton gives you a phrase that you wouldn’t really mind framing and putting on your wall. 

Using the theme of self-love as a thread, they deftly outline the various benefits one can avail of by hopping onto their bandwagon. To seal the deal, Peloton leverages a statistic in conclusion. You may look past words, but numbers are hard to ignore, aren’t they?

8. Framebridge

Subject line: Valentine’s Day is Monday!

Want your customers to act quickly on your Valentine’s day deals? No better way to instill an emergency in their minds than by incorporating a countdown timer in your email, just as Framebridge has done over here. To give their buyers an additional incentive, they’ve also added a social proof section. Seeing glowing reviews from satisfied customers really makes it difficult for you not to click on the “Buy Now” button, you’d agree? Well, the folks at Framebridge are certainly aware of that. 

9. Kate Spade New York

Subject line: you’ve got (valentine’s day) mail

If you needed any encouragement to mould your Valentine’s day email subject lines after a pop culture reference, you’d find it over here (Don’t think twice before adding You’ve Got Mail to your Christmas movie playlist if you haven’t watched it already!). Now, I’m a bit of a miser when it comes to using “absorbing” as an adjective, for I feel it holds a lot of gravity and is often squandered on things that don’t usually merit it. 

However, I’ve no qualms about using it for the hero section GIF Kate Spade New York has conjured up for their Valentine’s Day email. You pop something like that at me just as I open the email, you can certainly bet on the fact that I’ll scroll right down to the very bottom. Here, the brand looks to build on the “last-minute shopping” pulse (something that they unflinchingly reflect across their CTA) and drop recommendations accordingly for their subscribers. 

10. Alex and Ani

Subject line: RE: Your 30% OFF Gal-Pal Styles

What I particularly appreciate about this Valentine’s email from Alex and Ani is that they have made it super convenient for their readers to spot the important details. Firstly, there’s the recommended ordering date right at the very top. Next is the brand’s Valentine’s special offer, which flashes loud and clear at the subscriber courtesy of the eye-catching animation. 

And last but not least, the offerings themselves, displayed stunningly in a GIF accompanied by a smart copy. If you happen to be someone who has trouble deciding on a gift (welcome to the club), Alex and Ani have included a separate gift finder section, which makes this rank among the most innovative Valentine’s email template examples. 

Wrapping It Up

We hope the examples shared above have been able to give you ideas galore regarding your Valentine’s day email campaigns. Don’t forget to share them with us once you are done!

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