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Yahoo! Mail Update: What’s New in Yahoo! Mail Pro?

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Yahoo! Mail gets a makeover. A new version of it called Yahoo Mail Pro released a few weeks back, with updated features, new UI and performance improvement. The update has a new subscription plan for desktop and mobile users, apart from the new technology stack and design.

The new version is developed with a goal to deliver Yahoo! Mail services,

It’s built in a way that it provides agility to the developers in terms of updates.

Email clients render HTML differently and face certain support and rendering challenges. In order to prevent your emails from landing up in the trash folder, you need to keep in mind these challenges and their workarounds while building the email templates.

This update brings with it certain changes in the way Yahoo! Mail renders emails. Let us have a sneak peek into them:

Yahoo! Webmail now allowing “display:none” (and !important) inline

Previously, Yahoo! Mail supported display:none only within embedded <style> blocks. With the update, “display:none” is now allowed as an inline style.

Scrollbars appearing when using max-width and max-height

While using the max-width and max-height elements, Yahoo! Mail used to add overflow-x:auto with max-width and overflow-y:auto with max-height, due to which a scrollbar used to appear. To avoid this scrollbar, it was necessary to add overflow:hidden!important.
The new interface of Yahoo! Mail no longer adds these elements with max-width and max-height and hence there is no issue of scrollbars appearing.

Difference in CSS filtering

There were slight CSS filtering differences in Yahoo! Mail which is now resolved in the new version. The CSS filtering in Webmail and iOS are now similar,

What remains the same?

Keep in mind the above changes while developing emails for your next marketing campaign. Also, take note that this new update takes an opt-in approach, and hence a large portion of the user base will still be using the previous version.

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