6 Lessons from Marvel's Infinity Stones for a Successful Email Campaign
With Infinity war right around the corner, we can’t help but wonder if our “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” will be enough to take on all-evil Thanos or will they succumb to his might (or more specifically his snap!). Well, that will be answered very soon, however, in the midst of all this chaos, let the power and significance of the Infinity Stones guide you towards a successful email campaign. Uplers are here with a compilation of the characteristics and unique strengths of each Infinity Stone that can be correlated with the best practices of creating a winning Email Marketing Campaign. Read on Human…
Reality Stone - Do a Reality-check before Setting up an Email Campaign for your Business
Just like the Reality Stone alters the reality of the universe by granting the user whatever he wishes for, you need to do a thorough reality check before converting your idea into an actionable plan of running an email campaign. Ask yourself the following questions: Do you really need email marketing for your business? Will sending emails add value to your current business strategy? Are your subscribers able to relate to your emails at the moment, based on the consumer cycle they are in? If your answers are YES, you may go ahead and choose the message that resonates the most with your subscribers and adds value to their business. When your campaign is LIVE, keep a constant check on its performance to determine its success.
Space Stone - Ask for Permission Before You Enter your Subscribers’ Space
Just as the Space Stone lets its owner alter space and be omnipresent, your emails are going to enter and alter your subscribers’ personal space and choices. So, the first and foremost thing here is to ask for permission. Focus on the ones who have opted to receive emails from you as they are the ones who are truly interested in your Brand. Make sure you act responsibly by sending only genuine, relatable content and not spamming their inbox. Give them options to engage with your brand on other social media platforms too.
Soul Stone - Make your Content (Soul of the Email) Strong and Compelling
Soul Stone that has the power to manipulate life forms and the ability to either power up or steal power from other life forms. In email marketing, the CONTENT of the email is the soul of the campaign. It can either scale up the campaign results to a newer height or shoot up your number of unsubscribes. Make sure that the content/copy of your email is so thoroughly inspected and relevant that the subscribers are bound to read and engage with it.
Power Stone - Empower the Soul (Content) of your Emails with Engaging Interactive Design
Just as its name, the Power Stone grants unlimited power to its user. In email marketing, the design of the email that makes the email visually appealing adds power to the content (soul) of the email. Make your emails look attractive and enticing by proper use of eye-catchy design and theme, right color combination, creative typography, and engaging interactive elements.
Time Stone - Send Emails at the Most Suitable Time for Best Results
Time Stone has the power to manipulate time – rewinding or fast forwarding to a time to which the user wants to travel. In a similar way, the goal of every email marketer is to be present in the subscribers’ inbox when they are most likely to check their emails to get maximum opens and clicks. Make sure you segment your subscriber list accurately to send relevant emails based on their geographical location, time zone, and other demographic data. Automated and timely emails teamed up with the right context and emails for holidays and special occasions can trigger and boost engagement and sales.
Mind Stone - Analyze the Response Metrics of your Emails and Make Decisions
Just like the Mind Stone lets the user have control over minds, you can control your email campaign based on its performance analytics and metrics. A/B test your campaigns to see what works best. Use the analysis results as a base and streamline your email lists by: Sending discounts and offers or cross-selling/up-selling to active subscribers, Sending follow-up emails to the less active subscribers, Retaining inactive subscribers by sending re-engagement emails, and Removing the inactive/lost customers from your email list.
Key Takeaways
Send permission-based emails. 
Plan your email campaigns after thorough research. Write relevant and enthralling copy. Add visual appeal by using interactive design elements
Send emails at the right time. Analyze performance metrics of your campaign.
Master these lessons from Infinity Stones and you are sure to win the universe of Email Marketing!
Master these lessons from Infinity Stones and you are sure to win the universe of Email Marketing!