AI Revolution in Email Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has empowered businesses to impart
a flawless experience to their customers with data-driven insights.

In fact, by 2035, it is expected to drive $14 trillion of additional revenue and
38% rise in profitability!

In email marketing, AI has helped brands reinvent new possibilities, making it easy to send more relevant, hyper-personalized emails.

30% of companies all over the world will be using AI in at least one of the sales processes in 2020.

AI can help at every step of email marketing, making it a win-win for subscribers as well as businesses. Here’s how….

Segmentation and Hyperpersonalization

74% of marketers believe that targeted personalization improves
customer engagement rate. Predictive analytics retrieves complex
algorithms and hypothesizes the future behavior of customers.
Such data-driven insights help to create unique emails.

  • Predictive Scores

    While only 28% of U.S. businesses use predictive analytics,
    most find it to be “critical” or “very critical”.
    No wonder, the global market for predictive analytics is expected
    to triple to about $10.95 billion by 2022, from $3.49 billion in 2016.
    AI learns patterns based on behavioral data of your customers
    and their past purchases, predicting when they would make a purchase.
    It thus helps to overcome the inconsistencies of traditional lead scoring
    and improves conversion rate.

  • Predictive Audiences

    AI helps to build audience groups showing common behavior. This can
    engage the customers better and yield higher revenue for your campaigns.

Subject Line Optimization

AI can facilitate the creation of subject lines that are most likely to resonate
with the reader, nudging them to open the email. This eliminates the
uncertainty of trial and error when it comes to drafting an engaging subject line.

You can use tools that score your subject lines and suggest you the
best options to bring the desired open rate or conversions.

Email Retargeting

Shopping cart abandonment is real. But with AI, you can
retarget these abandoners better. How?
While some customers may respond to your abandonment
email sent immediately after the abandonment, others may
not be ready to make the purchase for a week.
AI distinguishes between these customers and helps you
send your retargeting emails at an optimal time, signifcant
reducing the cart abandonment rate

In fact, you can even suggest a few other algorithmically
-chosen items in the same email.

Commerce Cloud Einstein

Commerce Cloud Einstein comes as a blessing, especially for the
ecommerce industry. It gives marketers access to predictive
insights and helps to automate tasks and send tailor-made
recommendations to customers. Detailed visualization
of customer interaction and analysis of the interactions help to
make emails more relevant..

Automated Send Time Optimization

With the help of AI, brands can finally accomplish the marketing triad - delivering
the right message at the right time to the right person.
Aren’t too many promotional emails annoying? AI helps to calibrate the
send time by analyzing the subscribers’ activities, which depict their time preference.

AI Automation

AI is not just automation. It goes a step ahead to help in
sending more relevant automated emails considering the
subscriber’s past interactions with the brand and purchases.
Persado is a good tool that helps in drafting the most persuasive
messages. The Persado Go Service analyzes copies and suggests
revisions with the help of natural language processing and machine learning.

Better and Easier Channel Optimization

Analyzing the customer’s habits, preferences, and past and predicted
behaviors, AI helps to determine whether they would resonate better
with an email, push notification, or any other channel. It then sends the
message on the apt channel.

Automated Testing

A/B testing, previously a two-dimensional process has now transcended to
an omnichannel hyper-targeting model.
You can test several variables in different permutations and combinations.

With bandit testing, you can automatically determine the kind of traffic your
options would get. If one variant appears to be winning, bandit testing will try to get
to statistical significance faster by increasing the amount of traffic to that particular
variant. This helps to bring incremental revenue. If the variant is still the winner,
you are good to go with it!

AI has made the lives of email marketers a lot easier. No wonder 61% marketers
claim that AI is the most critical aspect of their data strategy.
Combine it with rules-based email marketing and keep optimizing it to drive the best results.
In a world where customer behavior is the most dynamic thing for any business,
AI is a handy tool that eliminates uncertainties and effectively promotes your business.

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