The Divine Tool to Sanitize Your Email Database

Email list cleaning is nonetheless a powerful tool for email marketers mulling over creating a successful email campaign. While marketers are busy obtaining genuine email database, selecting the right ESP, sending engaging emails, re-engaging the subscribers, and so on; email list cleaning is often ignored or forgotten.

Even though the adage says old is gold, when it comes to email list, old turns cold. According to a study, email databases decay naturally by 22.5% every year. This makes Email List Cleaning the key for email marketers to unlock the potential of maintaining good list hygiene and attain a substantial ROI.

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Deciphering the Email Marketers Journey

As per Reachmail research, 60% of Email subscribers are inactive in an email list; i.e. they have not opened, clicked or responded to any email sent in the past 6 months.

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Early Signs of Email Deliverability Concerns

A recent survey reports 73% of companies having an issue with email deliverability. Well, poor deliverability means poor engagement, and this is where email list cleaning comes into the picture.

Signs of Deliverability Issues
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  • 37% chat1Spam Trap
  • 29% chat2Trouble Reaching
    The Inbox
  • 20% chat3Customer
  • 19% chat4Sender Reputation
  • 19% chat5Low
    Deliverability Rate
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Cleaning Your Email List Why it Matters the Most

A study reveals that over 10% of your emails are bad, and only less than 44% of your emails are delivered! So, before you hop on to list cleaning tips, let’s find out why list cleaning is important

List cleaning is indeed

Now read these Top 10 Heavenly Tips
to Spring Clean Your Email List

  • Sharpen your list
    instead of deleting
    the unsubscribes

    Consider segregating your list with actives and inactives. Create separate emails for inactive subscribers with offers and send these emails once a month. If after 6 months there is no response, let them go.

  • Send a re-engagement

    Identify inactive subscribers in your email list and send a re-engagement email to your subscribers. You can also offer an incentive in these emails in order to rejuvenate their interest.

  • List cleaning emails

    List cleaning Emails is an effective tool for email marketers to clean their email list. They are different from re-engagement emails. After sending re-engagement emails, if your subscribers are not responding, be bold enough to ask them if they are interested in your emails or not.


    Instead of going for an ESP with high cleanliness standards, go for a Tier2 ESP that is not as strict as Tier1 ESPs. Use the services of these ESPs to clean your email list. Once you feel that your list is shaping up well, you can switch to Tier1 ESP.

  • Screen the Feedback Loops

    One of biggest factor that regulates your domain reputation is the number of spam complaints for your emails. Monitor the email IDs that mark your emails as SPAM, and remove them from your list. Though your ESP does this activity for you, if you are using multiple ESPs, cleaning the list manually is advisable.

  • Segment your list based on Subscriber score

    Most of the ESPs rate your subscribers based on their engagement level. For example, MailChimp gives 2 stars to inactive subscribers or new subscribers and 3 stars to highly active subscribers. You can segment them and create separate email campaigns accordingly.

  • Deliverability
    issues on specific

    Analyze your email campaigns and find out if multiple email IDs from a specific domain are bounced. If so, remove them right away; your emails are not being delivered to them anyway.

  • Consider an email
    verification service

    If your email list hasn’t been used for a while, consider getting your email list verified with the help of an email verification service. A lot of companies provide email verification services that can help you know if your emails are deliverable or not, but they can’t promise the inbox deliverability.

  • Send Manual Emails to Bounce-backs

    One of the best ways to clean your email list is to manually send emails to bounced email addresses, asking them politely if they are receiving your emails. Once you are done, review the sent emails to understand if the emails are actually dead; or if there are fake email addresses added in your list.

  • Tackle the spam traps smartly

    Spam traps look like normal email addresses and are difficult to trace. You can send reconfirmation emails or re-opt in emails to inactive email addresses, and remind them about your business. You can also use different tools to validate your email database to avoid the spam traps.


  • Try sending re-engagement email before removing inactives from your email list. A re-engagement email with incentives may reactivate your inactive subscribers.
  • Sender score is essential for a successful email campaign. Make sure you clean your bounced, incomplete and role-based email addresses.
  • Consider sending list cleaning emails to your subscribers, requesting them to OPT OUT if they are no longer interested in your emails.
  • If your emails are not delivered to email addresses of a specific domain, keep a check on it and remove them immediately.
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