Want to score international email goals

Want to score international email goals?

Think global + act local!

Email marketing is becoming as exciting as an international football match. Marketers want to cut the crowded inbox and score high goals in their subscribers’ inbox.
However, most companies have a global database of recipients and therefore, sending international email is the only way to score high goals in the inbox.

According to one of Campaign Monitor’s blogs, 70% of the world’s 2.3 billion online users aren’t native English speakers and 85% of the online users don’t make the buying decision unless the product description is in their native language. This increases the need of sending internationalized email.

That said, the only WOO (way) out is to send emails internationally in a way that your subscribers can relate differently as per their location.

before we jump start our match

here's a download of who requires more internationalization!!!

However, matches can’t be won easily

There’s always a Ronaldo & Messi to play against

Let’s explore the challenges

  • Lack of resources (especially technology front)
  • Inability to obtain and segment the data of recipients preferred languages
  • Inability to personalize dynamic content using multiple tags as per the list
  • No human resources to produce campaigns 24/7
  • Unaware of compliance for sending emails internationally
  • Not wide-spread into various geographies and limited subscriber base
  • Varying send times and languages
  • Differential message formatting style

Clock Challenges are meant to overcome

especially when there is a great Bang for bucks

A study conducted by LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association), revealed that every $1 invested in localization comes with the roaring ROI of $25. The pros of sending internationalized emails to your subscribers’ are clear.

  • However also consider other motivations including:
  • The overall value offering of your product or service
  • Focus of consumers on language vs incentives, offers or discounts
  • Image heavy emails than text
  • Subscriber loyalty to your brand irrespective of your campaigns
Ball Footballer Footballer

Considerations for winning the finals

Pre-requisites to an international email strategy

Football Net Strategy MSG
Practice matches help you re-think on your strategies. Test out campaigns to analyze which campaigns will yield fruitful results.
Football stadia go techy to facilitate passion. International emails are no different. Invest in technology to deliver local campaigns.
Don’t go out on the field without a game plan. Have a clear international email strategy in place.
Only international emails can’t let you win. Consider robust deliverability safety net.
Go check the field before hopping on to the game. See the localization technique to be implemented.
Football Net
Final Player1 Final Player2 Final Player3 Final Player4
Final-Player1 Final-Player1

final match

Best practices to go local and score high goals

Even though many best practices are there that should be followed as the thumb rule for sending internationalized email campaign, the uplers are here to help you achieve the GOLDEN CUP with Think Global + Act Local mantra.

Language & copy considerations

As you hear the word international, the first thought that strikes you is language barrier. But when it comes to email, it plays a crucial role. Consider “Multi-Lingual” copy for your internationalized email campaign. While several companies do offer sophisticated on demand service apart from your just another Google translate workaround, extreme copy checks for various segments will be a mandate.

Here’s a great example of epic international email copy failure:

Nokia’s new smartphone LUMIA is a gigantic cellphone and another success from Microsoft. But sadly it didn’t market well in Spain, as in Spanish Lumia is an abusive word. Seems like Nokia tried to strike a straight shot but missed the goal due to lack of multi-lingual research.

Selecting Translators

Selecting Translators

Look for experience

Considering a translator familiar with your company’s terminology would be beneficial. For example, if you are sending emails to your subscribers in Poland, then your translator should be familiar with Polish language and ITU law.

Request sample translations

To hire the best translator, ask for sample translations of a few paragraphs and get it cross-checked by a third party. However, you may have to pay for the sample.

Email aesthetics are essential to deliver impactful yet consistent email campaign regionally. However, ensure that your email designs are acceptable culturally across the email segments.

Process management

Process management

Right from the initialization of the game to scoring goals, a footballer has to manage everything while syncing the moves with other footballers.

Likewise, from content translation to the due dates of signing off email campaigns, everything should be aligned and in tandem.

To score legendary goals, consider international email sending checklist along with the tracking of inbox placement and delivery rate (differentiated from country to country).

Message formatting style & layout

Message formatting style & layout

Many footballers strike brilliant goals, but not every footballer can bend it like Beckham. Likewise, different regions contain diverse reading patterns. As different languages come with different characters, consider different text alignment and layouts as per the readability (right to left, center, left to right, etc.) Apart from that, keep the different styles, patterns, and fonts in mind.

Mobile first strategy

Mobile first strategy

Every country contains different mobile penetration. This calls for mobile and desktop subscribers to be catered differently. When sending your email campaign on international journey, make sure to give it a mobile first mentality visa. However, users operating through desktop and other devices should also be kept in mind.

Legitimate framework

Legitimate framework

When a football player is shown a red card, he has to leave the game field and takes no further involvement in the game. This means, players in order to remain throughout the game have to go by a legitimate framework. Similarly internationalized email calls for abiding by legitimate frameworks of various countries. For example, U.S. has the CanSpam Act, Canada has CASL, Australia has The Spam Act, etc.

Nevertheless, you should also keep the regional ISP algorithms as well as ESP guidelines in your rulebook to prevent the red card (spam trap). You can also refer legal email professionals while executing email campaigns for different countries.

A myriad of personalization data sets

A myriad of personalization data sets

Real-time data and personalization are the essential ingredients in email marketing strategy. When taking international email campaigns into consideration, a myriad of personalized data set becomes accessible, ready to exploit.

Global email marketing companies must personalize for various segments. For example; there might be a different geo-targeting for someone in Russia as compared to a remotely located person in Jakarta. Also, the opportunities of real-time live social feeds in multiple languages should also be explored.

Calls to action: Aggressive or Subtle?

Calls to action: Aggressive or Subtle?

If there is no football, there is no game. If there is no CTA then there is no point of sending emails. But when going international, it is crucial to use language tone that travels well to other countries. Make sure to crosscheck hyperbolic terms as some countries regulate laws for using such terms in email marketing.

Timing matters

Timing matters

Scoring goals in football require a proper game strategy, and can only be scored when the timing is correct. Just as in football, timing is vital in international email marketing as well. While sending your emails abroad think about seasonal considerations, work schedules, etc. For example; sending winter sale email to those subscribers’ who are enjoying summers may not do the job.

Data and List Management

Data and List Management

Whether a center defender, full back or sweeper; every player has his own pre-defined position with responsibility of winning the game. Likewise, international email comes with the responsibility to manage data sets across the globe as well as list segmentation and managing a separate list. While managing data sets, be ensured there is proper filtering and list hygiene to prevent any complicacies.

Go local, but think about the PESTLE factors

Go local, but think about the PESTLE factors

While going local, think about the PESTLE factors to ensure the email campaigns aren’t sent at a wrong time. Consider the political scenario, economical factors, social factors, technology usage, legal and environmental factors. If there is a unrest in a country, sending an email that instigate users through negative newsjacking might cost you really huge. Be sensitive to each such factor before planning the next GLOCAL (Go Local) campaign.

Scores are out & the winners are…

Scores are out & the winners are… Scores are out & the winners are…

Multi-lingual copy

Localized real-time personalization for various segments

Appropriate design aesthetics matching the cultural aspects

Varying legal rules

Campaign management in different time zones

Internationalize processes

Reading patterns, typography and alignment