Adapt Mobile friendly emails

or provide bad experience to more than 50% of your email subscribers!
The Challenge:
Marketers are battling out to create and launch successful
mobile friendly email communications.
Why it is critical?
Because the use of mobile phone to read and respond to emails is growing rapidly.
At present, mobile clients account for 41.6% of all email opens. As many as 75% of people claim that they mostly prefer their smartphones to check emails.
% of People who use Desktop, Webmail and Mobile to read and respond to their Emails
Mobile Email Stats
% of People who check their Emails via Smartphone on the daily basis
Country Specific Email Users via smartphone
If your email campaigns are mobile-responsive, you can experience a 15% increase in unique mobile clicks.
iPhone leads amongst all the email clients especially for email opens:
% of overall Email Opens by Email Clients
Email Opens Rate Stats
Email Opens: There is no second chance!

Just 3.3% of users have viewed a single email in more than one environment.
(both mobile and either desktop or webmail)

Users who have recently read email on their mobile will do so again about 45% of the time.

This means that nearly 97% of emails are viewed just once and there is no second chance!

Consumers are adapting mobiles for routine email communications!

Mobile is the most preferred device for checking out emails during weekends.

How Day of Week affects where Email is Viewed
Email Opens on Weekdays Via Devices Stats

Also, let’s understand which devices are most used throughout the day for Emails.

Use of Email via Mobile stats

Mobile or Smartphone usage is more prevalent in the morning and evening hours.

What Motivates People to read Emails on the Mobile Devices?
Mobile Friendly Email Design Stats
Most Preferred Mobile Email Messages that attract eyeballs
Special Offer Email on Mobile

Savings attract! Promotional emails with special offers, promos & vouchers attracts
eyeballs the most, followed by delivery and order information.

The Sad Part
75% of the companies do not create mobile friendly emails and continue to lose out on the ROI.
There are responsive mobile design and coding
techniques in place with which creating mobile friendly emails is hassle free, leading to a better ROI
on your email campaigns.
Divine Solution
What is Responsive Mobile Email?
Responsive email design uses CSS3 media queries to display different layouts of an email depending on the size of the viewing screen. You can display or hide elements for a true mobile experience.
Mobile Optimized Email Design
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