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5 Ways A Marketo Email Automation Expert Can Elevate Your Email Program

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All brands want to engage with their customers to build and nurture relationships that create enduring benefits for both parties. And marketing automation – particularly email automation – is a great way to do this effectively, at low cost, and at scale.

With email automation, you can create memorable email campaigns with the right message, and send them to the right person at just the right time – all without re-doing the work over and over. And with an email automation platform like Adobe Marketo in the hands of a Marketo email automation specialist, you can leverage automated workflows, as well as other powerful capabilities like a visual editor, built-in templates, A/B/n testing, predictive content, and an AI-powered data environment to send automated and targeted emails that generate tangible results for your brand.

Here are 5 reasons to hire a Marketo email automation specialist for your brand’s email marketing program.   

#1: Build Branded Marketo Templates to Get Email Campaigns Out Fast

In a world where trends change faster than ever and customers are more impatient than ever, brands cannot afford to delay their email marketing campaigns. With Marketo’s visual editor and fully responsive templates, you can create email templates quickly, and get them out just as quickly.

And if you think that the built-in templates in Marketo CRM lack a certain oomph, you can always create innovative custom templates that perfectly reflect your brand’s voice, values, and personality.

An external and dedicated expert can help you:

With a Marketo expert, all you need to do is share a brief, or the PSD, Sketch, AI, or PDF file, and they will set up your customized Marketo templates in next to no time.

Take a look at this on-brand email, created with Marketo for World Kitchen. The template includes attractive images about what the business does best – food, hospitality, and entertainment.

#2: Impress And Delight Your Audience with Personalized Messages

Marketo has powerful built-in analytics, reporting, and dashboards so you can get a 360-degree view of each customer, including their demographics, likes and dislikes, behaviors, and interaction history across multiple channels.

What can you do with this information?

For one, you can engage them in relevant email campaigns as unique as they are. Even better, you can do this automatically and at scale. So with Marketo, you get the best of individualized results with a scalable approach.

One of the best ways to serve personalized emails to your audience is via content personalization. A study found that 72% of customers only respond to marketing messages that target their interests. Impress them with compelling content that’s relevant to them and effortlessly answers their question, “What’s in it for ME?”

But what if you don’t have the right skills in-house to create persuasive, gripping, or memorable content? Once again, the answer is crystal – get a Marketo automation expert. Marketo offers AI-powered personalization, and such an expert can help you make the most of these capabilities.

This specialist can help you create content that matches individual customer’s preferences, behaviors, time zones, etc. They will also:

Marketo is a comprehensive, feature-rich platform to create personalized emails at scale. Bringing in a Marketo automation expert can help you maintain 1:1 personalization and power memorable experiences, no matter how big your audience is or where they are.

Email Uplers created this template for Allergan that offers a very high level of personalization:

#3: Create Accurate, Current Segments to Reach the Right People

If you email people who no longer want to receive your emails, you not only lose brand equity, you also waste time and effort that can be better utilized in reaching people who actually want to hear from you. With Adobe Marketo, you can create accurate segments so you only reach those who want to see your emails. The CRM tracks changes in individual customer behaviors and demographic profiles and provides real-time updates that can help you send automated email campaigns to the right audience at the right time.

Sounds complex?

If you’re not familiar with Marketo’s centralized data environment or are not sure how to segment highly refined audiences – talk to a Marketo email automation specialist. This expert can help you:

The automation experts can design a segmentation strategy for each automation campaign in Marketo. They can also analyze how your audience interacts with your messages and tweak the strategy to ensure that you reach the right inbox at the right time. List segmentation improves open rates by 39%, transactions by 18%, and deliverability, revenue and sales, and leads by 24% each. And with a combination of Marketo plus and Marketo automation experts, you can achieve all these goals.

#4: Drive Better Results and Maximize Engagement with A/B/n Testing  

Email marketing automation, especially with Marketo, is a great way to find the right audience and engage with them to build relationships – automatically and scalably. By combining email automation with analytics (see next section), you can continuously refine your targeting and grow your program while maintaining a special personalized touch. And your chances of achieving these great results increase manifold if you test each campaign before sending it out – with A/B/n Testing.

In fact, A/B Split Testing should be an important part of every email campaign you design and send. Test subject lines, content layout, CTA buttons, send/date times, etc. Why? Because even the smallest variations can make a huge impact on your open and click rates, so it’s important to experiment with these variations to improve your results.

Here’s how a Marketo automation specialist can add real value in this area:

#5: Gauge and Improve Email Performance  

Data integration in Marketo can provide a holistic view of customer data, both through their public details (e.g. social media) and via data that they provide themselves.

The email automation professionals from Email Uplers can manage end-to-end Marketo email campaigns at a 99.98% error-free rate. In addition to creating campaign assets, managing timelines, and setting up and scheduling campaigns, they can also analyze the performance of your automated campaigns.

What is the open rate?

Click rate?

How many emails bounced?

How many were marked as Spam?

How many subscribers unsubscribed?

Who used a suggested offer or bought a recommended product?

It’s essential to understand all these metrics – and more importantly, unpack the story behind them – to gauge performance and improve your email program.

Take advantage of a Marketo expert’s skills to:

 Wrap up

A competent Marketo automation expert can set up, execute and manage all your email campaigns in Marketo. They will take care of email production, scheduling, testing, and deployment. They will also analyze the performance of each campaign and extract actionable insights that can drive positive change and improved results in the future.

Marketo is undoubtedly a  powerful email marketing platform. And with a Marketo automation expert like Email Uplers in your corner, you can get even more value out of your investment.

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