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Keeping in mind that not every business has the same need or purpose from a Marketo specialist, our dedicated resource model is curated to offer you maximum flexibility in pricing and skill-set requirements

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    You can hire a Marketo Certified Associate of your choice at best industry pricing.

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    No long-term contracts to worry about. Plus, get the flexibility to hire full-time or part-time specialists.

Our trained and skilled Marketo Certified Associates are not just awesome at their job but also very serious about building flawless email templates. Our extended team of developers will align work processes according to your profile and timezone.


    Our team of talented and certified experts can help you with all aspects of Marketo.

  • Focus on Quality

    We focus on excellence. We thus perform robust QA to deliver pixel-perfect templates that render perfectly in 40+ email clients, multiple browsers, and 15+ devices.

  • Process Alignment

    The dedicated resource aligns with your way of working and processes to become an extended arm of your team, working for you according to your time zone.

  • ESP Expertise

    Our passionate Marketo specialists keep themselves updated with the latest features of Marketo.

  • Affordable Pricing

    We are affordable with best-in-the-industry pricing. Ready to save up to 40% cost?

  • Vetted & Verified Developers

    We carry out a meticulous background check of all our Maketo Certified Associates as they are vetted for technical skills too.

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Our expertise is available in three diverse skill-sets

  • Strong experience and knowledge of HTML/CSS/CSS3
  • 1 - 4 years of experience working in email marketing and development world.
  • Ability to create and deploy email template in Marketo
  • Make sure your email renders absolutely perfect in all email clients.
  • Ability to identify, define and built reusable modules for Marketo modular email templates
  • Ability to create emails for other ESPs like Hubspot, SFMC, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor
  • Ability to test and resolve coding issues
  • Undestanding of email marketing practices
  • Ability to use Adobe Creative Suite plus Sketch, Invision, Figma, Zaplin
  • Ability to resolve complex coding issues quickly and accurately
  • Knowledge of CAN-SPAM and Email Regulation
  • Sound knowledge of velocity scripting in Marketo
  • Experience in creating tokens and snippet to help you built dynamic email templates.
  • Ability to make smaller edits in your current Marketo Landing pages
  • Strong knowledge in HTML, CSS/CSS3, JS, JQuery
  • Understanding of JavaScript implementation
  • 1 - 4 years of experience working in email marketing and landing page development.
  • Ability to work with debugging tools like Firebug, Chrome inspector, etc.
  • Ability to convert comprehensive layout and wireframes into working HTML pages in Marketo using guided pages.
  • Ability to create forms and integrate with landing pages
  • Experience in testing and rendering your landing pages on all browsers
  • Ability to use Adobe Creative Suite plus Sketch, Invision, Figma, Zaplin
  • Strong understanding of concept development, layout composition, site functionality, interaction, user interfaces, navigation, typography, and basic drawing skills
  • General understanding of SEO and it's impact on web
  • Understanding of cross browser compatibility issues and how to get around them
  • Knowledge of best practices to optimize web pages for speed and performance
  • Ability to create HTML pages as well as landing pages in SFMC, Unbounce, Pardot, etc.
  • Strong experience and knowledge of HTML/CSS/CSS3
  • Ability to setup, execute and manage email & marketing automation programs
  • Ability to import, segment list and able to work on data hygiene and data validation
  • Experience in setting up & managing of scheduling, testing, deployment of email campaigns along with effective QA process
  • Good with analytical skills and able to drive results for every campaign
  • Experience of setting up A/B & Multivariate Testing of campaigns
  • Worked with clients across the globe and are pro in client management practices
  • Awareness of email marketing domain and able to implement email best practices, including segmentation, deliverability, copy and design approaches
  • Awareness with relational database concept and SQL queries
  • Expert in Excel and able to create pivots and custom reports on Excel as per need
  • Understanding of basic Project Management practices
  • Ability to setup, execute and manage email & marketing automation programs
  • Knowledge and experience in managing production of emails, landing pages, pop-ups, banners in DIY ESP and marketing automation platforms
  • Ability to setup, execute and manage email & Marketo marketing automation programs
  • Experience in setting up & managing of scheduling, testing, deployment of email campaigns along with effective QA process
  • Ability to drive insights out of reports on the performance of each campaign
  • Good with analytical skills and able to drive results for every campaign
  • Experience of setting up A/B & Multivariate Testing of campaigns
  • Worked with clients across the globe and are pro in client management practices Basic understanding of HTML/CSS
  • Understanding of email marketing domain and able to implement email best practices, including segmentation, deliverability, copy and design approaches
  • Expert in Excel and able to create pivots and custom reports on Excel as per need
  • Understanding of basic Project Management practices
  • Ability to sense and plan productivity improvement on assets production for every clients on their campaigns.
  • Excellent in communicating and presenting ideas and outcome to clients
Hire Marketo Certified Associates as per your requirements without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Marketo is a comprehensive digital marketing solution that can handle sophisticated sales scenarios in the most complex organizational structures. It extends lead acquisition and nurturing functionalities like email marketing automation, behavior-driven consumer marketing, and extensive lead management.

The top 14 strategic and technological benefits are as mentioned below:

  1. Marketo supports the implementation of different scoring rules through multiple scoring model support. This facilitates hyper-personalization according to consumer behaviour patterns. It enables product-based and time degraded lead scoring capabilities which lack in most of its competitors.
  2. Personalization capabilities also include automatically searching social profile data of contacts.
  3. It has native ABM segmentation, account nurturing automation, routing, and lifecycle modeler.
  4. Marketo email marketing offers specialized deliverability, HTML/CSS, image, and hyperlink verification tools. It also provides in-built polling features with social media integration.
  5. Marketo comes with in-built sweepstake functionality for running referral programs.
  6. It condenses the opt-in process by allowing signups through social media and video sharing features. It also facilitates conducting webinars.
  7. Marketo offers high scalability as its multi-channel campaigns can be easily replicated across various markets with minimum repetition.
  8. It is a logic-based automation platform. Hence building workflows is intuitive along with solving the strategic errors.
  9. Marketo can be integrated with leading CRM providers with the industry leader Salesforce being the best fit for its capabilities.
  10. It utilizes CRM data for maintaining data hygiene and consistency.
  11. Omni-channel marketing programs are benefited by its ability to segment and integrate vast arrays of parameters in its database engines. Thus, Marketo allows operation of complicated sales cycles encompassing multiple regions.
  12. Marketo campaign management has multilayer program support. Apart from overall evaluation, it helps effectively control and analyze both individual campaigns and efforts made for a particular region/product.
  13. Marketo can generate customized reports based on revenue models. It also supports custom dashboards.
  14. Marketo is a web-based platform with mobile apps available for Windows, Android, and iOS users.

Why You Should Prefer MARKETO Certified Resources

Let us look into the prime reasons as to why you must hire only certified resources.

  • The numerous capabilities also translate to complexities for users. Setting up different lead scoring rules to form various scoring models for ABM is a demanding process.
  • Its tools affect the functioning in multiple layers simultaneously and this can be a new scenario for general marketing automation developers.
  • Writing automation workflows in Marketo becomes tougher with time as the number of channels and campaigns overlapping each other increase with time.
  • For a lot of developers, personalization in complex sales cycles is exhaustive and sometimes unachievable since this feature is not offered by most of the industry alternatives.
  • Troubleshooting through multiple layers of automation workflows is another challenge arising out of omni-channel marketing campaigns.

A certified Marketo expert can handle these difficulties better by making appropriate use of functionalities and tools provided by the platform. The biggest difficulty in hiring these professionals lies in the problem that most of the Marketo alternatives aren’t as potent as it is in terms of capabilities and control. Subsequently organizations have to weigh their priorities smartly while entering the job market.

Wish to make the most of Marketo?

Let us now look into the Email Marketing Challenges Solved By Marketo Certified Professionals.

  • Data Integration in Marketo, which provides a 360-degree view of customer data acquired through their public details on social media accounts and data fed by users. Moreover, it utilizes the data generated by analytics tools to enrich the results.
  • Personalization, which helps create content for customer individual interactions with the help of their preferences and behavioral analysis. It also supports scalable profiling features. You can set triggered email campaigns based on consumer data, time zones, and marketing territories. It has in-built A/B split testing and other analytics tools.
  • Email Automation, which helps to control the mailing lists, their hygiene, workflows, and campaign progress through custom rules and models. It allows writing multi layer workflows and replicating them to improve accuracy radically.
  • Creating reports. Marketo provides custom dashboards with insights that go beyond open rates with revenue attribution being a major highlight. Since the automation workflows are customized, it allows generating various reports focusing on parameters, regions, and channels as needed.
marketo certified expert graph

Marketo Expertise Levels

The expertise levels are briefly divided into five hierarchy levels and they are as follows:


The email developers are responsible for creating, editing, and deploying email templates. They can also create and render reusable Marketo modular email templates. They have a clear understanding of email marketing practices, and are able to make small edits in existing landing pages. They also create tokens and snippets for building dynamic email templates apart from testing and performing troubleshooting.

Qualifications and Competencies:

  • 1 - 4 years of experience working on email marketing and coding technologies
  • Working knowledge of CAN-SPAM and Email Regulations
  • Familiarity with velocity scripting in Marketo
  • Acumen in using Adobe Creative Suite plus Sketch, Invision, Figma, and Zaplin
  • Ability to create emails for other ESPs like HubSpot, SFMC, Mailchimp, and Campaign Monitor will be an added advantage
  • Strong background in HTML/CSS/CSS3
  • Creative thinker and ability to test and resolve coding issues quickly
Facing hurdles while creating Marketo Email Templates?


The developers have a strong understanding of concept development, layout composition, site functionality, interactions, user interfaces, navigation, typography, and basic drawing skills. They create forms and integrate them with landing pages. They should have a sound understanding of cross browser compatibility issues and how to get around them. They are required to have strong HTML, CSS/CSS3 skills and basic JS, and jQuery implementation knowledge. Marketo developers also test and render landing pages across all browsers. They convert comprehensive layout and wireframes into working HTML pages in Marketo.

Qualifications and Competencies:

  • 1 - 4 years of experience working in email marketing and landing page development
  • Ability to use Adobe Creative Suite plus Sketch, Invision, Figma, Zaplin
  • Working knowledge of SEO and its impact on websites
  • Owns best practices in optimizing web pages for speed and performance
  • Ability to create HTML pages as well as landing pages in SFMC, Unbounce, Pardot.
  • Can comfortably work with debugging tools like Firebug and Chrome inspector

The average salary in the US for this job title is $70,827 per annum as per Glassdoor.

Marketing Automation Developer Salaries in United States

11,170 Salaries Updated 5 May 2017

Average Base Pay

$ 70,827/yr

Not enough reports to show salary distribution

marketo certified expert associates salary 1
How much does a Marketing Automation Developer make?

The national average salary for a Marketing Automation Developer is $70,827 in United States. Filter by location to see Marketing Automation Developer salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 11,170 salaries submitted anonymous to Glassdoor by Marketing Automation Developer employees.

A Marketo certified dedicated developer can
help you with your emails and landing pages!


A Marketo Certified Associate is responsible for setup, execution and management of emails & marketing automation programs. Awareness of email marketing domain and able to implement email best practices, including segmentation, deliverability, copy and design approaches is must. They are responsible for importing, segmenting the lists, maintaining data hygiene and validating the data. The associates should have experience in setting up & managing the testing schedules, deployment of email campaigns along with an effective QA process. They should have good analytical skills and should be able to drive results for every campaign. Setting up A/B & Multivariate testing of campaigns is also a part of their day to day profile.

Qualifications and Competencies:

  • Hands-on experience in HTML/CSS/CSS3
  • Understanding of relational database concept and SQL queries
  • Can create pivots and custom reports on Spreadsheets as required
  • Has basic knowledge of project management practices
  • Worked with clients across the globe and proficiency in client management practices

The average salary in the US for this job title is $70,827 per annum as per Glassdoor.

Setting up Marketo MARKETING Automation can be an intricate job.


A Marketo Automation Expert owns the setup, execution and management of emails & marketing automation programs independently. They use their knowledge and experience in managing production of, but not limited to, emails, dynamic emails, landing pages, pop-ups, banners in DIY ESP and marketing automation platforms. Experts also perform data validation and integration for the accounts used as a part of the service footprint. Apart from testing, troubleshooting, and managing teams, they are required to drive results for every campaign using their analytical skills. They extend the insights out of reports on the performance of each campaign and manage the campaign teams.

Give your Marketo Email automation a boost by hiring the apt talent
  • Qualifications and Competencies:

    1. Holds an undergraduate degree + experience in serving multiple B2B marketing roles.
    2. Experience level: 3 years and above in Marketing/ Branding Communications/ and Marketo/ Marketing Technology.
    3. Holds relevant knowledge in particular sub-domain(s) and is a Marketo certified expert in the same.
    4. Holds a portfolio of successful marketing automation programs and handling multiple projects at varying seniority levels.
    5. Has innate leadership qualities and high emotional intelligence accompanied by demonstrated history of independently executing projects.
    6. Hands-on experience of using CRMs, Digital Marketing tools, and IT infrastructures. Can coordinate and manage multi-disciplinary teams within and outside the organization.
  • Key Responsibilities

    1. Owns and improvises the industry best practices and process standards across all organizational activities, strategies, documentation, and reporting.
    2. Guides and assists in the publishing of content on various platforms through organic and paid methods.
    3. Acts as manager for all accounts allocated, company’s digital entities, and online profiles to ensure homogenous brand presence.
    4. Acts as a catalyst in acquiring new tools and approaches for expanding the digital product and services portfolio.
    5. Implement an iterative, closed-loop approach to lead generation and nurturing campaigns. They also implement onboarding programs for new resources, partners, and technical aides.
    6. Ideates, tests, and launches funnel processes, demand generation programs, and long-term inbound marketing activities.
    7. Supports implementation of Marketo marketing automation across technical tools owned/rented by the company including enterprise management tools like SAP.
    8. Coordinates ongoing efforts and suggests corrective measures with relevant literature/reports.
    9. Guides on global digital marketing scenarios and enhances the database to meet its expected hygiene, enrichment levels, and diversity.
    10. Reports the effectiveness and efficacy of all efforts undertaken by teams as a whole through relevant formats to senior management and VPs.
  • Position Competencies:

    1. Team centered management proficiencies with focus on collaborativeness.
    2. Ability to manage multiple projects and teams with flexibility towards approach but firm compliance to deadlines.
    3. Iterative approach to meet accuracy levels and troubleshoot issues.
    4. Excellent client servicing and people skills.
    5. Self-motivated and orientation towards ethical behavior, professionalism, and mentoring.
    6. Good to have skills like analyzing and editing HTML/CSS and JS codes of emails, landing pages, opt-in forms, and web pages.
    7. A background in Information and Technology/ Management is welcomed but not mandatory.
    8. Experience of working in a multi-disciplinary, global team.

The average package for an employee with this title is $59,494 per annum in the United States as per PayScale. It typically interpolates between $42k to %78k on an annual basis.

Average Marketing Automation Specialist Salary

$ 59,494

Avg. Salary Show hourly rate

Not enough reports to show salary distribution

marketo salary percentage

Below one year of experience in this profile fetches $48k in compensation and it becomes $69k annually for the experience level of 10 to 19 years.

What is the Pay by Experience Level of Marketing Automation Specialist?

marketo salary percentage graph
  • The compensation for other regions is as mentioned below:

Australia: The median income of a professional with a specialist role in automation is AU$72,414.

The average salary of a Marketing Automation Specialist in Australia is AU$72,414.

Marketo certified Marketing Automation Specialists have national average pay of $58,828 per annum as per PayScale. The salary range fluctuates between $45k to $77k. The rest of their job profiles are similar as mentioned above.

The average salary of a Marketing Automation Specialist with Marketo skills is $58,828.

marketo certified expert associates salary5

United Kingdom: The average salary in the UK for Marketo Certified Expert is £36k per annum.

Salary for Certification: Marketo Certified Experts


Avg. Salary


This is a senior role and will require serving throughout the hierarchy right from general marketing profile. It is a juncture of technical, sales, and management responsibilities. Thus, the ideal candidate is a seasoned professional with the following criteria to fulfill the expectations of the job profile:

  1. To administrate the Marketo platform.
  2. To optimize, streamline, and monitor existing workflows, campaigns, data integrity, and performance.
  3. To test the workflows, campaigns, data integrity, marketing integrations, and troubleshoot as required.
  4. To ensure seamless integration with the CRM database.
  5. To design and deliver lead nurturing flows for emails, marketing campaigns, landing pages, and database management.
  6. To design and deliver Marketo marketing automation workflows to meet campaign objectives efficiently.
  7. To test the implementation of workflows, email designs, landing pages, opt-in forms, tracking systems, and database generation activities.
  8. To define the KPIs for each activity undertaken and build monitoring dashboards for the same. To generate and analyze the business intelligence reports from time to time.
  9. To define the best practices to keep engagement and ROI on optimal levels.
  10. To utilize the database for running well-segmented lead lifecycles right from target audience identification to campaign analysis. Systematically curate lead lifecycles from nurturing to scoring.
  11. To manage and control data hygiene, system security, and legal liabilities of the efforts made as applicable.
  12. To analyze and maintain the lead pipelines from all channels as per the laid down planning. To suggest any changes in existing methods/approaches with regard to tools and strategies implemented.
Need help with optimizing existing workflows?
  • Additional Profile Workload

    1. Manage the architecture of the Marketo platform, tools, strategies, and the corresponding operational best practices.
    2. Define, audit, and control the relationships of all automation parameters to best serve the interests of all stakeholders.
    3. Manage resources, budget, deliverables, and tools strategically. Align the efforts with the suggestions and feedback generated by the system and as forwarded by clients. Raise the requirement of on-demand and hosted software solutions as required.
    4. Support the functions of the sales enablement team and digital marketing team.
    5. Align the stakeholders viz. Sales and marketing teams through standardized workflows and communication channels.
    6. Act as a resource for sales teams and develop automation workflows, designs, and productized solutions.
    7. Conduct technology audits, content audits, campaign audits, and interview delivery/business/development/architecture managers.
    8. Identify and conduct the need analysis for exploring the scope under existing accounts. Ability to provide guidance on business and technology. Conduct account reviews and devise process measurement practices reports.
    9. Generate sales proposals, feasibility reports, and conduct internal resource interviews. Help identify the scope of new business.
  • Minimum Qualifications

    1. Willing to travel through domestic and international markets as a part of the job profile.
    2. Having 5+ years of experience in handling Marketo or similar marketing automation platforms as a power user/ admin in a B2B environment.
    3. Holding an undergraduate degree in computer science. Specialization in management is welcomed.
    4. Holds Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) credential with significant implementation initiatives undertaken in previous job roles.
    5. Having in-depth knowledge of CRMs, marketing automation, digital marketing channels, sales, and client servicing apart from concerned legalities.
    6. Hands-on experience of generating reports from existing tools and any third-party tools as and when required.
    7. Having decent soft skills along with great command over both verbal and written communication skills.
    8. Ability to handle business and technical aspects for prioritizing accounts, budgets, business needs, resources, and projects.
    9. Experience in handling a team of internal resources that spans over multiple disciplines. Also having a track record of coordinating between multiple external resources and internal departments to ensure sound deliverability.
    10. Ability to meet business expectations and lead strategic exercises to enrich engagement.
    11. Develop client-centric deliverables and execute delegation of responsibilities among the internal and external resources.
    12. Having a track record of growing service footprint within the scope of assigned accounts.
    13. Have sound knowledge of implementing a systems design approach for meeting expectations within the scope of budget, deadlines, and profitability.

The average pay for a Marketing Automation Manager in the USA is $76,251. It varies between $54k to $103k per annum as per PayScale.

Average Marketing Automation Manager Salary

$ 76,251

Avg. Salary Show Hourly Rate

$5,075 BONUS


The average salary of a Marketing Automation Specialist is $76,251

marketo certified expert associates salary6

The total compensation for employees below one year of work experience is $57,194 which becomes $120k+ for professionals with 20+ years experience.

What is the Pay by Experience Level of Marketing Automation Managers?

marketo certified expert associates salary7

The payout structure for other regions is as mentioned below:

Australia: The average compensation in Australia for a manager profile is AU$97,436 on an annual basis.

Average Marketing Automation Manager with Email Marketing Skills Salary in Australia


Avg. Salary

United Kingdom: The manager profile in the UK bags a payout equal to £40,236 summed annually.

The average salary of a Marketing Automation Manager in United Kingdom is £40,236.

marketo certified expert associates salary8

Now, let’s take a look at the various certifications available for Marketo

Marketo Certifications

In order to make the hiring process more reliable and systematic across the world, Adobe provides certifications through Marketo University. They are credentials for validating expertise over the concerned area of Marketo. The entry barrier is comparatively high as the professional has to score a minimum of 70% to qualify. Generally each exam costs a couple of hundred dollars and upwards for each attempt.

  • The Marketo Certified Associate (MCA) requires the candidates to:

    • Be familiar with digital marketing automation.
    • Have basic Marketo email marketing skills with personalization.
    • Can build forms and referral programs with basic proficiency.
    • Is able to create webinars and events using cloned templates.

    The eligibility criteria for passing the exam is 76%.

    It also recommends the following criteria:

    • Minimum 3 months or 200-400 hours of hands-on experience of using the platform.
    • Minimum 3-6 months of general experience
  • The Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) requires the candidates to:

    • Have in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, Email and account based marketing.
    • Proficiency in writing multi-layer workflows, personalization, data synchronization, and broad features of Marketo.
    • Integrate, manage, and troubleshoot various individual products of the platform.

    The eligibility criteria for passing the exam is 70%.

    The following criteria are recommended to aid better prospects:

  • At least 1 year of experience in marketing automation.
  • At least 1-2 years of general experience in marketing.span>
  • Experience of using Marketo for at least 1+ year or 800-1000+ hours.span>

The following courses are available for certification purposes:

Marketo Core Concept I
marketo  certified expert icon 1
Marketo Core Concept II
marketo  certified expert icon 2
Configuring & Managing Marketo
marketo  certified expert icon 3
Creating Event & Webinar Programs
marketo  certified expert icon 4
Driving Buyur Engagement with Social Marketing
marketo  certified expert icon 5
Engaging Visitors through Web Personalization
marketo  certified expert icon 6
Establishing a Successful AEM Program
marketo  certified expert icon 7
Marketo Certified Expert Prep Course
marketo  certified expert icon 8
Marketo Overview: What Stakeholders Need to Know
marketo  certified expert icon 9
Marketo Reporting and Insights
marketo  certified expert icon 10
Optimizing Email Deliverability
marketo  certified expert icon 11
Using Attribution Models

One can specialize in the following sub-domains but the certification exams are no longer conducted:

  1. Account-Based Marketing
  2. Analytics Attribution
  3. Analytics & Reporting
  4. Customizing Creative Assets
  5. Email Deliverability
  6. Events & Webinars
  7. Nurture & Engagement
  8. Programs & Campaigns
  9. Setup & Configuration
  10. Social Marketing
  11. Web Personalization

It is noteworthy that verifying these certifications is a must before hiring the services of any professional due to two reasons. Firstly, it guarantees the individual’s command over the theoretical and practical aspects of their work. Secondly, these certifications are issued by Adobe itself which fosters standardization across the dispersed talent pool. This will help you in keeping up with global trends while allowing external resources to perfectly fit in your requirements. No matter if you are looking for consultation or hiring full time employees, look out for these certificates to best serve your interests in the long term.

Hiring In-House Team Vs. Dedicated Resources

Should you hire an in-house team or outsource the work to a dedicated Marketo services team? The answer to this question becomes tricky when MarTech solutions are involved. Hiring full-time employees allows greater control over the efforts. However, outsourcing is becoming more common as 70% of companies outsource at least one strategic function. 33% of companies outsource their sales and marketing activities. This data was revealed on a survey published by Ignite Spot.

marketo  certified expert icon 12
of companies outsource one or more of what could be considered strategies functions
of companies outsource production or delivery of core products and services
of companies outsource sales and marketing
of companies outsource R&D activities

To make things simple, here’s an apple to apple comparison of both options:

Comparison Factor In-House Team Hiring A Dedicated Team
Domain Expertise It is evident from the career phase statistics of all job roles mentioned above that getting the right mix of certified experts at your location. With this model, you get access to a global talent pool without any restrictions on available expertise levels.
Agility As opposed to popular perception, in-house teams are less agile for this function. This is because they don’t have full-time experts on each sub-domain and the tech stack is relatively old when it comes to third-party integrations. These are companies that operate as full-time consultants and have the latest tech stack available 24/7. They can adapt to new integrations and updates faster with the help of a functional Learning and Development department.
Reliability They are highly reliable and in constant touch with higher management. They will require multi-channel communication with the stakeholders of the client company on a pre-scheduled basis.
Dependencies Putting things in black and white, this is a relatively small business function to be considered as an organizational dependency. Since the teams are hired through contractual agreements, the scope of services is very clear. Every dependency is discussed along with a dedicated Service Level Agreement (SLA.)
Scalability This is one of the biggest issues as hiring and training additional resources is challenging due to the limited talent pool and other local constraints like distance from residential areas and modes of transportation available. Again, full-time dedicated teams have an upper edge due to seamless access to the global talent and contacts in the industry. They can hire experts as and when required in case of specialized demands at competitive prices. Ultimately, this also lowers the cost incurred by the client companies.
Quality Control And Assurance The quality of execution is dependent on the competency of senior staff and human resource turnover. No such problems are faced on the client end as these are concerns solely applicable to the outsourcing company. They ensure fulfillment of deliverables as a part of the contract.
Security And Confidentiality Internal resources are completely dependable when it comes to security and upholding confidentiality. Usually, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed between the participating organizations to ensure proper confidentiality and account security. It also protects the client’s intellectual property rights.
Investment The investment considerations involve the subscription charges, compensation structures, and overheads apart from the common organizational costs like compliance and leaves. There is no need to invest a single penny upfront. The pre-decided charges are the only costs incurred in this case.
Cost Factor The cost structure includes both setup and recurring costs. The costs are limited to fees and scalability considerations.

Apart from these considerations, the opportunity cost favors outsourcing to an agency over hiring full-time employees. There is no long-term commitment involved while you can always scale up as required with virtually zero efforts. Arbitrage also acts in your favor as offshoring gives you access to the same expertise level at competitive pricing. On the other end, you can completely bypass the hiring lifecycles for all job roles.

Different Hiring Models In The Industry

According to 52% of marketers surveyed, they are running short of staff or heavily understaffed for their email programs. MarTech solutions are relatively new to the job market which makes it challenging for companies to hire them in all geographies. Technical Resources and a well-trained staff are two biggest factors that hold organizations from getting the most of MarTech solutions. Most of the employees available are either in their entry-level phase or early career phase.

Usually two models are popular in this industry:

  1. Ad hoc
  2. Dedicated teams

The ad hoc hiring model is used when the scope of activities is limited with negligible difference in the scale of operations. However, this is not the case with a majority of firms and therefore, outsourcing is done to dedicated resources. They come with most benefits of in-house teams minus the setbacks. Extended teams are also hired to rev up operations and access highly specialized resources. They also offer onsite support as per the contractual obligations made.

Want to ramp up your Marketo efforts?

7 Tips to help you choose the best dedicated team of Marketo certified specialists

  • marketo certified experts associates icon 13
    Document your requirements thoroughly and include the opinions of all stakeholders.
  • marketo certified experts associates icon 14
    Contact Marketo Consultant Agencies and communicate your requirements extensively
  • marketo certified experts associates icon 15
    Verify their proficiency against your requirement to choose the right service model.
  • marketo certified experts associates icon 16
    Evaluate their resources against the above-stated job descriptions for various roles and certifications held.
  • marketo certified experts associates icon 17
    Conduct interviews of team leads for thorough insights and discussing the scope of the partnership.
  • marketo certified experts associates icon 18
    Decide contractual agreements and payment terms on a mutually agreeable basis.
  • marketo certified experts associates icon 19
    Devise systems for facilitating communication and feedback.

Wrapping Up

Harnessing the endless capabilities of Marketo is challenging and rewarding at the same time. This calls for hiring a certified team of resources to ensure that you remain ahead of the curve. They can help you by

  • Running campaigns smartly
  • Generating Inbound Traffic
  • Giving cutting edge insights
  • Delivering a great ROI

Getting the right talent in these times is every organization's first priority. We hope that this piece of information will help you find the right dedicated resources without bothering your finances.

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Most Helpful FAQs (Marketo Certified expert)

Why should I hire a Marketo email consultant?

A Marketo email consultant can handle your email campaigns in Marketo. Since Marketo has a plethora of features that require technical knowhow, it is recommended that you hire a Marketo email consultant.

How much does it cost to hire a Marketo Certified expert with Email Uplers?

Marketo is an enterprise level ESP. So, we will share the pricing once you share your requirements and the kind of resource you are looking for. It will be affordable and without any hidden cost. Also, you will be able to save up to 40% of the total cost.

What do Marketo email experts do?

Marketo email experts help to create and deploy email templates in Marketo. They identify, define, and build reusable modules for Marketo modular email templates. Besides, they also help you in setting up the email campaigns and automation workflows. We can analyze them and provide optimization recommendations.

Can I hire on a part-time basis?

Yes, you can hire on a full-time or part-time basis according to your business needs and volume of emails to be sent.

Is there any minimum contract period for hiring a Marketo specialist with Email Uplers?

Although we believe that three months is an optimum contract period, there is no such minimum requirement for hiring a Marketo specialist with Email Uplers. You can even hire a temporary resource for the busy Holiday season.

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