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6 Reasons Traffic From Email is Better Than Regular Traffic for Small Businesses

Are you running a small business? So you might have been seeking methods to connect and establish relationships with your prospects and customers. You want to create valuable traffic for your site. And if you’re not using email to do that, you may miss a precious chance to succeed. 

However, some questions might strike you, is it true that email marketing can make a significant change in your business? Is it true that stores can generate more effective traffic by using email? 

Yeah, to help you get the answers, we’re going to list six reasons why traffic from email is better than regular traffic. 

Let’s start now!

6 reasons traffic from email is better than regular traffic

1. Email helps you connect more mobile customers

It is undeniable that people are more inclined to use mobiles. It is expected that there are about 3.8 billion people using smartphones all over the world in 2021. 

The popularity of email on mobiles makes it useful to bring more traffic to your online stores. According to Adestra (2019), 60% of email opens come from mobile devices. Unlike an app or SMS marketing, this type of online marketing will not require large investments in new technology or any software. Besides, it supports your business to access customers on other types of mobile devices such as tablets, not just smartphones. 

2. Customers prefer emails

Email marketing is a powerful tool to get more traffic because customers favor emails. Many small businesses are running marketing campaigns with restricted budgets. In other words, they cannot waste time and money on marketing tactics that won’t focus on their aimed market. 

While social media has been a common channel for businesses to interact with their clients, brands sometimes can’t achieve organic reach. Nevertheless, social media is not the exclusive solution. Emails also offer a direct way that enables businesses to connect more with their prospects and shoppers. 

People often sign up because they want to get updates from you. You send some promotions and discounts. They feel eager to tap on the link to your site to explore more information. 

3. Email marketing is cost-effective

Many small businesses are running with a low budget, so they need to find ways to take advantage of every penny to reach their audience. 

While traditional marketing methods like print or TV ads can cost a large amount of money, email marketing just requires a small investment. The exact cost of your strategies will depend on some factors, including what resources you already have. 

If you do not have the in-house resources to support and deploy email marketing strategies for your business, you might need help from outside. Example: Follow Up Email used in Magento 2 platform is a great solution for you. The module will help you create and send multiple triggered emails according to customer behaviors to set up productive relationships with consumers and raise repeated purchases. 

4. Email drives conversions

Do you know that the average click-through rate of an email campaign is about 3%, while the one from a tweet is about 0.5%. 

That means the possibility of someone clicking through to your site via email is 6 times more than that from Twitter. 

A study shows that 4.24% of visitors from email marketing would purchase something while only 0.59% from social networks and 2.49% of visitors from search engines will take the next step.

Email marketing is the method that you should invest in to drive better traffic, enhance conversion rates, and grow your business more successfully. 

5. Email marketing is simple to measure

Almost all email marketing tactics allow tracking what occurs after you have sent out your HTML email. You can keep track of delivery rates, unsubscribe rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates. This lets you know whether your campaign is working or not and helps you figure out which one to remove, which one to tweak. 

Your niche and target audience will decide how you customize your email marketing appropriately. If your consumers expect daily emails, you need to offer them the same. Meanwhile, sending too many emails to those who don’t want to receive more than one or two in a week, might increase your unsubscribe rate. 

6. Support targeted messaging

Your potential clients stay at the different stages of the purchasing process. Some stay at the consideration stage, some stay at the comparison stage while others reach the ready-to-buy stage. Generating customer personas can help you identify what type of content you need to send next. 

If store owners classify these consumers into separate email marketing lists, their businesses would aim at these groups accurately. Shoppers need information to take the next purchasing step, so let’s provide the right content to encourage them. 

How to generate tremendous site traffic from emails 

Encourage people to follow promotional email

The first step to bringing traffic to a site from emails is to collect email addresses from interested leads. Here are some tips to encourage potential clients to subscribe to your advertising newsletter.  

Use your Facebook account: Social media marketing is an effective marketing method that every marketer should take advantage of. If you’ve already owned a Facebook page for your business, you can capitalize on the page to get more viable emails from engaged customers. If you let your target audience subscribe to newsletters on Facebook, you can drive more prospects than expected. They can register directly, or through a link to your landing page.

Use blogs and forums: Blogs, especially those providing informative content, have a significant impact on the online community. Many people nowadays look for information on blogs or informative websites. In case you’ve got a blog lined to your store site, you can leverage it to acquire email addresses from visitors. Meanwhile, you should ensure the blog is full of helpful knowledge and provides what the audience is searching for, thereby they will feel happy to give an email address. 

Optimize for any devices

Research shows that almost all customers would remove or disregard emails that weren’t mobile optimized. Hence, your email platforms should have a responsive design that will be compatible with any screen sizes. 

Bear in mind that the aim is to create traffic for your site, so we suggest stepping further and sending a test campaign to yourself. When you open an email template, make sure everything is proper, including pictures, copy, and buttons. Moreover, it is necessary to push your main content or CTAs above the fold to ensure they are visible. 

Create scannable emails

People are often too busy to read long text lines, so you had better keep your emails brief and accurate. You need to ensure that readers can scan through your email template with one glimpse and grab the idea you want to deliver without reading all the text.

You also can add graphic images and subheadings, which helps save much time for readers. A call to action is significant because it may stimulate potential clients to make a purchase. 

Send personalized emails

If you provide loyal and potential shoppers with tailored emails, you’ll receive high appreciation from them. So you need to classify your emailing list based on customer demands and references. This helps the recipients get “right” emails rather than “spammy” ones.

We all know that implementing this method may be strenuous, but an html email sent with personalized content would bring in 50% higher open rates. 

Be patient to succeed!

Respond to email replies

Some people on your mailing list may have questions during the purchasing process. Your task is to answer them to remove their doubts and stimulate them to buy your product quickly. 

Some marketers send emails to potential customers but never respond to their replies. Don’t do that, or you’ll lose customer trust gradually.  

Create appropriate CTAs

Make sure to match the content of the CTA to the action you expect the audience to take. For example, if you’re advertising an item, you will not want to use a “Read More!” CTA. 

Regarding how it looks, it is crucial to use a button instead of a normal text link. It’s going to stand out and be simpler to click on when visitors are using a tablet or a mobile. 

Final words

Businesses, especially smaller ones, should carefully choose methods and tactics that are worth your money and time. And we believe email marketing is a promising good start to generate traffic and create sales. 

If you have some questions, please drop a line in the comment section. We will be very glad to support you.

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