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Everything You Wanted To Know About Email Campaign Management

Email marketing is all about establishing long term relationships with customers and people interested in your brand. The communication is carried out strategically in the form of email campaigns with the help of automation tools. It enjoys a class-leading ROI of $44:1, which is at least four times its nearest alternative. Email campaign management is a broad subject and it cannot be performed manually. Email service providers (ESPs) allow you to automate each and every aspect of your campaigns. On an average, 51% of the companies are currently using these email marketing automation tools.

The purpose behind running an email campaign could be driving engagement, making sales, branding, retargeting, customer retention, customer acquisition upselling, cross-selling as well as keeping your customers and prospects updated. In the following sections, we will discuss everything you need to know about email campaign management and its execution.

Read ahead to get inside tips as well as industry best practices to manage email campaigns.

Planning Phase

Before starting an email campaign, it is necessary to identify your ideal audience and find customer demographics. You should have a clear understanding of the buyer persona in order to carry out future activities. You should acquire the following information:

  • Current location
  • Age group
  • Occupation
  • Income group
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Hobbies
  • Interests

Having this information will help you to shape your email strategy in terms of the copy and email template design. The next step is to define your purpose, how you want to target your audience and how you will conduct future interactions with them. The planning phase allows you to make well-calculated decisions, and it also lowers the cost of your subsequent email campaigns.

Let us help you with panning and executing your email campaigns.

Email List Building

The first step to email marketing campaign management is building a hygienic list. The goal of list building is to gather the contact details of prospective buyers and your website visitors who would be interested in purchasing from you. To build an email list, businesses usually follow these five tactics:

  1. Offering gated content

    Gated content is generally in the form of research-intensive content pieces like survey reports, analysis, and actionable guides. They may be curated as research papers, white papers, or ebooks. You can offer this content for free in exchange for your visitors' email addresses.

  2. Putting up great content on your website

    Having a great blog on your website is also a good way of convincing people to submit their email addresses so you can notify them about the new content you put up.

  3. Adding exit-intent signup forms

    Exit-intent popups are great at converting outgoing visitors. They use cursor activity and dwell time for displaying a window where your visitors can submit their email addresses before leaving.

  4. Offering discounts on first purchase

    A lot of your visitors and going to come back on your website if they have found what they were looking for. In order to get the maximum benefit from these visits, you can offer them discounts on making the first purchase. As they make their first purchase, you get their email addresses for future communications.

  5. Promising freebies or upgrades

    This is another method of attracting your visitors to buy your products and incentivizing the submission of email addresses. If you promise people that you won't spam them and that they will get a free upgrade on the deal like free shipping or even priority shipping, it will make a huge difference.

The formula for list building is very simple. Give tangible benefits and assure your visitors that you will be sending out only meaningful emails. Convincing people that they won't be spammed and giving instant benefits is a great way of building hygienic email lists. It is advisable to use double opt-in forms for getting rich email lists.

List Segmentation

List segmentation is a repetitive process that you will be carrying on throughout your email marketing campaigns. Once you have onboarded your contacts, you can gradually gather data regarding their preferences by analyzing how they interact with your messages. Customer demographics data also plays an important role in segmenting subscribers. Apart from it, website activity is also used for list segmentation.

Segmenting email lists allows you to become the right sender in the right inbox at the right time. This way, you can send out relevant messages that deliver value to your subscribers and pave the way for long-term, meaningful relationships. List segmentation is also the top email marketing tactic as described by professional email marketers. Ascend finds that segmentation improves the open rates by 39%, transactions by 18%, deliverability, revenue, and sales leads by 24% each.

Email Copy

Penning an engaging email copy is a tricky area since you need to know what will work the best for your subscribers and would you be able to materialize that in templates. Many businesses opt for hiring email campaign services for ensuring that their copies and overall strategy stay aligned, including technical aspects.

Email copywriting is done according to the position of subscribers in your sales funnel. This divides your messages into various categories, like welcome emails (47%,) reactivation, transactional emails (28%) retargeting, win back, upselling emails (23%,) retention, newsletters, and promotional messages (46%.) Focus on developing engaging email copies including your subject lines but don't mislead your subscribers, ever.

Email Template Designing

For designing an email template, assemble all the key elements like images, copy, CTA layout, and branding details. The fonts and typefaces are assigned in the next step, and the designers start developing the first draft using visual hierarchy and content block combinations. Most of the ESPs come with drag-and-drop visual email builders.

The designing process covers both technical and aesthetic considerations. This being said, modern HTML email templates are fast becoming equivalent to stand-alone websites after Google finally agreed to extend support in 2016. However, all of these design complexities make them challenging to tackle, especially when the number of messages exceeds a certain limit. Customization also plays a vital role in the process. Hence, many businesses either hire professional email campaign services or hire dedicated designers in-house if they're ready to put in the extra budget.

Wish to design stunning email templates?

Coding The Email

Now, this is when things turn clumsy. Remember we told you that email copies should be created while keeping coding aspects in mind? Email developers are briefed regarding the purpose of sending the message and where it fits into the entire campaign strategy. Coding HTML email templates requires the developers to collaborate with copywriters and designers to use the right content blocks for serving the purpose. Usually, all email campaigns are improvised as the results of previous messages become available.

Email developers also take care of legal implications like footer compliance. It is necessary to ensure that your messages are compliant to CAN-SPAM, CASL and GDPR norms so that you don't end up violating cyber laws. The ESP's email builders are sufficient in most cases, but many brands opt for getting customized templates from a professional email campaign agency instead.

We code pixel-perfect responsive email templates

Quality Assurance

QA testing of your email templates ranges from basic steps like checking whether the copy and CTA buttons are appropriately positioned to checking the responsiveness of the email and renderability, deliverability and compliance issues. Litmus is considered the best tool for email quality assurance. Testers remove the words that can trigger spam filters as well as optimize the image to text ratio and check whether alt texts are in place.

A/B Split Testing

A/B Split Testing is an important part of email campaign management. Everything right from the subject line to the content layout and call to action button is covered under split tests. It is observed that even the minutest of variations can trigger huge changes in the CTR and open rates. The first few messages are sent in two different versions to the most engaged subscribers of your list. The best performing version is then selected for bulk emailing.

Executing Deployment, Analysis, & Optimization

Once the split testing results are available, the deployment phase of messages is executed. Automation workflows are used to send the relevant messages to your subscribers based on their preferences, lead maturity, previous transactions, and website activity. This is followed by analysis and optimization.

The analysis phase includes studying the email metrics and finding out the loopholes in the strategy. This includes analyzing deliverability, CTR, open rates, social sharing, engagement rate, spam rate, unsubscribe rate, along with campaign's collective performance rates.

Based on these performance metrics, recalibration of efforts and changes in the copy-templates are made. As your campaign advances, you will gather more extensive data regarding which elements work the best while which portions require more work. Conducting continuous analysis and optimization improves reader experience, engagement rate, and chances of driving sales.

Why Email Campaign Management Can Get Complicated

The first and foremost thing is that every aspect of the email campaign should work in close coordination. If you are willing to send out messages in huge numbers, it is natural that all your subscribers would be positioned in different parts of your sales funnel and lead warming efforts would vary according to it. Building emails and managing the campaigns in such numbers isn't possible without having large in-house teams or outsourcing email campaign management completely.

The turnaround time for a single email is one week on an average for a medium-sized team. Also, conducting training sessions for various email functionalities and tools isn't feasible every time. Perhaps stressing out your marketing department isn't an option since they also need to focus on other activities. Right from developing copy to HTML coding and QA, there are multiple touchpoints and managing automation workflows gets tough with time.

All of these things consume a lot of your marketing budget, leaving you overwhelmed. Thus, email marketing gets complicated as you scale up your game. This not only increases the cost of your campaigns but also leaves a lot on the table when it comes to taking advantage of email marketing.

Email campaign management in your ESP can be exhausting.

In-House Or Outsourcing

A common question businesses have is whether they should manage email campaigns by themselves or hire email campaign management services? Here, we will try to understand the pros and cons of both.

In-House Email Campaign Management Services

Pros Cons
You get complete control over the process and activities. You have access to a limited talent pool.
Your intellectual property rights are safeguarded in the best possible way. Giving regular training to your staff wouldn't be possible in all cases as they have other activities to look after.
The personal touch to the email marketing activities is upheld. Your staff members won't be able to carry out specialist tasks, and the learning curve can compromise campaign timings.
The processes are tailored to your expectations. You will have to allocate a hefty budget, and more time is consumed in each campaign for most cases.

Outsourcing Email Campaign Management Services

Pros Cons
Agencies are experienced in their craft, and you can get professionals to do the job for you. You may not have total control over marketing activities and your personal touch to the same may get minimized.
Outsourcing will allow you to get greater consistency for all your campaign efforts and improve your conformance to best practices. Giving out your business information and email assets outside your organization can turn risky if not moderated properly.
Teams specializing in their respective areas will handle your tasks. Changing your agency frequently risks your branding consistency.
It is more economical as compared to in-house teams. Agencies have a lot of customers, and if they don’t have their ducks in a row, your work could get compromised in terms of quality and missing deadlines.
The entry barrier is comparatively lower, and it is easy to scale up your efforts at every stage. Since there are no long term obligations, you can exercise greater control over required manpower.
You get access to a much wider talent pool as these email marketing agencies have dedicated staff across their offices around the globe.
Wish to hire an Email Campaign Manager to work for you remotely?

However, here are some points that you should remember while hiring an email campaign agency:

  • Do a background check of the email campaign agency you're looking to finalize for your operations.
  • Check out their client portfolio and contact any suitable company that you feel has a similar requirement structure as you for reference.
  • Conduct interviews with the project manager and key delivery managers.
  • Ink a service level agreement (SLA) to clearly set the deliverables and scope of both parties.
  • Sign a legal contract to safeguard your intellectual property outside your organization premises and set the conditions of use along with entailing legalities.

Wrapping Up

CRM email marketing should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. The level of personalization it brings to your marketing results in a boost in engagement and conversions. Not only that, but it also helps you build meaningful and lasting relationships with your customers.

CRM email marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that drives tremendous results. However, to effectively pull it off, you’ll need an experienced team to run your campaigns.

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