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Countdown Timer in Email – The Perfect Tool to Set Cash Counters Ringing!

Countdown in Email Examples

It’s not every day that you come across some visual that catches your eye, lures you to watch it, mesmerizes you and provokes you to take action as well. (like this USB clock fan)

Great way to show time and also stay cool.

Email Marketers are under constant strive to capture the attention of the subscribers and motivate them to take action with innovative CTA messages, Clever preview text or lucrative offers. But nothing beats the feeling of getting left out, using countdown in emails as a tool for gaining significantly highly CTRs. Adding ‘Limited stock’ or ‘Hurry up’ headline along with a countdown timer are proven strategies that help boost sales.

What makes Countdown in email tick – Advantages


Countdown Timer Email Examples:

Boden – I

Boden – II

This is how the email looks at the beginning of countdown

With less than one day remaining for end of sale, the first door closes.

The email at the time of end of sale.

Dr. Marten


American Express

American Signature Furniture

The email at the beggining of the sale

The same email when the countdown timer is zero

Humane Society

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