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CRM Integrations for Your Small Business – DON’T FORGET EMAIL

Imagine CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as the central engine that the vehicle of your brand runs on. A well-oiled, maintained engine ensures smooth running. But is it enough? There are multiple wheels that also need to work in tandem with the engine for the vehicle to move forward. These wheels are your CRM integrations. Together, your CRM and its supporting integrations will take your small business ahead and help it grow.

As a small business, you might not use a high-end CRM that sports a plethora of features. This only means that you need more integrations than big businesses do.

In fact, the average small business utilizes about 100 different applications in addition to its primary CRM.

Essential CRM Integrations for Your Small Business

The secret is that you need not necessarily have all 100 integrations to make your systems perfect. Each integration that promises fancy analytics and complex dashboards need not be an essential one.

“The biggest mistake is a major focus on analytics reporting or other kinds of high-level tools and not enough emphasis or focus on actual daily use cases,” 

In order to stay within your restricted budget and extract the maximum value from your CRM, here are some essential CRM integrations.

Email Marketing – The Key Integration to Your CRM

By 2023, more than 4.3 billion, i.e. more than half the world’s population would be using email. Not only this, 85% of a surveyed group of GenZ citizens said that they prefer email over other modes. It is very evident that email marketing is NOT dead.

But, why integrate it into your CRM? When you use conventional email marketing tools, you are essentially just blasting emails to a group of prospects and consumers. With a CRM integrated email marketing facility, you can take past purchases, subscriptions, previous interactions, and preferences into account and send personalized emails to different segments. Email marketing becomes much more specific, richer, and more engaging.

Email Marketing CRM Integration – Things to Remember

Here are a few essential things to keep in mind while integrating an email marketing system into your CRM.

Benefits of Email Marketing Integration in Your CRM 

Here’s how you can bag promising ROI by integrating your email marketing software with your CRM strategy:

Take this Spotify email, for example. It has delved deep into a subscriber’s listening journey to send them a specific email about an artist they like. With an artist-themed email, Spotify has made a huge design experiment. It only adds to the personalization and customization element.

This Zapier mail triggered by a user making their first zap is the perfect example. It appreciates the user for their actions and also provides a clear pathway for the next steps.

In this Netflix email, the agenda is simple- engaging with a viewer again based on their personalized journey with the product. By giving a bunch of suggestions, they are establishing brand emails as a source of suggestions and guidance.

In this Urban Outfitters email, the brand has very smartly connected email content with UGC (User Generated Content) on Instagram to connect better with its consumers. This would help the brand increase subscriptions, follows, and engagement across social media and email, which is a win-win. 

To Sum Up

Your CRM is a potent, data-driven engine. However, its potential will not be realized until it is leveraged with strong wheels of integration. An email marketing integration will streamline your email marketing efforts, and also enhance your overall marketing strategy. This is thanks to all the rich data collected from email marketing campaigns that are fed back into the CRM. So let your business be pumped with the best features and speed its way to marketing glory!Need help with managing your email campaigns in your CRM? Let us help.

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