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10 Egg-ceptional Ideas to Electrify Your Easter Email Marketing Strategy

Easter Email Inspiration

Easter is one of the most divine occasions for the Christian community. With cute bunnies, colorful eggs, and festivities all around, Easter also comes with commercial opportunities for marketers. In 2021, National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics reported that consumers plan to spend an average of $179.70 during Easter which is the highest so far. 

If you are an email marketer, you should not let go of this golden chance to drive sales for your business.  

We have curated 10 of the finest email inspirations you can use this Easter. 
Check them out…

1. Morel

Subject line: Happy Easter!

Morel sends out an interesting email to wish the readers Happy Easter. The top bar of the email allows the user to snooze the message and receive it again at a more convenient time.

In the second section of the email, they have displayed their products with an animation to encourage the users to explore their store. At the end of the email, they have subtly mentioned “See you in our next newsletter” to make the users look forward to their emails. 

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2. Mocka

Subject line:  40% off all Artificial Plants & Bed Linen

Mocka has designed a visually rich email to promote their Easter sale. They have showcased the huge range of their plants and bed linen through attractive images along with the discounted price. That’s a great idea to entice people to make the purchase. The entire email gives a monochromatic feel and is easy on the eyes. The CTAs are strategically placed in both the folds of the email. 

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3. Madame Madeline

Subject line: Hop over to our Easter FLASH SALE!

Madame Madeline has nailed the use of GIFs in their Easter email template. The entire design reflects the Holiday spirit with its vibrant colors. They have drawn the subscriber’s attention to the CTAs by adding some animation to it. The arrows work as visual cues to direct the user to scroll through the email. The last section invites the users to follow them for attractive freebies. They have shared their email address and called out to makeup artists for collaborations. This is a great idea to get user generated content and build the customer’s trust. 

The only downside is that the email is a bit long and the subscriber might not read till the end. 

Image Source

4. See’s Candies, Inc.

Subject line: To All the Snack Lovers

Tempting images of sweet delicacies form the highlight of this email. They have included images of all their products on sale. The user can click the product of their choice to visit the respective landing page. The easy navigation will increase the likelihood of conversion. They have also included some details on their sweet giveaway on Instagram. Such contests will help to build social media followers and contribute to the overall business growth. The last section informs the user about a 25% discount on the Easter treats. Subtle animations are sprinkled in the email to make it visually aesthetic.

Image Source

5. Green Motion Car and VanRental

Subject line: Easter Sale – NOW LIVE! Valid on all April pick ups

Your copy is as important as the visuals. The email by Green Motion Car and VanRental perfectly demonstrates this gospel of marketing strategy. The hero image and its copy conveys the purpose of the email in the first fold itself. They have written a persuasive copy to encourage maximum users to treat themselves to a mini staycation. Keeping the pandemic in mind, they have also communicated their free cancellation policy. For every destination, they have placed a separate CTA to facilitate decision making. The email has plenty of white space to give the reader breathing space. The CTAs are strategically distributed throughout the email to increase the click-through rate. 

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6. Shine Armor

Subject line: Dont you wanna save on shine, buddy??

If you are planning a minimalistic email without too many elements, this email by Shine Armor is a perfect example for you. They have crafted an engaging headline to drive instant purchases. In the second fold, the email calls attention to their 25% discount and the coupon code with an interactive countdown timer. Rather than writing a cliched CTA “Shop now”, they have drafted it as “Fill my basket now”. Such tiny bits of creativity are great to increase the subscriber engagement and generate conversions. 

Image Source

7. Regalrose Jewelry

Subject line: 20% OFF your order – ENDS TODAY!

With fancy typography and illustrative images, Regalrose Jewelry tries to bring freshness to the subscriber’s inbox overloaded with Easter emails. Rather than the same old columned layout, they have created a poster-like email by thinking beyond the grids. The yellow-green-blue shades and imagery brilliantly fit in the Easter theme. They have talked about their eco-friendly approach to attract more eyeballs. Most of the marketers endorse consistency in emails, but sometimes it is good to break the monotony and serve something new to the readers.   

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8. Live Infinitely

Subject line: Look what Crystal won!

It feels nice to reminisce about last year’s Holiday celebration. That’s exactly what Live Infinitely has done in their Easter email. They have taken the readers back to Crystal, their bluetooth speaker winner in 2020. It will ignite the competitive spirit of the subscribers and make them buy. A GIF animation is added to show the users what their order will look like if they win the Easter egg. These Holiday contests work wonders in increasing the virality of the social media posts and garnering followers. 

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Subject line: FINAL DAY of our Massive Easter Sale

Holiday email marketing does not end with the D-day. You can even send out post-Holiday emails notifying the users about the final day of their sale or extension of the offer. TTDYE follows this practice and promotes their final day of Easter sale with subtle animations and countdown timer. The muted color palette of pink and blue shades imparts a pleasant experience to the subscribers. 

Image Source

10. Buckley London

Subject line: LAST CHANCE TO GET HALF PRICE! 50% off ends tonight! Use code in email…

Another minimalistic email that makes it to our list is by Buckley London. They have said everything in the email subject line itself. When the user opens the email, they will find the same information conveyed through an animation. Although it is a nicely designed email, it would be good to put some images in it to deliver more value to the readers. 

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Wrapping Up

Finally, as the pandemic has taken a break, it would be nice to revive the business. Coincidentally, Easter reflects the resurrection of Christ. So, how about making your business get a new life with these Easter emails? However, considering the recent change of events, you must be empathetic in your approach and design a sensitive email without sounding too salesy. Put your customers first and do away with tone-deaf emails.


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