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Gamification In Emails: A Guide To Levelling Up Your Customer’s Experiences


No matter the industry you are operating in, one of your primary lookouts while crafting an email campaign is to fetch engagement, right? To achieve the same, brands take many routes- witty wordplay, engaging visuals, creative typography, stunning animation, and the like. Of late, however, a new technique has arrived on the block and floored one and all with its scope and impact- gamification.

None of us is a stranger to the world of video games. For some, it’s an escape from the mundanity of reality, and for some, a means to get their adrenaline pumping, thick and fast. Whatever the underlying reason, none can deny the fact that video games are second to none when it comes to delivering immersive experiences, also the reason why they have such massive and fiercely loyal fanbases. Now, imagine taking this potent entity and incorporating it into a field that has a staggering ROI and vast market penetration. Yes, we’re talking about email, in case you were still guessing. 

Introducing gamification in their email campaigns presents marketers with a plethora of opportunities to engage their audiences and skyrocket their reputation, traffic, and, ultimately, conversions. In this blog, we’re going to dive into the specifics of it. Excited to see what’s in store? Read on!

How Can Gamification Elevate Your Email Marketing Efforts?

On the fence regarding whether you should adopt gamification in your emails or not? Well, you most definitely should. Here’s why:

What Are The Applications of Email Gamification?

As exciting as gamification is, we can’t really use it in every other email, right? So, what are some occasions in which it works best? Let’s take a look.

For starters, you can consider launching a leaderboard. Besides offering personalization (since you’ll be adding participants’ names against their scores), this approach will also activate their competitive nerves. Subsequently, your subscribers will feel extremely motivated to both, finish the survey as well as provide quality feedback in a bid to rank higher in the leaderboard. Another thing you can do is introduce rewards- monetary or non-monetary. Using incentives to stir people into action never quite fails, does it? Just make sure that your reward is an appropriate reflection of the time and effort your subscribers have invested toward your survey. 

A very simple, yet effective gamification technique that many brands are using these days is the “progress bar”. It is interactive (the bar gets filled corresponding to your actions) and, at the same time, establishes transparency, for it helps respondents understand precisely what level of completion they are reaching after every question.

Hitting All The Right Notes With Your Game

Remember, the objective of gamification is not simply to incorporate a game into your emails; it is also to make certain that the said game is successful. This is an area that most brands struggle with and something that distinguishes top-tier email gamification campaigns from ordinary ones. Here are some traits you must look to work into your game should you wish for it to rank among the best.

For instance, see this email from Dot.

Ways To Implement Gamification In Emails

There are diverse ways in which one can realize gamification in their email campaigns. Let’s take a look at some.

This email from Bose soundly illustrates how to use this technique. Take a look.

Look no further than this Harry’s email for inspiration.

Also, notice how Harry’s has given subscribers the choice of skipping this game over here.

At Email Uplers, we tried implementing this idea in one of our Halloween emailers. Check it out.

Wrapping It Up

You might have to jog your grey cells a little harder than normal to get gamification right, but trust us; it’s totally worth it. We hope this article has given you a decent insight into the wonderful world of email gamification. If you are feeling motivated enough to adopt it into your own campaigns, don’t forget to share them with us!

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