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Fabulous Email Inspirations for a Hoppy Easter!

Easter Email Templates

Easter is synonymous with happiness and new beginnings. For businesses, this festival has seen some massive hopping towards magnified revenue, each passing year.

According to the National Retail Federation’s annual Easter Spending Survey conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics, the 2016 spending for the holiday reached a staggering $17.3 billion! And it’s possible and expected to cross that mark this Easter.

Planned Easter Spending

Source: National Retail Federation

For retailers, it’s one of the busiest holidays after Christmas, and planning an email marketing campaign ahead can really pamper your revenue by bagging on conversions. For most consumers, Easter celebration shopping begins a few weeks in advance.

Let’s take a closer look at where most consumers prefer purchasing their Easter gifts.

Where Consumers Purchase Easter Gifts

Source: National Retail Federation

That noted, the Uplers have collected and sorted some charming and interesting Easter emails of various brands. Let’s take a closer look at each:


A bright and festive Easter email by Emma Bridgewater. The Easter deal is clearly highlighted with an express delivery catch that’s creating urgency. It’s followed by attractive images and a direct ‘shop now’ CTA.

The text is minimal and the images STAND OUT with contrasting colors. Having an alt text is a must in case the images are blocked. At the footer they have inserted a section to win hampers along with the necessary details; good move.


A very catchy and unique email by Terrain. The Easter bunny in the hero image is in sync with the festive spirit along with a good display of product. The email is divided into 4 main sections, with each leading to different product landing pages.

Since the email is more pictures and less text, it’s advisable to have an alt text to each section in case the pictures aren’t rendered or are blocked. Overall, the email scores well with the products displayed standing out.


I simply loved this email. Though it’s long, but it’s perfectly in sync with the Easter theme. The email is a fun Easter hamper tour guide with the products displayed in a fantastic way that’s sure to keep subscribers engaged.

The images in the email must have an alt text and a ‘view in browser’ tab in case they don’t render.


A minimalistic email design with a beautiful Easter theme. The festive offer has been aptly displayed above the first fold. But as the offer is placed as an image, it’s good to have an alt text in case the image is blocked.

The image is followed by a description about the offer on products and dates. This is followed by the CTA, which could have been highlighted in contrasting colors to enhance the CTR and boost conversions further.


Here’s a really interesting and witty email by ‘Not On the High Street’ as they literally go by their tagline! The email offers personalized fertilized eggs for Easter. Now this is a fun and unique offer. A fantastic email themed perfectly around Easter.

The image is interesting and eye catching but it could all go wrong if the image doesn’t render properly. Thus, make sure to incorporate an alt text. The CTA button stands out in a contrasting color, but it could have been placed above the fold rather than the end.

Wrapping Up

Easter is all about starting fresh and having a great time. So make the most of this busy holiday and plan a fantastic email template for your Easter email campaign!

If you’re having trouble deciding just what you want to send your subscribers, then the Uplers have been working really hard to code and design some eggcellent Easter Email Templates just for you!

So hop on and enjoy this Easter treat!

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