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An Email Marketer’s Guide to CRM: What To Get Out Of This All-Important Software

In marketing, every function is hyper-focused.  Email marketing, for instance, deals with a particular platform, a specific technology, and a unique way of reaching the customer. But, the customer is the common thread. Succinctly, everything starts and ends with the customer in marketing. 

Marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) have thus become intrinsically linked in most organizations. And, as we have seen in previous blogs, email marketing is leading as a preferred and lucrative way of reaching the customer. So, how do email marketing and CRM work together? How exactly does an integration of the CRM software and email marketing tool benefit the organization?

Looking at the Larger Picture of CRM

According to some studies, the CRM software market is pegged to touch a whopping revenue scale of $80 billion, from $48.2 billion in 2018. What started in the late ‘80s as a basic repository of customer contact information has now evolved into a complex, robust software that is both stand-alone and viable for integration with other applications. The last feature is a primary factor for its popularity among organizations striving to deliver a personalized experience to customers.

Let us now look at four different ways in which CRM email marketing operations help with reaching out to customers. These four stages of email marketing can be divided into specific functions that are aided and abetted by your CRM software.

For Mapping Customers

CRM email marketing helps an email marketer with the all-important first step of knowing your customer: identifying your target audience, knowing their attributes in the minutiae, and collecting essential data. 

Here are two different things that an email marketer can get out of the CRM software at this stage.

For Mailing Customers

This is the quintessential part of an email marketer’s function, of course. It’s all about sending out those missives which land in the individual customer’s inbox, perfectly created and timed to deliver maximum impact. Saving on time and costs in drafting and sending emails becomes critical to reap a consistently high ROI.

Below are two different elements of this function that your CRM software can contribute to.

As an email marketer, you can also play around with GIFs and collapsible elements to make your campaigns more interactive, informative, and attractive. The two email templates below, by Bose and UXpin, are sure to have higher draw among their subscriber lists. The main thing you have to remember, though: optimize for mobile view


The below email template from Kansas City Chiefs, for instance, would serve to egg the specific customer to complete their cart checkout at the earliest.


For Making Customers

The first two stages listed above are actually preliminary ones in creating your customer or subscriber base. As an email marketer, you also need to focus on converting every piece of communication, every single campaign into satisfied, returning customers who do not ‘unsubscribe’.

Here are two ways in which CRM integration helps you broaden the scale, scope, and reach of your email marketing campaigns.  

The end-benefit for you as an email marketer: your customer remains your top priority, and they know they are top of your mind, so to say. 

For Maintaining Customers

So, you have gone all out with your campaigns and drawn in the crowd. Your email engagement numbers are looking good, subscribers are clicking on links, and the overall marketing stats are painting a bright picture. Now what? This optimal state will, of course, have to be maintained, theoretically in perpetuity. 

With this too, CRM email marketing can guide you by offering these two features.

These integrations can inform your email marketing campaigns at every stage. Also, all your data gets concentrated and updated in one effective storehouse, without duplication. Plus, you don’t have to waste time logging in and out of multiple software. This allows you to get more done on the campaign front and target each sequence effectively. 

On your current email marketing front, you can benefit from real-time data on your campaigns. The CRM’s segmenting feature also makes it possible for you to test your campaigns with A/B split testing.  Whether it’s for the subject line, content, or sender’s identity – you can test and tweak practically every aspect based on CRM-generated data. Some software even allow for more than two test strategies.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it: the things that, as an email marketer, you can get out of a good CRM software these days and how they help you build and run your every campaign. The better and deeper your CRM email integration, the more informed, effective, and lucrative your email campaigns can get. Remember, your job revolves around the customer. It’s all about knowing your customer well, connecting with them, and then managing these connections for the good of both the organization and the customer themselves. Email marketing, in other words, is all about customer relationship management.

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