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Witty Email Personalization Examples For Brands To Boost Sales

email personalization examples

Email personalization has that Midas touch, which helps you STAND OUT as a brand in today’s cluttered email marketing environment. A recent research by Campaign Monitor suggests that email personalization helps to get 2.5x higher click-through rates and 6x more sales.

However, in order to send personalized emails to subscribers and customers, it is essential that every brand makes sure of collecting some basic information about the user at the time when a customer buys something from the brand website. This kind of information can also be collected through offline survey forms. So what personal data can you acquire without actually hindering their privacy? And how can it be utilized?

By recording a subscriber’s sign-up date, you can always send anniversary offers to celebrate association with them. Apart from these, you can always delve a little deeper to acquire any applicable data, but again, make sure you don’t sound creepy.

Why send a personalized email?

A surprising fact– According to an Experian research, personalized marketing emails have 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates than non-personalized emails.

A bigger surprise– According to Experian, birthday emails have a 481% higher transaction rate, 342% higher revenue per email, and 179% higher unique click rates than other promotional emails.

You ought to reward your subscribers/customers for being with you and reading your emails loyally. So how do brands utilize the collected data to engage subscribers, make them feel special, and boost conversions?

Uplers present an exclusive collection of emails with a highly personal touch:

Season Specific Email Personalization – Make your presence felt around-the-year

Superdry sent emails to its subscribers to display its winter collection. This one has been designed to launch its new winter wear, with alternate placement of text and images – creating a fabulously appealing email design. The 50% offer makes the email even more attractive.

Modcloth launched its spring collection by sending out a really cool animated gif email that instantly grabs attention, besides making the email unique and trendy!

The home décor giant hit the nail on the head with this spring collection email. They highlighted 8 Editor’s picks for the spring season. Colors that go well with each other and well-placed images make the design a rocking one. Not to mention, the discounts are alluring!

Birthday emails – Cementing Subscriber Bonding

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut wished its subscriber on their birthday in a very peculiar manner. Asking them to make a birthday wish, then keeping the surprise element alive by asking them to scroll down to see if their wish came true, and then offering a birthday discount, Pizza Hut triumphed in its goal of pleasing the subscriber!

Addressing its subscriber by name, the designer label wished it’s subscriber Happy Birthday and even offered discount on all its products as a birthday gift. It’s a simple design with major focus on the birthday wish and the discount offered. Wise way to increase conversions!

Starbucks, which did not have the birth dates of its subscribers, sent out an email asking them to update their account so that Starbucks can celebrate their subscriber’s birthday by rewarding them on the special day. Smart way to update their data!

Relationship Anniversary Emails – Taking Email Personalization to the next level!

The steak specialist celebrated it’s one year anniversary with the particular subscriber, giving the celebration an emotional twist. Reminding the subscriber that it has been a great year together, Omaha offers them a free dessert as a token of love.

Highlighting the fact that it’s been a year since the subscriber first signed up for their emails, JetBlue tells them how memorable the association has been. Very cleverly, they offer just a free snack, after humorously telling the subscriber that they have missed the opportunity to win a free ticket as they forgot about the anniversary!

Email marketers can establish a personal connection with their subscribers through such personalized emails. Additionally, the discounts offered help to generate good ROI.

Personalized emails can work wonders for brands. But is email designing and coding of such profitable emails leaving you baffled? Uplers will be happy to help.

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