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How A Klaviyo Expert Can Help You Leverage The Platform For Your Ecommerce Business

Klaviyo Expert Can Help You Leverage The Platform For Your Ecommerce Business

As many as 93.5% of users purchase their products online. Think that’s fascinating? Now get this- it is estimated that by the year 2040, almost 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce. From fast-tracking the buying process to letting people shop virtually any time of the day, eCommerce has well and truly made its way into the hearts of the modern netizens, and there’s no doubt that the adulation it inspires is here to stay for long. With internet access and adoption increasing rapidly with every passing day, the number of digital buyers continues to script an upwards trajectory too. In 2020 alone, more than two billion people purchased goods or services online, and during the same year, e-retail sales surpassed 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. Even though it was the year of the pandemic, global retail eCommerce sales grew by more than 25 percent.

However, running an eCommerce store is no mean feat. There are multiple processes associated with an eCommerce business, including product placement, order processing, inventory management, and marketing (among others), which means a substantial influx of data flow at every step of the journey. Unless you have the right strategies and software in place to help you process this data, you’ll never be able to deliver the customer experience that you want to. Thankfully, you don’t have to build these systems and workflows on your own or from scratch if you are a Klaviyo user. 

ECommerce and Email Marketing

When it comes to promoting and marketing their products and services, eCommerce businesses regard emails as their go-to channels. And why shouldn’t it be? Email marketing yields $44 for every $1 spent, accounting for a whopping 4400% ROI. In fact, 61% of consumers prefer their brand communications to take place via email. Therefore, as an eCommerce store owner, it is imperative that you adopt a platform with which you can centralize your customer communications. Klaviyo lets you do just that.

Klaviyo is an insight-driven tool that empowers you to deliver hyper-personalized experiences to your subscribers. Besides setting up highly effective automated email marketing workflows, Klaviyo arms your business with the necessary technology, tools, and guidance that enable you to catalyze your growth and expansion. But, since it is so incredibly feature-intensive, Klaviyo can be a thoroughly overwhelming tool for the uninitiated. 

So, if you want your brand to reap the benefits of this powerful platform, the best course of action is to hand over its reins to a Klaviyo expert. Read on to find out the many ways in which you can leverage Klaviyo for your eCommerce business by onboarding an email expert.

1. Create Brand Awareness With Powerful Automation Workflows

Automated email workflows allow you to send emails that correspond to customers’ interactions and activities on your website. Klaviyo has a library of completely customizable pre-built flows that makes establishing automated email workflows extremely convenient. The best part? You don’t have to stay confined to this library. Klaviyo provides you with three other flow triggers, namely list, metric, and segment, using which you can effortlessly create the email automation of your choice. As you can see, because of their extensive nature, these flows can be difficult to master for the uninitiated. Hence, the best way to get on top of these automation workflows is by hiring an expert who knows the platform inside out. Some of the most commonly sent automated emails are:

Image Source: Really Good Emails
Image Source: Really Good Emails
Image Source: Really Good Emails
Image Source: Really Good Emails

2. Increase Your Value Proposition With Segmentation

If you want to build thoroughly engaging and personalized email campaigns, then you can’t afford to ignore email list segmentation. With the help of a Klaviyo expert, you can leverage Klaviyo’s powerful segmentation module to provide more value to your customers through hyper-personalized emails and enhance your sender reputation in the process. Additionally, an expert will also let you tap into its Smart Sending functionality to avoid spamming subscribers who have recently received an email from you. Subsequently, this lets you curb your unsubscribe rates. In a nutshell, Klaviyo’s segmentation feature motivates your customers to interact more and more with your emails by giving your campaigns the necessary direction and ambition. By hiring a Klaviyo expert, you can leverage this functionality to drive greater organic traffic to your platform. Some of the most common parameters on which a Klaviyo expert will segment your email lists are demographic data (such as age, occupation, gender, geographic location, and language), past purchases, email engagement rates, website activity, and their position in the sales funnel.  

3. Harness The Limitless Possibilities of Klaviyo’s A/B Testing

Onboarding a Klaviyo expert will empower you to make the most of Klaviyo’s extremely potent A/B testing abilities, allowing you to optimize your conversions and significantly improve your customers’ shopping experience in the process. From subject lines to call-to-action buttons and everything in between, an expert will enable you to vet all the critical components of your email through Klaviyo’s potent A/B testing module. An expert will help you use the module to first send out the tests to a small segment of your list. Thereupon, having determined the best-performing version, they’ll send the winner to the remaining recipients on your list. Subsequently, this allows you to elevate the performance of your email campaigns significantly. 

4. Get On Top of Your Personalization Game

With data-centric marketing campaigns becoming all the rage these days, personalization has become the top-most priority for today’s marketers. To that extent, personalization is no longer confined to addressing customers by their first or last names and sending them dedicated emails on their birthdays. Modern-day personalized communication involves analyzing customer behavior on your platform and leveraging the insights to send emails that are as unique to them as they are relevant. Klaviyo’s variables and template tags let you achieve all this and subsequently deliver a customized experience to your subscribers. You need a Klaviyo expert to make the most out of them. For starters, they’ll help you decide the lines along which your brand’s personalized communication should be based- it could be anything from providing product recommendations based on their browsing history or past purchases to sending them specific behavior-triggered emails.

5. Boost Email Deliverability

Since Klaviyo lets you capitalize on the tenets of segmentation and personalization,  onboarding an expert can really let you go that extra mile and craft extremely customer-centric campaigns. Ultimately, it’ll help you give a leg up to your email deliverability. As your emails’ value proposition and relevance rise, so will their open rates and click-through rates. If you’re looking to increase the visibility of your eCommerce platform, then ensuring high email deliverability is a surefire way of meeting that objective.

Wrapping It Up

As more and more eCommerce stores continue to announce themselves in the market with every passing day, you need tools like Klaviyo in your marketing kitty to give yourself a competitive edge. Besides letting you engage with your customers in the manner that you want to, Klaviyo enables you to make data-driven decisions by capitalizing on behavioral insights, thereby skyrocketing your revenue as well as your brand image. So, what are you waiting for? Hire a Klaviyo expert and start savoring the gifts of this extremely powerful platform!

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