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Interactive Menus in Email and it’s Real World Implementation

Menus in Email

As email marketers around the world explore different ways of engaging recipients, interactive email design is emerging as the most bankable one – Navigation menus in emails being one of the most popular amongst them.

Instead of sending out the same long, boring, old-fashioned email templates to your subscribers, try sending out emails with Menus deciphering complete navigation.

So, What Are The Advantages Of Sending Out Emails With Menus?

– Multi-industry application

Various industries follow the trend of linking their landing page to email for more browsing options. While some recipients browse for more information, some skip clicking through the associated landing page. By having menus within emails, your customers or prospects can easily navigate through various options right in the email. Very much helpful for technology companies, e-commerce companies, shared economy business models like AirBNB or Uber and many other companies.

– Improved UX and UI

Compared to emails without navigation, sending out emails with navigation will not only improve the overall user experience, but also improve the UI aspect of the email. Such emails turns out to be in fact mailable microsites.

– Quick action and boost in conversion

With the right kind of navigation in email, you will surely observe a boost in the conversion – How? Well, if you are including Menus in your emails, make sure to integrate other tools that allow recipients to checkout within their inbox.

This way 3 things can happen hand-in-hand

(a.) Your recipients browse within the email.
(b.) They select the products and services.
(c.) Pay and checkout right in the email.

– Optimized for on the go viewers

Research shows that human attention span has reduced from 12 secs to 8 secs – making it all the more necessary for your email to convey the message in a concise manner. With menus and dropdown options, instead of hiding the unwanted content, you can now transform it into a dropdown menu. This will not only save space, but will as well provide relevant information to whosoever needs it.

Real World Implementation

Hamburger Menu in Real World

Our own Uplers Sample emails

Mobile View

Desktop View

Image Credit :
James Martinez

Another variation that can be achieved with this form of interactivity is tab browsing within the email body.


Using interactive menus in mobile is mostly compatible with all the major email clients. However, Windows-based clients might not support such menus well. In our third sample, you can find animation will only work as simple menu in the desktop view; however, will work well in the mobile. The navigation might however, work as different links when viewed on desktop. To check the detailed compatibility.

Other Limitations

Few Best Practices

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