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SMS Marketing 101: How to Integrate Kalviyo with Your Strategy

Klaviyo SMS Marketing

Understanding the Role Played by SMS Marketing in Enhancing Shopping Experience

Mobile devices play an integral role in people’s lives, with individuals checking their phones approximately 58 times daily. This frequent interaction underscores the significance of mobile communication.

According to reports, SMS holds remarkable engagement rates, with 90% of messages being read within a mere 3 minutes of receipt. Moreover, smartphones are pivotal to the shopping experience, as 80% of customers use them for purchasing.

Notably, 54% of individuals acknowledge receiving promotions via text messages. Just as with email marketing, SMS campaigns and flows can be orchestrated, harnessing the power of Klaviyo’s data-driven capabilities. This includes tailoring messages through segmentation, automation, and dynamic content to ensure a personalized touch.

Of paramount importance is consent – obtaining permission to communicate is vital in both email and SMS marketing. This practice respects recipients’ preferences and contributes to maintaining a positive relationship with your audience.

Fundamentals of SMS Marketing in Klaviyo

Benefits of using Klaviyo SMS Marketing

Integrating SMS and Email Marketing Strategies

SMS and email marketing complement each other effectively, forming a cohesive and comprehensive marketing strategy. Here’s how they go hand in hand:

1. Multi-Channel Engagement: SMS and email marketing allow you to engage with your audience through multiple channels. While SMS offers quick, direct, and concise communication, email provides a platform for more detailed content, visuals, and longer messages.

2. Cross-Promotion: SMS can drive subscribers to your email list and vice versa. For instance, you can send an SMS with a call-to-action to sign up for exclusive email updates, or you can use email campaigns to promote SMS-exclusive offers.

3. Diverse Content: SMS and email enable you to diversify your content. You can use SMS for urgent updates, time-sensitive offers, and concise notifications. Email, on the other hand, allows for in-depth articles, product showcases, and storytelling.

4. Conversion Optimization: SMS can be particularly effective for cart abandonment reminders or limited-time offers, encouraging immediate action. On the other hand, email can nurture leads over time, guiding them through the decision-making process.

5. Customer Journey Integration: SMS and email can be integrated into various stages of the customer journey. For instance, you might use SMS for welcome messages or order confirmations, while email can be used for post-purchase follow-ups and feedback requests.

6. Remarketing and Retargeting: SMS and email can work together for retargeting efforts. If a customer abandons their cart and receives an SMS reminder, you can follow up with an email containing more details and incentives.

7. Event and Promotion Announcements: Use SMS for quick event reminders and follow up with an email containing detailed event agendas or RSVP instructions.

8. Analytics and Insights: By analyzing data from both SMS and email campaigns, you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of customer behaviors, preferences, and engagement levels.

Choosing Between Email or SMS Marketing 

When determining whether to use email, SMS, or both for a message, consider the following:

How Klaviyo SMS Ensures Compliance & Deliverability For Your Ecommerce Messages 

There are specific scenarios in which messages might not be delivered via Klaviyo’s SMS platform:

SMS Consent

SMS consent must be both explicit and specific to ensure compliance. To receive SMS messages, individuals must explicitly select the SMS option. This choice ensures their clear intent to engage through this channel. Legal agreements and documents are regularly reviewed and maintained to align with current regulations and best practices. This ensures transparency and accountability in the consent process.

Acquiring SMS consent can be facilitated through various methods

SMS Best Uses

Our suggestion is to utilize SMS for the following purposes:

Best Practices for Maintaining SMS Deliverability

Ensuring strong SMS deliverability extends beyond number selection and adhering to content regulations. Employ these additional best practices to optimize message reach and engagement:

SMS Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid SMS pitfalls to ensure effective communication with your audience and subscribers. Before delving into your SMS strategy, review your practices to avoid the following missteps:

SMS Strategies

Structure your SMS strategy around these three distinctive segments:

SMS content strategies

Implement these intermediate SMS flows to enhance your marketing strategy:

Intermediate flow examples

Advanced SMS strategies:

SMS Benchmarks 

SMS benchmarks serve as a compilation of data derived from industry patterns and comparable companies. This data empowers you to assess your SMS performance in relation to other users, aiding in refining your analytics approach and pinpointing avenues for enhancement.

Some of the key SMS metrics

Here are some ideas for improving four key SMS metrics:

1. Click rate: This depicts the percentage of people who have clicked a link in your SMS out of the people who have received your SMS

2. Conversion rate: This depicts the percentage of people who have placed an order within a set conversion window after clicking a link in your SMS

3. Revenue per recipient: This depicts the total revenue attributed to SMS divided by the total number of people who received an SMS within that time frame

4. Unsubscribe rate: This depicts the percentage of people who unsubscribe out of the people who have received your SMS

SMS Reporting

Aspects of SMS performance to analyze include


In conclusion, SMS marketing in Klaviyo offers several advantages, just like email marketing. SMS messages have a higher open rate and quicker response time, making them a more immediate and effective way to reach your audience. Additionally, SMS messages are less likely to be filtered into spam folders, ensuring that your messages reach their intended recipients. However, using SMS marketing judiciously is important, as it can be perceived as invasive if overused. On the other hand, email marketing provides a more versatile platform for longer content and multimedia, making it suitable for certain types of campaigns. Ultimately, the choice between SMS and email marketing in Klaviyo should be based on your specific goals and audience preferences, with the potential for a well-balanced strategy incorporating both channels for maximum engagement and results.

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