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15 Essential Features of Mailchimp That Make it a Popular Email Marketing Tool

Mailchimp Email Marketing Tool

Mailchimp is one of the most extensively used email service providers. It is an all-in-one marketing, automation, and email marketing platform. If you are looking for a one-stop ESP to boost your business growth, Mailchimp can be a right choice for you. 

Here are the Mailchimp features that make it a superior email marketing tool when compared to others. 

1. It offers you a huge range of customizable templates

With Mailchimp email marketing tool, you get access to a huge range of customizable templates. Even if you don’t have any designing skills, you can use their pre-built templates and customize them according to your preferences. You can use colors and fonts of your choice to create an email template in Mailchimp. Through Mailchimp’s Creative Assistant, non-designers can create designs that can be incorporated in an email (or social media post). 

You can also use their drag-and-drop builder to create email campaigns. It allows you to duplicate, delete, and rearrange the content blocks as needed. You can drag and drop various content blocks to create unique email campaigns. The Mailchimp design interface is easy-to-use and facilitates faster template designing.

2. Mailchimp pays special attention to customer data security

As cyber threats are constantly on the rise, it becomes imperative to have a foolproof security plan. Mailchimp email marketing tips include requiring  every user to complete a two-factor authentication process to maintain account safety. In fact, they offer a 10% discount for 1 month when you add two-factor authentication to your Mailchimp account with an app such as Google Authenticator or SMS two-factor authentication. Have you heard of such an offer with any other ESP or CRM?

3. Mailchimp is suitable for all kinds of businesses 

Whether you are a small business, a nonprofit organization, or a large enterprise, Mailchimp works well for your email marketing strategy. If you are a solopreneur who is just starting out their business, you can go for their Pay As You Go plan. Rather than paying a monthly recurring Mailchimp cost, you can buy email credits on the go. It is the best option for senders who don’t have a fixed sending schedule. 

Unlike Mailchimp alternatives available in the market, Mailchimp offers free website and commerce features with all marketing plans. It will help you build an online presence and drive faster business growth. 

Furthermore, if you are a nonprofit organization or charity, you are eligible to get a 15% discount. You can request the discount by signing up for a free account and getting in touch with their billing team. Just provide your username and the organization’s website link. 

4. It gives you a robust A/B testing feature

Mailchimp lets you A/B test your email campaigns starting from subject lines to sender names to the design layouts. They will collect the test results and send out the winning version automatically after detecting the clear winner. If you upgrade to their pro version, you can even go for multivariate testing. Test up to 8 campaign variations at a time so that you can send more effective emails.

5. Mailchimp comes with the perfect automation tool

With an automation tool known as Customer Journeys, Mailchimp lets you build complex automated email workflows for welcome series, re-engagement campaigns, cart recovery programs, etc. It uses conditional logic and branching points to design personalized journeys for the customers. Consequently, Mailchimp automation will give you more repeat business, enhance customer retention, and increase the overall subscriber engagement. You also get fully customizable pre-built journeys. You can adjust them according to your business strategy and goals.

6. You can customize the sign-up process for new subscribers

Most of the companies are going for a double opt-in sign-up method to maintain better data hygiene. Mailchimp helps you with this. Whether you want to activate double opt-in or turn on reCAPTCHA on your Mailchimp sign-up modules or build GDPR-friendly forms, it just takes a single click with Mailchimp. 

7. Besides email, Mailchimp helps you create landing pages too

Mailchimp has a user-friendly landing page builder that creates a landing page quickly. With Mailchimp landing page examples you to build custom landing pages for  your emails or ad campaigns. You can use them to showcase your products, invite your subscribers to an event, promote a special offer, or get downloads for an insightful resource. You can also track people who submitted the form on the landing page and then tag them. 

8. It offers two ways to measure reader loyalty

You can measure reader loyalty by star rating or email engagement status through Mailchimp CRM. Based on these insights available in Mailchimp analytics, you can recognize the prospects who are most likely to close and convert. 

9. Mailchimp offers a Send Time Optimization tool

Most brands have subscribers spanning across the globe. That’s why you should send out emails according to their time zones. For example: sending an email at 10:00 AM ET on a Monday would reach your subscriber in Australia on Tuesday at 02:00 AM. Weird, right? That’s why you need a time optimization tool. It will help you send emails at the right time to users across multiple time zones. 

10. Mailchimp offers maximum integrations

When compared to Mailchimp competitors, you get more integrations here. It gives you more than 300 integrations and is one of their most coveted USPs. You get direct Mailchimp integration with Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, and Google Analytics. In addition, it offers powerful integration with third-party tools like Zapier,, WordPress, and Sparkloop. Sparkloop helps you build a robust referral marketing program. 

11. Mailchimp has a competitive pricing structure

Mailchimp has four pricing tiers, namely free, essentials, standard, and premium. In the free version, you get 2500 monthly email sends with free email support for the first 30 days. In addition, you get pre-built email templates, their creative assistant, 300+ integrations, and basic reporting and analytics. It also allows you to create forms and landing pages. The lifetime free plan is suitable if you have 500 or fewer contacts, and you are not looking for too many extra features. 

If you are looking for more advanced features like removal of their branding, A/B testing, role based access, or automated customer journeys, go for the Essentials plan that starts at USD 9.30 per month. 

Their standard plan offers pre-built journeys, custom-coded templates, send time optimization, predictive segmentation, and content optimizer. It starts at USD 13.90 per month. 

The Premium plan offers multivariate testing, comparative reporting, advanced segmentation, and assisted onboarding along with all the features available in the other plans. The pricing starts at USD 277 per month. 

Note that the pricing structure stated above is for 500 contacts in your Mailchimp lists. The cost will increase as you add more subscribers to the lists. 

12. Mailchimp has special transactional emails plan

Mailchimp Transactional email comes as a paid add-on with a Mailchimp Standard or Premium plan. You can check their demo to see how it works and whether it is suitable for your business. With this feature, you will be able to send transactional emails like password reset, order confirmation emails, and welcome emails. eCommerce email marketers can use this feature and facilitate sending out the transactional emails. 

13. They offer an impeccable customer support service

Most ESPs have a 24×5 support service or limited operation hours when the support team is available. Mailchimp help holds the upper hand as their support team and resources are available 24×7. You can reach their customer service team through email, live chat, or phone. 

(Just make sure that it is covered in the Mailchimp plans you have purchased. If you need 24×7 email and chat support, you will have to go for their essentials or standard plan. For phone and priority support, they have a premium plan.) 

14. Mailchimp offers you a helping hand in the form of trusted experts

Mailchimp has an expert directory in case you need help with email template design or full-service campaign management. With Mailchimp marketing tool, you can work with a vetted and certified expert who can take your business to the next level. Email Uplers is happy and proud to be a part of the trusted Mailchimp email expert community.   

15. Mailchimp has an attractive app to help you market on the go

Mailchimp app allows you to edit your campaigns, check the analytics, and carry out all the important operations on the go. This comes in handy when you don’t have your laptop or desktop. So, you don’t have to lose out on an opportunity to make a sale or drive business growth.

Wrapping Up With Some Interesting Mailchimp Stats

Mailchimp has around 2.4 million monthly active users with 13 million total users and 800,000 paid customers. (as of 8th January, 2023) 

It is the world’s largest marketing automation platform that has been around for more than two decades. 

It holds 60.51% market share of the email marketing industry.

Mailchimp users are spread across more than 200 countries.

If you want to try out Mailchimp for your business, give it a shot right away. In case you find yourself stuck, Email Uplers has a team of Mailchimp certified experts to help you along the way. 

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