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To stand the competition in the inbox, there’s no option to designing and coding visually engaging email templates. Our Mailchimp experts understand that and create striking Mailchimp template designs for agencies and businesses alike while adhering to your branding guidelines. Plus, if you want to convert PSD to a Mailchimp template, we can help with that too. To be sure that there are no rendering issues, we check custom Mailchimp templates over all the major email clients and devices. These Mailchimp HTML Templates render well across 40+ email clients and 15+ devices.

Design Email Templates
Email Automation

Mailchimp Automation Set up

Facing challenges while setting up email automation in the ESP? Our expert professionals are quite familiar with the creation of automation workflows and integrations in Mailchimp. We can help you impart a pleasant and delightful experience to your subscribers with workflows that are timely and pertinent for the reader.

Manage your MailChimp Email Campaigns

We are Mailchimp experts and can promise a smooth experience for you in the ESP. Let us handle the complete email marketing strategy for you. We can create eye-catching custom Email templates for your campaigns and deliver services related to email design, deployment, automation, ESP integration, and optimizing it as per the insights obtained from analytics.

Email Campaign Management
ESP Migration

Migrate to Mailchimp from any ESP

Migration is always a tedious task. But our proficient email developers can help you migrate to Mailchimp from any ESP effortlessly and ensure a pleasant experience for you. Whether you are using the latest marketing software or legacy systems, we can help you with third-party integration across diverse platforms.

Employ expert Mailchimp services for all your email marketing requirements

Mailchimp Consulting

Our experts understand the operation of Mailchimp from top to bottom. In addition to building your email marketing strategy from scratch, we can take care of email design, deployment, automation workflows, integration and other email marketing requirements.

We keep ourselves updated and use the latest email marketing tricks to help you generate the highest conversions.



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The Ultimate Guide To Mailchimp EMAIL Templates

Mailchimp is one of the top email marketing automation tools that has made email marketing easy for SMBs and small businesses alike. It was conceived as a side hustle by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius for their web design consultancy, Rocket Science Group, in 2001. By 2007, they started focusing exclusively on the Mailchimp, which is celebrated as an iconic bootstrapped business even today. It is a web-based tool that helps you handle email marketing on an end to end basis. It has evolved from a DIY email marketing tool to a full-fledged marketing automation tool since then. As an ESP, it sparked the "no-code" email builder trend, and it continues to thrive on its out of the box templates.

With its 5 tier segmentation, personalization powered by Advanced Dynamic Content, single-click automations, and enriched dashboards, it is undoubtedly an excellent pick for any organization. What's even more fascinating about this blue-eyed boy of SaaS marketers is its entry into the freemium space in 2009 despite having a considerable user base.

Today, the freemium giant enjoys a 68.03% market share, with the nearest competitor hovering below 8%. Here are some impressive statistics from its 2019 annual report:

  • 12,328,937 Active Mailchimp Users
  • 3.2 Billion Automations Sent
  • 4 billion Unique Email Addresses Reached
  • 41,303,501,405 Impressions.
  • USD 2.3 Million Worth Of E-commerce Orders Generated Everyday.
  • 5,476,608 Multichannel Campaigns Sent
  • 88,304,202,369 API Calls Made

It is arguably the ideal ESP for companies of all sizes, domains, and growth stages. Here, we will discuss everything about custom Mailchimp templates in this ultimate guide for businesses.

Why Email Templates Matter For A Successful Campaign And How Mailchimp Templates Helps

In simple words, an email template is a ready to use HTML file where you can simply copy and paste your content. Any seasoned email marketer will tell you that designing HTML email templates is opposite to web designing, and it takes a team around one full week to deliver a single emailer from scratch. Thus, running an entire outreach campaign without well-designed, flawlessly coded email templates is a nightmare for any team. Using them helps in catering to a holistic brand experience, optimizing the rate of information, and tracking the metrics for analyzing your efforts. While saving time and efforts for you, the ready to use templates also aid in managing GDPR compliance. Thus, templates are no different than cheat sheets for every email marketer and an integral part of every successful outreach campaign.

Every brand has its own design philosophy and features that people can relate to instantly. Sending out emails is a more personal way of communicating than sending messages on social media inboxes. This being said, maintaining a standard persona is crucial because it helps utilize the association curated over a period of time. While your audience will easily identify the purpose, this also reduces the amount of efforts they require to go through it. This is a must if you are willing to up your branding game as professionals don’t even compromise with a few pixels moving out of design. Ready email templates ensure that you don’t need to start from scratch every time you send out a message and still deliver perfect messages in all campaigns.

Mailchimp makes the job easier for you. The 100+ prebuilt Mailchimp templates library allows you to sync, store, preview, and launch your campaign on the go. You can access its library, add your content, and even build a live email template using an API. You can kick start emailing right away after changing the styling to your brand colors as these Mailchimp templates are pretty optimized for direct use. You can save your preferences in its drag and drop designer for future campaigns too.

We create awesome Mailchimp templates!


While it is completely okay to use the pre-designed Mailchimp templates available in the library, there are certain limitations too, when it comes to branding. Have you ever noticed that tonnes of websites have the exact same images lying all over them? This is because they are using royalty-free images. This may make your finance manager happy, but when it comes to building a rapport with your prospects and clients, this isn't the smartest thing to do. Like stock images, brands prefer customization in their emailing efforts too.

Custom Mailchimp Templates

Mailchimp's custom template editor allows you to build a single master template and generate multiple templates through it. You can add/ remove, duplicate, and switch the custom coded layouts while all content is stored in the form of blocks. These blocks include titles, paragraphs, images, CTAs, hyperlinks, and other multimedia. The drag-and-drop editing interface makes it simple to select the relevant sections and give a personalized touch while it also allows you to create completely unique templates. You can also optimize your emailers for mobile devices by defining mobile styles. This includes heading font sizes, line height, boxed text, image cards, and preheader text visibility. All in all, the customization capabilities are top-notch when it comes to Mailchimp templates, and they enable you to create 100% brand experience effortlessly.


About Mailchimp Editor

You can choose among either of the featured or basic template options. However, we suggest using Mailchimp Newsletter templates for exercising better control over the layout. Mailchimp editor also comes with pre-designed themes for allowing customization without actually coding it. To send out an emailer for events, you can either integrate EventBrite for sharing location into the theme or opt for 'Make An Announcement' template. Mailchimp editor provides themes for eCommerce platforms, sending flyers, and coupons. They go hand in hand with mailchimp marketing automation tools to provide a seamless reader experience. You can make changes as per your requirement or even integrate your custom code. The following options are provided for quick editing:

Section Description Application Areas
Page This is the background plane for the email Background Style, Email Border, Heading 1-4
Preheader This is the text that appears beside the sender id on the client ESP side. It is similar to the meta descriptions of websites and blogs. Preheader Style, Preheader Text, Preheader Link
Header The primary image viewed by the audience. Header Style, Header Text, Header Link
Body The core content of the emailer which includes both text and images. Body Style, Body Text, Body Link
Columns For templates with more than one column. Column Style, Column Text, Column Link
Footer The ending portion of the email containing legal compliance information and company branding. Footer Style, Footer Text, Footer Link
Mobile Styles To check readability for mobile devices. Heading 1-4, Boxed Text, Preheader Visibility
Notification Bar To acknowledge the readers of any tracking tool used inside the email. Notification Toggle
Mailchimp Badge (Removable Only In Paid Version) Notify the users regarding privacy and helping them in safely reporting abuse. For 'Report Abuse'
Finding Mailchimp Campaign Management complex?

How To Integrate Your Custom Template With Mailchimp Platform

Integrate Your Custom Template with Mailchimp Platform

The problem with most email platforms is that they only enable customization on their own pre-designed Mailchimp templates. However, Mailchimp has your back as it allows you to customize your custom coded email templates. One of the differences is that it uses its own tags inside the codes which you need to take care of. You can start by copying and pasting your HTML code directly or import the HTML file/ ZIP file. This helps especially when you want to convert PSD to Mailchimp template. You can use the Mailchimp email design language to create, edit, club, and remove various sections. Its WYSIWYG interface is one of the most powerful and interactive ones in the industry.

Creating Modular Email Templates In Mailchimp

As discussed in the above section, you can create your own modular Mailchimp email templates with its editor tool. A modular approach enables you to considerably shorten the turnaround time of creating new templates as the changes are applied to individual blocks. Hence, the overall code integrity isn't compromised, while QA testing is also ramped up. Marketers find it extremely comfortable to work with the modular approach as they can mix and match various elements and promptly reproduce any number of iterations. This phenomenon also draws parallels with the microservices infrastructure used in the software development industry.

You can refer to the following table for coding your custom Mailchimp templates:

Editable Content Area mc:edit="section"
Header Section mc:edit="section"
Header Image mc:edit="header_image"
Display Header Text Instead Of Header Image <img mc:edit="header_image" mc:allowdesigner mc:allowtext />
For Side Columns mc:edit="sidecolumn"
Editable Image Area <img mc:edit="postcard" style="max-width:600px;" />
Content Body mc:edit="body" mc:edit="body" attribute. <td class="defaultText" mc:edit="body"> <h2 class="title">Primary Heading</h2> <p>Sample copy. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Morbi commodo, ipsum sed pharetra gravida, orci magna rhoncus neque, id pulvinar odio lorem non turpis.</p> <h3 class="subTitle">Subheading</h3> <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.</p> </td>
Parent Block <div class="article" mc:repeatable> <h3 mc:edit="article_title">Title</h3> <p mc:edit="article_content">Content</p> </div>
For Repeating Child Blocks <table mc:repeatable="content" mc:variant="variant_1"> <tr> <td mc:edit="section_1"> Variant 1 Content </td> </tr> </table> <table mc:repeatable="content" mc:variant="variant_2"> <tr> <td mc:edit="section_2"> Variant 2 Content </td> </tr> </table> <table mc:repeatable="content" mc:variant="variant_3"> <tr> <td mc:edit="section_3"> Variant 3 Content </td> </tr> </table>
Hideable Content Area <div mc:edit="content" mc:hideable> </div>
Variable Content Area <div mc:repeatable="product" mc:variant="content with left image"> </div>
Footer Area mc:edit="footer"

Building responsive HTML Mailchimp templates becomes a bit complex due to apparent reasons. However, the modular design philosophy is fast gaining tractions as it helps standardize all your communication down the pixel level. It also clubs consistency with personalization, something considered next to impossible by previous generations of marketers. If you are an agency looking for Mailchimp templates, our seasoned professionals can help you to create attractive templates in Mailchimp for agencies.

Various Campaigns for which you can create Mailchimp Email Templates

Every email marketing campaign is completely unique but it requires a specific approach to make them successful. Usually, the elements are placed in various fashions to serve the respective motive. The thumb rule for choosing best mailchimp templates is optimizing the user journey with minimal distractions. Here, we have listed down top 19 campaign types for which Mailchimp enables creating powerful Mailchimp HTML templates:

Finding Mailchimp Campaign Management complex?

The Built-In A/B Testing Functionality For Mailchimp Templates

Getting all of these template types is a great thing, but the next step for your email campaign is a dry run. Simulation and testing are two invariable components of making your strategy foolproof, and Mailchimp strikes the right chords here as well. It is compatible with about 40 leading email clients, including Google, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, Apple, Yahoo, and Zoho.

A/B Split testing allows you to send out two versions of the same content to control group audience and see how they respond to it. The better performing version is then used for the mass emailing phase. You don't need to use any third-party app and it also helps in enhancing the aesthetic appeal by testing different versions for all individual components and content blocks.

We can help with your Mailchimp campaign management.

Quick Tips For Choosing Right Mailchimp Template For Your Campaigns

In this section, we will discuss some quick tips to keep in mind while building the ideal design inspired from the above-mentioned mailchimp template examples for your campaign.

  • Templates enable defining goals and user prospects by allowing to put content blocks as per need. This also enhances performance measurement with respect to the template designs. In case a section needs change, you can edit that portion individually without diluting the integrity of the entire code.
  • Pay close attention to the themes and the color scheme as they can both captivate and irritate your audiences. We suggest sticking to the minimalist approach for the best results. Also, they should not violate your brand identity or imitate a competitor. Using white space also aids in focusing better on your purpose of sending the email.
  • Make it a point to keep all your Mailchimp email templates mobile-friendly. Mobile traffic is increasing with each passing day, and compromising your visibility on handheld devices shouldn't be an option anymore.
  • Unless it is extremely necessary, avoid using multi-column templates. They make it complex to identify the core purpose.
  • When you select the template, it is ideal to stick with the 600-pixel width for consistent visibility across all email clients. Also, avoid using rounded corners for better visibility.
  • You should avoid using background images as many leading email clients automatically strip your emailers off these background images. Failing to do so can result in a blunder. One of the ways to tackle this problem is by adding a background color attribute in case you insist on using the images.
  • Another ‘can avoid’ aspect is the use of custom fonts. They aren't necessarily supported by email clients, so consider using fonts like Arial, Helvetica, and Georgia. In case you must use them, ensure to provide fallback.
  • Using a thumbnail for a video is a better idea than embedding the entire video considering the available bandwidth across the regions and latency issues. The same goes for audio content. Providing a link to the audio or video and taking the viewer to a landing page is the best way of sharing multimedia content in your custom Mailchimp templates over emails.

For a flawless Mailchimp integrated template experience, you can always take help from experts. For this, you can refer to its directory of experts for proper assistance.

Get flawless Mailchimp integrated template experience

Coming towards the end, we can agree on the fact that Mailchimp is an exceptionally good ESP for all organization sizes and types. Creating great templates on this platform is no rocket science, but ensuring deliverability, responsiveness, and renderability for integrations is something where agencies specialize and can help you. Email Uplers is one such agency from where you can hire dedicated resources to:

  • Design Mailchimp Email Templates
    Design Mailchimp Email Templates
  • Set up Mailchimp Automation
    Set up Mailchimp Automation
  • Manage your Email Campaigns
    Manage your Email Campaigns
  • Migrate to Mailchimp from any ESP
    Migrate to Mailchimp from any ESP

Unbelievable 8 hour turnaround time, competitive pricing starting at $59, team of certified experts, and unparalleled consulting are some of the major highlights.

We are here to help

I want to create a professional Mailchimp email template. Can you help?

Yes. Email Uplers can help you with designing as well as coding your professional email template in Mailchimp. We are Mailchimp experts and have worked for many clients using the ESP; so we can also help with ESP integration of the email template. Our Mailchimp services start at $59 only.

Do I need to provide design to develop Mailchimp HTML templates or you will take care of both?

If you have your design ready, share the files with us and we will convert them into functional HTML email templates in Mailchimp. Have an idea or have seen a style you want to replicate, we can design as well as code your idea into a high-converting email newsletter template keeping your brand guidelines in mind.

Can you help to convert PSD to Mailchimp templates? Can you convert from indesign files?

Yes indeed. You can depend upon the PSD to Email conversion experts at Email Uplers. Just send your layered design file (PSD, Sketch, XD, AI, PDF, or InVision) and get a code-commented & responsive email design, integrated directly into Mailchimp.

We want help with responsive Mailchimp email templates.

We’ve got your back! Our experts ensure that every Mailchimp email template they create is responsive, considering the increase in email opens on mobile devices. We use fluid tables and images to make sure content flows seamlessly across different screen sizes.

Can you build a modular email template with multiple modules in Mailchimp?

We build custom editable and reusable email templates that feature flexible modules so you can create and send multiple emails from a single modular template, thus cutting down your email production time and cost.

Can you create custom Mailchimp templates that are easily editable?

You can rely on us for anything Mailchimp. We can design and code custom email templates devoid of any rendering issues and also integrate them for you in the ESP. You can easily edit them in the Mailchimp editor, and in case you need any further assistance with campaign deployment, execution, analysis etc., our campaign managers can help with that too.

I need a huge number of HTML email designs for a client using Mailchimp. Can you help?

Are you an agency? Email Uplers can be your reliable partner in this journey and we will strive to deliver the best work to your clients. We are a team of 150+ experts; no matter what your Mailchimp template requirement is, we deliver without compromising on timelines and quality.

Do you provide white label services?

Yes. With our white-labelled services, you can use our execution expertise to deliver quality work to your clients under your brand name.

Need to send triggered emails through Mailchimp. How can Email Uplers help?

Our Mailchimp automation specialists can help to send out emails that are triggered by a specific date, event, or contact's activity. They assist you in setting up automations for complex customer journeys and strike the right cord by touching base with customers at different stages of their journeys. We will help you send the right email to the right person at the right time.

Can I see Mailchimp email template samples before purchasing a plan?

We have been creating pixel-perfect email templates that render across 40+ email clients for over 7 years. You can check a few of our awesome samples here: https://email.uplers.com/portfolio/

I need help with launching my Mailchimp email campaigns.

Email Uplers is a full-service email marketing agency. We can efficiently, effectively and quantifiably manage your email marketing campaigns in Mailchimp - at a 99.98% error-free rate. From handling campaign assets in the ESP to validation and scheduling and from campaign setup to reporting and analysis, we provide end-to-end Mailchimp email campaign services.

We want to integrate our software systems with Mailchimp, create behavior based emails and analyze campaigns for ways to better use Mailchimp.

We can help you with all this and more. We know Mailchimp like the back of our hands and we can help you make the most of this ESP through Mailchimp template production, Campaign Management and our Email Automation services.

Need to add video in Mailchimp email templates. Can you help?

Definitely. Well-versed in Mailchimp, our expert developers use the link an image feature to share a thumbnail image of the video in your Mailchimp email template and link it to the video's URL. The experts make sure the email renders perfectly across 40+ email clients.

We are looking for someone to build abandoned cart and post-purchase email series with Mailchimp. Do you provide these services?

Yes, you have come to the right place. We can not only create i.e. design and code pixel-perfect Mailchimp templates for various email series like welcome, cart-abandonment and post-purchase, but also execute, manage, optimize and analyze these campaigns for you.

Are you a certified Mailchimp partner?

Yes. Email Uplers is a full-service email marketing agency and certified Mailchimp partner. We can help you scale your Mailchimp email marketing efforts to drive better results with the ESP.

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