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Marketo Master Template: Uplers’ New Offering to make Email Design Easy

free marketo master template

Uplers are happy to share Marketo Master Template that liberates you from all the email designing hassles. What draws attention is the fact that it is reusable and lets you tailor your email to match the purpose of your email campaign and the target audience.

Highlights of the “Master” Template

It goes without saying that every email is divided into sections like pre-header, company logo, hero image, email body with call-to-action/s and footer.

Marketo Master Template, as the name suggests, is the ultimate email template that saves time and manpower by allowing you to customize the email elements for all your email campaigns, thereby boosting your business ROI.

Are you geared up to rejuvenate your email marketing strategy at no additional cost of coding and redesigning?

Simplify the action plan of your email marketing with the master template by eliminating the need to prepare different emails each and every time.

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