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Offshore or Freelance Email Developers? Let’s Settle The Hiring Debate!

Freelance Email Developers

In a bid to tap into a global talent pool and expand their business’s horizons, onboarding offshore talent and freelancers has now become a standard practice for all industries across the globe. But, therein lies the ultimate debate. Which faction is more beneficial to your scheme of things? For your email marketing team, would you rather prefer hiring a developer from an offshore agency or a freelance developer? Well, we are here to lay your confusion to rest! 

In today’s article, we will walk you through the pros and cons of hiring offshore as well as freelance developers so that you can arrive at an informed conclusion. Gather along your teammates, too, as you sit down to read this. We’re sure there’s going to be a lot of back and forth between you all.

Freelance Email Developers

The rise of the gig economy over the last decade or so has resulted in freelancers finding a firm footing in the labor market. So, what are the benefits and challenges of getting them on deck? Let’s take a look.

Merits of hiring freelance email developers

Demerits of hiring freelance email developers

Offshore Email Developers

Businesses are turning to offshoring, now more than ever, to tap into flexible and distributed workforces and augment their core teams in the process. But, what are the pros and cons associated with hiring offshore email developers? Let’s take a look.

Merits of hiring offshore email developers

Demerits of hiring offshore email developers

Wrapping It Up

Well, our verdict is something like this- judging from the comparative study carried out above, it can be firmly said that there’s no clear winner to be found. Whether you should hire freelance or offshore developers ultimately boils down to your current requirements. And that is bound to vary from one situation to another. For example, if you have a short-term project, hiring a freelancer is a better bet. On the other hand, if the work is long-term, you shouldn’t think twice before approaching an offshore agency. 

Since while onboarding offshore talent, you deal with a structured agency, one can argue that things tend to be more hassle-free. Additionally, there’s a greater probability of finding diverse talent over there too. That said, if you have strong managerial skills and the patience to scour through freelance marketplaces to pick up the right talent for your job, you’re good to go. When you have to make this call, we hope that the points discussed above help you arrive at the correct decision.

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