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Everybody loves to travel. Some opt for a weekend trip to the ski resort while some crave a ‘Long Vacation in Bahamas’ and some need to attend the business conferences.

However, unfortunately the delight of planning a trip is followed by guilt of probably missing an important business correspondence (email) in a low connectivity area. Uplers are sure no one would like to lose an opportunity in lieu of personal unavailability, considering the possible financial losses and disengagement with the brand.

Out of Office Email using Auto responders, are a boon to avoid such a situation. we understand its potential and have compiled highly creative Out of Office email that have wonderfully managed to stay connected, while notifying the absence of the sender.

What makes an Email be considered an Out of Office Email?

Auto-responders are system generated emails but they don’t need to sound like one. The traditional out of office auto-responder always contained the following information:

Add your personal flair by adding cross-selling opportunities or Movie references (See #5) or contact details of the Person who can fill in your place.

Gems amongst all the Out of Office Email Autoresponders

Even though there are many Out of Office emails that have been successful in convincing the reader that the email was sent by an actual ‘Human’, some haven’t missed the opportunity to reflect their personality into their responses.

Dan Kois, Slate editor

A poetic Approach

Michael Merschel, Dallas Morning News book critic

Along with the standard response of whom to contact in his absence the footer reads the following

Andrew Archer, VP of Marketing, (Yesware)

Josh Kopelman (Source)

Movie Inspiration (Back to Future movie)

Those associated with Digital Marketing

Kimberly Green (

Reinforcing using Images: To reinforce the fact that the Person shall be probably on a mountain right now, he has attached an image.

Out of Office / On Sick Leave
This guy took the bold path at the footer but it is a gamble which needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Presidential Bonding:

Jacob Cass (Just Creative)

Honesty is the best policy. Assurance of the client being priority and request for adding ‘urgency’ is considered a very trust building act.

Does your Out of Office Email reflect your personality well? Send in the screenshot of it in the comments below.

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