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Personalization Builder: The Recommendation Setup in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Personalization Builder: The Recommendation Setup in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Personalization Builder, powered by Einstein, delivers the next best product, content, or offer to every individual customer through product and content recommendations for email and web. Every customer interaction is an insight. With every click, download, view, and purchase, customers are giving data about their preferences. Personalization Builder combines user behavior with algorithms and your unique business rules to build a user profile of affinities. SFMC specialists can use this profile to determine the most relevant content and products for each customer in real-time.

Edition Required: While Email Recommendation is available in Pro edition, in Corporate and Enterprise Edition, you get Email & Web recommendations.

Below are the details of the Product catalog attributes and their definitions.

Please note that if you have Audience builder enabled in your account, you would be able to create segments based on user search behavior with the personalization Builder Dimensions.

Brands use this feature to leverage cart abandonment reminder emails. It is recommended that you use “trackcart” code to update a user’s cart and profile whenever the user updates an item in a cart.

While adding code, you would need to replace the “INSERT_EMAIL_OR_UNIQUE_ID”, “ INSERT_PRODUCT_CODE”, “INSERT_CATEGORY”, “INSERT_SEARCH_TERM” – with dynamic code to pull the unique identifier.

In order to leverage the data collected using Einstein recommendation, there is one additional step.

Under the Status tab, go to Settings:

Under Data Extension Settings, Enable Einstein Data Extensions:

Once you enable the Einstein DE, data will be populated into prebuilt DE under Audience builder.

Wrapping Up

While there was no direct option to set up behavioral triggers in SFMC earlier, with the latest feature, it is possible for  marketers to set up cart abandonment, browse abandonment, and abandonment wishlists. The Salesforce Personalization Builder helps predict and automate important decisions, thus enabling you to deliver a good brand experience with precise segmentation and automated targeting. 

Our SFMC Certified professionals can help you set up cart abandonment, browse abandonment, and other e-commerce Journeys in SFMC.

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