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Why Hire Our Marketing Cloud Specialist

Building and managing your email campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be tricky. Onboard our reliable, experienced, and certified team of SFMC experts who promise to deliver end-to-end SFMC email marketing support.


Our team of talented and certified experts can help you with all aspects of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.



The dedicated resource aligns with your way of working and processes to become an extended arm of your team, working for you according to your time zone.


FOCUS ON Quality

All the team members are vetted through a rigorous personality and language process



We are affordable with best-in-the-industry pricing. Ready to save up to 40% cost?



Our passionate SFMC Specialists keep themselves updated with the latest features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud



We carry out a meticulous background check of all our SFMC Specialists as they are vetted for technical skills too.

Craft impactful campaigns and drive stunning results with our SFMC experts

Our extensive repertoire of SFMC expertise

Well-versed with SFMC’s feature suite, we help you offer value to your clients and formulate impactful advertising strategies.

Email Studio

Our Salesforce marketing cloud experts leverage their thorough expertise of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio to drive your business ahead of your competitors. Responsive email design, targeted segmentation, personalization, A/B testing and deliverability and compliance- we offer a holistic approach to maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts! What’s more, we also lay emphasis on continuous optimization via A/B testing.

Advertising Studio

Our SFMC professionals will tap into the sophisticated capabilities of Advertising Studio and drive impactful and result-driven digital marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, enhance customer retention, and generate conversions. Moreover, they will also assist you with utilizing client information from multiple sources to securely interact with clients and lookalikes across different social media platforms.

Interaction Studio

We will help you make the most of Interaction Studio’s capabilities, arming you with sophisticated customer insights. Our aim is to enable you to visualize your customers’ activities at every touchpoint of the buying cycle and send them the right communication at the right time. We curate a personalized experience which is based on an individual’s buying patterns, online behavior, interests and preferences, and geographical factors, helping a brand stand out in today’s crowded digital landscape.

Mobile Studio

Our professionals help you stay on your audience’s radar always by crafting effective and personalized real-time SMSes, MMSes, and push notifications with the help of Mobile Studio. Additionally, we configure triggered sends based on user preferences or location, event-based messages and real-time responses to maximize customer engagement.

Social studio

Our experts utilize the comprehensive feature-suite of SFMC social studio to make sure that your company’s social media is consistent with your brand voice and values. We specialize in capitalizing on Social Studio’s powerful social media listening skills to stay current with your company’s online mentions, keywords, hashtags, and transform it into effective strategies.

Web studio

Armed with design expertise and strong technical know-how, our SFMC specialists will create user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and high-converting websites and landing pages for your business with the help of Web Studio. Moreover, we also keep track of client communications on a real-time basis on your page and mine insights from it on a continuous basis.

Journey Builder

We will summon our extensive Journey Builder expertise to help you design personalized customer journeys and deliver a superlative user experience to your audience. buyers by leveraging our Journey Builder expertise. We employ a multi-channel approach, real time triggers based on customer actions or events, Einstein predictive capabilities, and decision splits to engage customers with timely and relevant messages.

Audience Builder

Our SFMC professionals will leverage Audience Builder’s comprehensive data management capabilities to provide you with holistic buyer profiles of your customers. Additionally, we will help you in integrating data from various sources like website interactions, customer profiles, third-party data and even predictive data. Identify all the diverse buying persona interacting with your business to subsequently target them with hyper-personalized messaging.

Content Builder

Leverage our professionals Content Builder expertise to design eye-catching templates, build dynamic landing pages and send personalized emails to your audience. Grab your subscribers’ attention with ease and foster meaningful relationships with them.

Personalization builder

Utilize our Personalization Builder proficiency to send your contacts messages that align directly with their interests and preferences, that too in real time! We create personalized experiences by configuring specialized segments, defining business rules and triggers and analyzing customer behavior.


Our SFMC-certified professionals utilize Datorama’s data modeling and visualization tools to create Pivot tables, custom dashboards and reports to analyze real-time campaign data across different channels. As a result, all necessary improvements are effected immediately and your campaign remains continuously optimized.


Boost your productivity, skyrocket your sales, and improve customer relationships by leveraging our Pardot expertise. We enable you to make the most of this powerful tool’s robust features, allowing you to boost your conversions, fortify your customer relationships, and always stay ahead of the curve.

Einstein AI

We utilize Einstein AI’s powerful predictive analytics’ capabilities to anticipate customer behavior and create tailored marketing strategies accordingly. Further, we automate marketing tasks such as email sends and initiation of customer journeys, whilst using its data visualization capabilities to track metrics and monitor campaign performance.

We provide salesforce marketing cloud solutions across industries to help clients achieve maximum value and ROI from their Salesforce investments.

  • Healthcare

  • Agencies

  • Service

  • Retail

  • Financial services

  • Technology

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an integrated omni-channel marketing platform for creating and managing winning email marketing campaigns while nurturing 1-to-1 customer relationships at scale. SFMC unveils numerous opportunities for its user but the key lies in finding the right talent to unlock the huge potential of this platform

In today’s ultra-dynamic business environment, the only way for an organization to set itself apart in the hearts, minds and wallets of its target audience is through great MARKETING. And this always starts with establishing, nurturing and maintaining great customer relationships. Such an ongoing and challenging endeavor requires organizations to manage their interactions with customers (current and potential), understand their needs, and devise strategies to enhance their experiences at every stage of the buying journey.

The best way to do all of this efficiently is with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Services.

The power of Salesforce email marketing is encapsulated in Email Studio, a feature-packed, robust tool that enables you to plan, personalize and optimize your customers’ journeys and nurture customer relationships for long-term success.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud And Email Studio for Common Email Marketing Challenges

Salesforce Marketing Cloud And Email Studio for Common Email Marketing Challenges

SFMC and Email studio help to manage most of the marketing challenges faced by businesses:

  • Earning new subscribers
  • Retaining current subscribers
  • Increasing delivery, open and click-through rates
  • Decreasing unsubscribe rates
  • Improving post-click activity
  • Achieving measurable ROI
  • Creating relevant content that inspire action from your audience

You can build smarter email campaigns, engage with your audience, measure the results of your efforts and boost the returns on your marketing spends.

With Email studio, you can:

  • Automate the customer’s email journey from start to finish
  • Reach more customers with customizable templates and responsive designs
  • Finely hone target audience segmentation with Einstein Artificial intelligence functionality
  • Send personalized, 1-on-1 messages for more engaged subscribers
  • Leverage customer profile data from multiple digital channels
  • Analyze campaign performance and make changes as needed

With SFMC and Email Studio’s powerful Salesforce email marketing automation capabilities, you can build effective email marketing campaigns, serve your customers and gain the edge you need to zoom ahead of your competitors.

The Need for a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Specialist

Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes a number of world-class tools and functionalities to help you design and implement amazing email marketing campaigns for your brand. But to make the most of it, you need a team that understands your business needs, helps you gain valuable customer information and empowers you to deliver exceptional brand experiences across all your marketing channels including – and especially – email.

Expert services can help you create personalized customer journeys and deliver meaningful email marketing experiences with SFMC. No matter your organization’s size or type, you can extract maximum power from this all-in-one marketing platform with expert support. You can also:

  • Simplify the complexities of SFMC to build the unique marketing/email marketing solution your business needs in the shortest time possible
  • Manage the administrative interface, security configurations and dashboards, extract relevant data and customize as per business needs
  • Unlock the power of SFMC without many hours of training or expensive trial-and-error experiments

A trusted Salesforce marketing cloud consultant or Salesforce Marketing Cloud specialist will work with you to identify requirements and create an achievable plan for Salesforce email marketing automation in your organization.

They will bring a perfect balance of knowledge and experience of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Email Studio and all associated tools to help you:

  • Build responsive email marketing campaigns utilizing Email Studio tools like Content Builder
    Build responsive email marketing campaigns utilizing Email Studio tools like Content Builder
  • Configure segmentation tools to accurately model subscribers and data
    Configure segmentation tools to accurately model subscribers and data
  • Build relational data models
    Build relational data models
  • Recommend strategies to A/B test email elements
    Recommend strategies to A/B test email elements
  • Implement appropriate and effective subscriber acquisition methodologies
    Implement appropriate and effective subscriber acquisition methodologies
  • Set up Subscriber Lists and Data Extensions
    Set up Subscriber Lists and Data Extensions
  • Import data as per business needs
    Import data as per business needs

They will also provide analytics support so you can track performance, make real-time, data-driven decisions, and optimize your campaigns for the best returns on your marketing investments.

Now, let’s take a look at the roles and certifications of various SFMC specialists

Do you wish to ramp up your SFMC efforts?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certifications and specializations

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certifications and specializations

Salesforce certification is a benchmark recognizing the skills and expertise of marketing cloud specialists. There are in all 27 certifications and 17 Superbadges covering various specialist roles from Architect to Consultant and Administrator to Developer. Here, we shall look into the skill possessed by specialists, their job profiles and the certifications you need to look for when hiring them.


With his unique mix of business and technical skills, the SFMC Architect plays an important role in scoping and driving the creation of digital solutions and email campaigns leveraging the capabilities of the SFMC platform. He acts as a liaison between the account management and operations teams to gather business, marketing and technical requirements, and then design and deliver high-quality, scalable technical solutions. He also provides overall technological direction, proactively identifies and resolves problems, and designs the overall support strategy to ensure that all SFMC solutions, systems and processes run safely and securely.

Because the Architect will be involved in full SFMC projects from start to finish, it is essential that he has hands-on experience with the platform as well as solid analytical, problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

  • Craft a comprehensive and scalable SFMC solution based on specific organizational objectives
  • Build customer journeys and cloud pages
  • Provide overall architectural direction for Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Develop and manage data architecture and integration
  • Architect data feeds, platform configuration and all required components to manage complex automated email campaigns
  • Define and communicate project responsibilities and expectations
  • Ensure alignment of business requirements with industry best practices

Recommended certifications:

  • Email Specialist
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Marketing Cloud Developer
Need help with developing and managing data
architecture and integration?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud CONSULTANT

The SFMC Consultant has a broad range of responsibilities ranging from requirements gathering and stakeholder management, to the actual implementation of SFMC. He serves as an evangelist promoting the benefits of omni-channel, data-rich marketing programs that are directly driven by the strategic goals of the company. He understands the consumer experience that fulfils a brand’s promise, and defines the necessary SFMC capabilities necessary to deliver personalized customer experiences. Ideally, the SFMC Consultant has experience working in a performance marketing environment as well as knowledge of multi-channel and inbound/outbound marketing including email and digital.

Responsibilities include but not limited to

  • Work with stakeholders to identify business needs and define requirements
  • Oversee and assess product development lifecycle/process for the SFMC Platform
  • Configure and manage SFMC
  • Integrate SFMC with third-party platforms
  • Implement SFMC email application tools
  • Execute tactical and strategic email campaigns
  • Diagnose capability gaps, train and upskill client-side users, provide feedback to enhance skills
  • Collaborate with partners to develop the product development roadmap, direct the implementation process and ensure a consistent customer experience
  • Provide overall strategic direction: Analyze business objectives, customer needs and costs, Make forecasts, Evaluate operational processes and Identify improvement opportunities

Recommended certifications:

  • Marketing Cloud Consultant

Salesforce Marketing Cloud ADMINISTRATOR

The SFMC Administrator defines business units, configures their structure, sets up user permissions and accessibility, and troubleshoots accounts-related issues. As the SFMC expert user, he leads projects, campaigns and initiatives to maximize SFMC’s value. He also provides strategic direction and guidance in building sophisticated customer journeys, and in tracking performance as per defined KPIs. Furthermore, he monitors SFMC usage in the organization, and manages the distribution of the training library for employees/users.

To succeed as SFMC Admin, the person must have prior SFMC experience, knowledge of data management, cloud computing, cloud system administration, as well as familiarity with industry best practices

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Configure Marketing Cloud products like Email Studio based on industry best practices and client requirements
  • Manage subscriber data
  • Implement new modules and configure new business units
  • Create target marketing lists using complex query building languages
  • Create and manage email tracking initiatives, web analytics, and system usage performance indicators
  • Create campaign and promotion KPIs to report performance
  • Provide SFMC updates to users

Recommended certifications:

  • Marketing Cloud Administrator
  • Email Specialist
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Specialist

This role involves the day-to-day, ‘hands-on’ usage of SFMC. The Specialist has good knowledge of Journey Builder and Mobile Studio tools, and is proficient in building and testing complex customer journeys. He is responsible for assessing what other tools in SFMC could be useful to the organization in meeting its Marketing and other business goals. He has the ability to set up new business units in SFMC, and has a strong grasp of AMPscript and SQL. With his strong analytical abilities, the SFMC Specialist analyzes customer data and determines if the campaign brief provided will enhance customer experience.

Knowledge of HTML/CSS and experience with other Salesforce CRM platforms like Sales or Service Cloud are preferred but not mandatory.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Build complex customer journeys, especially for common use cases
  • Manage campaigns and campaign analytics (including customer data)
  • Make relevant recommendations to business stakeholders
  • Build data extensions, use SQL for data querying
  • Plan and implement personalization using AMPscript

Recommended certifications:

  • Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
Customer journeys too complex to build?


The SFMC Developer/Automation Specialist brings a high level of expertise in the design and functionality of business requests, and in bringing these requirements to life in user-friendly ways. As the SFMC Subject Matter Expert, he is involved in the day-to-day management of SFMC, and the integration of SFMC with other Salesforce Clouds and relevant third-party platforms. He builds email templates and content using Content Builder, and also designs and maintains marketing campaigns using automations and journeys.

Ideally, he has prior administrative exposure to SFMC, has strong understanding of IP Warming best practices, is comfortable working in an Agile environment, has good knowledge of CRM and APIs, and has experience performing impact analysis of application changes across various components. He is also well-versed with email marketing best practices/CAN-SPAM Act and GDPR, and can resolve scenarios using REST and SOAP API. Strong business acumen is a definite plus.

Although not required, a Marketing Cloud Developer certification is also a bonus to succeed as a SFMC Developer/Automation Specialist.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Create personalized, dynamic messages, emails and landing pages
  • Test campaigns prior to migration to Production environment
  • Manage data configuration
  • Execute advanced segmentation, reporting and analytics tasks
  • Utilize Return Path to run robust reports and monitor IP health
  • Interpret and translate metrics/analytics into insightful analyses, develop dashboards to communicate campaign performance
  • Work with customers and platform data (SQL, views, Send Log)
  • Manage integrations with other clouds and third-party platforms

Recommended certifications:

  • Marketing Cloud Developer
Having trouble integrating SFMC with
other Salesforce Clouds?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud EMAIL DEVELOPER

The SFMC Email Developer is a key element of an organization’s Email Marketing team. This role primarily focuses on the hands-on development of email communications leveraging the Content Builder tool within SFMC.

The Developer is also proficient in developing HTML emails using SFMC WYSIWYG, HTML and CSS, and in using AMPscript to build dynamic content into HTML. He understands industry best practices, email regulations and compliance measures related to email development (such as CAN-SPAM).

An SFMC Email Developer who can collaborate with a cross-functional team, can manage change in a fast-paced environment, and can proactively provide ideas and recommend solutions, is highly valued.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Work with business stakeholders to understand new marketing campaigns and translate into platform capabilities
  • Design responsive/adaptive email experiences and dynamic email templates
  • Handle change requests and provide quick and efficient solutions
  • Build dynamic content into HTML with AMPScript
  • Develop and execute relevant testing strategies for operational tasks
  • Troubleshoot issues related to all HTML builds and escalate as necessary
Want to create flawless SFMC templates?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud EMAIL SPECIALIST

The SFMC Email Specialist works closely with an Email Marketing Manager to build complex customer journeys in SFMC. He is an expert in executing both tactical and strategic email campaigns using a wide range of SFMC tools such as Email Studio and Journey Builder.

The Salesforce email marketing specialist has a good understanding of audience segmentation, email marketing best practices, subscriber and data management, and campaign tracking and analytics. He understands the various policies and legal compliance requirements of SFMC pertaining to Email Studio. Additionally, the Salesforce email marketing specialist also troubleshoots and solves production-related issues with the SFMC platform.

To succeed as a SFMC Cloud Email Specialist, a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification would be ideal, although it is not essential.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Design personalized/dynamic email messages, landing pages and automated campaigns
  • Set up A/B or multivariant testing to deliver user-centric, personalized campaigns
  • Outline customer journeys for campaigns in Journey Builder
  • Segment and pull dynamic subscribers/contacts for every campaign
  • Evaluate opportunities for campaign optimization
  • Manage external integrations with the Marketing Cloud Email application
  • Query data with SQL, and set up content blocks and personalization within emails using AMPscript

Recommended certifications:

  • Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
An SFMC EMAIL SPECIALIST can help you provide a
personalized experience to your subscribers.

In-House Team or Specialized Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant: Key Questions To Ask & Answer

Although Salesforce Marketing Cloud is extremely user-friendly, it is still vastly complex. To manage its complexities and get the biggest benefits from the platform, it is crucial to hire the right Salesforce Marketing Cloud email specialist.


In-house or external? Agency or freelancer?

Before you make a decision, determine the answer to the below questions first.

  1. What is the size of your organization? How many stakeholders will be involved in Salesforce Marketing Cloud email services? Ans: The more stakeholders that are involved, the harder it will be for your in-house administrator to manage priorities, requests and expectations. In such a situation, an external Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant will be a better choice.
  2. What do you need done with Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Ans: If your instance of SFMC is not very complex, you can hire a freelancer or a small agency on an as-needed basis. For big projects, hire a consulting firm plus a full-time administrator to bridge any gaps between the two organizations. An in-house team might be sufficient for day-to-day tasks and troubleshooting.
  3. Does your business need customized workflows, triggers and objects? Ans: In a highly customized org, Salesforce admins need to understand the code intricacies to avoid interfering with existing functionality. To deal with enhanced customization or automation, you’re better off hiring an external agency who already has the required skills. In general, the more complicated your organization’s instance of SFMC and the greater your future plans, the more hours of work you should expect. This will increase the costs for implementation as well as maintenance

In-House SFMC Team vs Hiring Dedicated
SFMC Experts : Pros and Cons

If your organization is looking to leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud to meet certain business goals, you will likely consider two primary options:

  • Recruit and hire an in-house team
  • Outsource work to a development partner/dedicated expert

Here are the pros and cons of hiring an in-house team versus outsourcing to a dedicated agency:

  • Members are better connected with each other and to the team’s SFMC vision
  • Complete control over every aspect of the implementation process
  • Better focus on developing and optimizing the project with better responsiveness
  • Available to fix issues quickly and with minimal downtime
  • Shortage of skilled professionals with the right mix of functional and soft skills + high staff turnover
  • Recruitment process is time-consuming and expensive
  • Expensive overheads to keep the team going: salaries, healthcare, office space, insurance, utilities, etc
  • Scaling to the needs of a growing user base may take time and require substantial training effort
  • Can be expensive to maintain a large team if the platform is used in a very basic way (very low ROI)
Dedicated AgencY
  • Immediate access to a team with requisite experience expertise, skills and knowledge of pitfalls/challenges/best practices
  • Can be less expensive than hiring a full internal team; cost will be better aligned with budget and actual requirements
  • One-time hiring decision and expense with pricing flexibility
  • Can scale more quickly and easily
  • Can provide extended support (more hours) for faster issue resolution
  • Short-term contracts possible for low cost/time commitment
  • Less control over the team since it is not part of the organizational hierarchy or culture
  • May be focused on other client projects which can cause distractions and delays
  • Potential cultural and personality clashes with internal team
  • Long-term support and scalability can be more difficult to achieve

How to decide:

In addition to the Q&A analysis mentioned earlier, here are some tips to help you make the right decision for your organization.

Go in-house if:

  • You need quick bug fixes and feature requests over the long term
  • You need to quickly adapt to changing marketplace requirements
  • Your SFMC instance is already bringing in revenue and is ready to scale

Hire a dedicated agency if:

  • You are a non-tech company looking for short-term technical expertise and consulting
  • Your SFMC instance requires specialized skills and/or a wide range of specialties
  • Your project likely requires a large upfront development effort (and can be maintained internally with less effort over time)
  • You need an experienced development partner to help you build your MVP in the minimum time possible

And last but not least, what is your budget?

Think a dedicated resource is your ideal

The Costs of Hiring SFMC Experts:
A Quick Guide

People will constitute a large part of your SFMC upfront and ongoing costs. Make sure you do a thorough analysis of expected costs before you make any hiring decisions.

Salaries for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Marketing professionals by different geographies

Salaries for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Marketing professionals by different geographies

Salaries of other professionals specializing in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salaries of other professionals specializing in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

A consulting package can cost around $48,000 per year (Source: Nuvem Consulting). Often, the contract is based on a ‘pay as you go’ model, so you only pay for the services you use. In the long term, this can translate into huge cost savings.

Although there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer, hiring an external Salesforce Marketing Cloud email specialist (agency or freelancer) with dedicated experts can open you up to a greater depth of SFMC and Email Studio expertise. Moreover, an agency will be available on an as-needed basis and help you lay the foundation for long-term success.

Here is a quick comparison of the possible costs of hiring an in-house team versus outsourcing to a dedicated agency.
Item In-house Agency
Hours designated 160 per person per month 20 per month*
Add 20% to the estimated hours 192 per person per month 24 per month
Cost per resource $100 $100
Training cost (total) $5,000 $0
Total Cost without
training with 1 resource
$19,200 $2,400
Total Cost with training
with 1 resource
$24,200 $2,400
*Organizations that partner with external dedicated agencies typically look for at least 20 hours of help per month.
Item In-house Agency
Hours designated 160 per person per month 40 per month*
Add 20% to the estimated hours 192 per person per month 48 per month
Cost per resource $100 $75
Training cost (total) $7,500 $0
Total Cost without
training with 1 resource
$9,600 $3,600
Total Cost with training
with 1 resource
$17,100 $3,600

8 Tips To Hire The Best Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist For Your Organization

8 Tips To Hire The Best Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist For Your Organization

To get the maximum benefits out of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation, you need to find the right implementation partner. How can you find the right expert for your company? Here are some tips!

1. Start your search on Salesforce AppExchange

The AppExchange portal on salesforce.com is a good place to start your search. Search under Consultants to find firms based on expertise, popularity, rating, client reviews, number of certified experts, etc. If you need someone local, you can modify your search by location and state/province. Based on your budget and project requirements, you can choose consultants based on their ‘tier’: Global Strategic, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Registered.

AppExchange has a separate sub-portal for Developers that you can search by skills, rating, location and language.

You can also reach out on members of the Salesforce community

Another good place to search is within the Salesforce Trailblazer community. Here you can find reputed Salesforce leaders (aka ‘Trailblazers’), ask questions and even review answers to previously discussed issues. This portal also provides information about upcoming Salesforce events like Dreamforce – a massively popular annual event for Salesforce practitioners from all over the world. In fact, Dreamforce (and events/conferences like it) provide another avenue to find the best SFMC Email Marketing specialist for your organisation.

You can also search on LinkedIn, and on job posting sites like Stack Overflow, GitHub Jobs and We Work Remotely.

2. Talk to your Salesforce Account Executive

Your Salesforce Account Executive can not only assist you in obtaining pricing information for the purchase of Salesforce licenses or products, they are also a great source to find a good SFMC implementation partner. They can help you identify and shortlist external consultants who have relevant experience and expertise in your vertical or industry. You can start by asking them about consultants that have helped their other accounts.

3. Check your own network

If you know people who use Salesforce in their organization, ask them for recommendations. If their organization is similar to yours, they will understand your needs and provide useful suggestions. They can give you a list of good consultants (and a list of consultants to steer clear of)!

4. Narrow down your list with further research

Once you have compiled a list of probable partners, cull it based on specific considerations like experience, reputation, technical capabilities and reviews. Cost can be another consideration but it should not be the only consideration.

Questions to ask (and answer):

  • Has X company implemented a similar solution to what is needed in my organization and industry?
  • Do they understand how your industry works? Challenges, regulatory environment, compliance requirements, etc/
  • Are they a large, established consulting firm or a smaller firm?
  • Do they have the technical know-how to keep up with your company as it grows?
  • Can your organization afford the company’s services?

5. Check if they can provide ongoing support

A Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation project rarely ends with the official ‘go live’ date. Therefore you need a partner who can provide support on an ongoing basis. Before selecting one, ask them how they will support you on an ongoing basis once the project is complete. Also ask about prices, SLAs and number of support hours.

6. Test their knowledge

Narrow down your list to 4-5 partners and schedule conversations with each of them to gauge their skills.

The essential skills and competencies required would depend on your project and type of consultant (SFMC Developer, SFMC Email Specialist, Automation Specialist, etc). For example, a Developer should be familiar with:

  • Force.com
  • Lighting App Builder
  • Heroku
  • Fuel
  • Developer Console
  • Data modeling, management, and security

However, a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist must have expertise in (among others):

  • A/B or multivariant testing
  • SQL and data transformation
  • AMPScript

Additionally, beyond technical skills, it is important to select a partner who also has soft skills such as:

  • Business empathy: The ability to understand the client’s business needs and recommend solutions tailored to meet those needs.
  • Requirements gathering: The ability to gather clear, concise and accurate requirements so the project can take off smoothly
  • Communication skills: The ability to convey ideas, present facts, discuss business strategies, ensure proper information flow between stakeholders and to help clients with decision-making

Other Crucial Skills for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

  • Awareness of email Marketing best practices
    Awareness of email Marketing best practices
  • Competence in content creation and delivery
    Competence in content creation and delivery
  • Knowledge of email message design
    Knowledge of email message design
  • Hands-on knowledge of marketing automation
    Hands-on knowledge of marketing automation
  • Competence in subscriber and data management
    Competence in subscriber and data management
  • Ability to track campaigns and create reports for business users
    Ability to track campaigns and create reports for business users

7. Check certifications

When you hire a certified professional or agency, you have greater assurance that you will receive quality Salesforce services from experts who will focus on your organization’s needs, provide post-project support as and when needed, and ensure quick issue resolution with minimal downtime.

8. Test for scalability match

Your organization will grow with time. But can the consultant scale with you? Check before hiring!


Automating and optimizing your email marketing campaigns with the advanced integration and segmentation functionalities of SFMC is essential if you wish to get the best out of the platform. Finding the right SFMC specialist should thus be a top priority for every organization that uses SFMC. We hope the above information and tips will help you find the right fit for your organization.

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Most Helpful FAQs

Why should I outsource a Marketing Cloud email specialist?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a tricky and technique-sensitive CRM. It requires technical expertise to use it to the maximum potential. So, if you are looking for dynamic SFMC email templates and quick resolution of coding issues, it is a good idea to hire a marketing cloud email specialist. They have hands-on experience with Email Studio in SFMC. Also, they can create custom data extensions with SQL queries and filters. SFMC specialists are also able to configure and set up data models. Besides, they have a strong business acumen to take your business to newer heights.

How much does it cost to hire a Salesforce Marketing Cloud expert from Email Uplers?

As Salesforce is an enterprise ESP,, we will share the quote based on your requirement and the kind of resources you choose to hire. You can rest assured that our prices are affordable and you will be able to save up to 40% cost.

Can I hire on a part-time basis?

Yes, you can certainly hire on a part-time basis depending upon your requirement.

Will the hired email specialist work in my time zone?

Yes, the hired email specialist will work in your time zone according to the working hours you prefer.

How soon can the hired SFMC specialist start working on my project?

Once you share the requirements, we will go through them thoroughly and then assign the most suitable SFMC expert for you. We try to make this process as quick and hassle-free as possible. Approximately, it takes around 2-4 weeks to onboard the resources.

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