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How to Personalize Emails beyond the ‘First Name’

Hello {{contact.firstname}} ,

This is the most clichéd start to an email that every marketer is accustomed to using in their marketing emails.

With email becoming one of the most dominant marketing channels for customer acquisition and retention, it is important to treat your subscribers as a valued asset. One of the best ways to do so is to create an email template that makes your subscriber feel like an integral part of your brand rather than being just a name on your mailing list. Personalization should thus not be restricted to addressing your subscribers by the first name. Uplers present other personalization alternates you can include in your email marketing strategy.

Customer Touch Points to collect data

Before we jump to learning the different ways of personalized emails, it is important how to farm for the data that can help you create a persona of your subscribers. Let’s consider different touchpoints from where you can legally obtain information about your subscribers.

Different variants of personalization from the collected data

Improved Segmentation

Dynamic Content

Recommendation Email or Replenishment Emails

Location based event notifications

Birthday and Anniversary Email

Customer Loyalty Emails

Progress Report

Wrapping Up:

It feels good when someone acknowledges you and your preferences; your subscribers desire the same from your emails. Even though list segmentation and dynamic content are passive forms of personalization, both are amongst the most effective ones. So, how do you plan to personalize your next campaign?

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