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Today emails are not about batch and blast, they require heavenly spark to stand out in the cluttered inbox. That said; it is now paramount to send emails that appeal to your subscribers which contains equal proportion of relevancy and uniqueness. After introducing interactive graphs and rotating banners for emails, Uplers have come up with an email slider to better your email campaigns.

Advantages of using responsive slider in Email

  • Display multiple products at once

Sliders in emails can be really effective in grasping the readers’ attention as it can easily highlight and promote multiple products at the same time. Since it slides, multiple colors & dimensions can be included to make the products look more appealing.

  • Showcase various benefits in one go

When using sliders in your emails make sure to set on a logical position so all the provided benefits can be attained.

  • Reveal necessary information generating curiosity

The speed of the sliders in your emails can be controlled thus, you can display the amount of information you wish to reveal. This will also make the readers curious.

Limitation & Compatibility of Email Slider

Sliders come with no limitations except for the compatibility. All the major email clients like Apple email and Thunderbird support sliders in email. However, other email clients will provide a smooth and proper fallback of the slider.

Responsive Slider in Email Sample

Grab your sample email to experience the sliding email effect.


  • Retailers who desire to show their all newly launched products in one email.
  • E-commerce websites can use sliders in their emails for multiple reasons like displaying multiple products at the same time, recommended products, product reviews, etc.
  • Banks can promote various offers and plans through sliders.
  • Technological companies can showcase their coupon codes and offers for different industries.
  • Automobile companies can display various features and parts of their automobiles.
  • Tour & Travel companies can display their newly introduced travel packages as well as offered discounts.

Apart from these, there are several other industries which can take the help of sliders to make the most out of their emails.

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