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How To Choose The Right SMTP Service For Email Marketing?

SMTP Service For Email Marketing

In 2021, an estimated 319.6 billion emails were exchanged daily across the globe. This year, that figure has shot up to approximately 333.2 billion. And in the years to follow, it will only balloon up further. The point of stating this is to underline just how vital emails are as a mode of communication. For businesses, it serves as the primary means to reach out to their customers. Given our overwhelming reliance on emails, ensuring that they get dispatched and are delivered soundly to your customer’s inboxes is downright imperative. It is in this very endeavor that an SMTP (Single Mail Transfer Protocol) server comes in handy. 

What is that, you ask? Well, it is a communication protocol that allows you to send and receive emails. Additionally, it also checks if a particular email account sending a message is active or not. I’m sure each one of us has sent an email to an incorrect address at one point or the other. But the real question to ask here is, how did we discover that the address in question was invalid? Because when our email returned back to us, it also informed us that the address we entered was either wrong or didn’t exist. Whose work do you think that is? You guessed it, SMTP servers. With it, you can elevate your email campaign management to the next level. Want to get one for your business? Well, you’re just at the right place. No, we don’t provide SMTP email services, but in this blog, we are going to give you a complete lowdown regarding everything you need to keep in mind while selecting one. 

Before that, however, let us address a few fundamentals. 

How does an SMTP server work?

Ever wondered how this communication protocol actually functions? The points below break it down for you. You can always get in touch with an agency imparting email marketing services to get a complete understanding as well.

What Is The Significance Of SMTP Servers?

SMTP servers are an indispensable component of your email marketing toolkit, for they are largely responsible for making sure your emails reach your contacts without fail. Upon hitting the send button, your email morphs into a string of code. Without an SMTP server, this would never get processed and delivered to your recipients. However, their virtues run way richer than that. Let’s take a detailed look at them below. 

How To Select The Ideal SMTP Service

In this section, we list out all the critical factors you must take into account while picking out an SMTP service.


Ultimately, the kind of SMTP service you choose needs to boil down to one fundamental requirement- your business needs. If you are a small or mid-sized business, you might not need to purchase a sophisticated server that has a vast suite of features. While the pros of a feature-intensive server are many, do keep in mind the fact that complex servers lean towards the slower side. Not to mention the steep learning curve that they demand. So, if your objectives are being met by a relatively modest server, you should invest in it sans any second thought. Similarly, if you are running a multinational conglomerate, opting for a complex server will prove to be the ideal course of action for you. 


If there’s any sentiment that unites all business owners out there, it’s the desire to grow their business perpetually. As your business goes from strength to strength, it is extremely crucial that it is supported by the appropriate hardware as well. Hence, when choosing an SMTP service, scalability must be one of your foremost concerns. It must be able to function as desired in the face of your customers and send volume growing manifold.


If you’re not from a technical background, wrapping your head around SMTP servers can prove to be pretty challenging. Therefore, before locking in on an SMTP service, research the kind of support they offer. Go through online reviews and customer testimonials to get a clearer picture. It is also ideal to try and identify experts in your area who are fluent with the SMTP system you are planning to invest in. 

Reporting Metrics

If you are prudent with the selection of your SMTP service, you can really get on top of your campaign’s performance. The best services out there share with you a plethora of essential insights, including the number of messages delivered, click percentages, bounce rates, and opening percentages. These metrics help you understand how your customers are responding to and interacting with your messages, allowing you to gauge the efficacy of their campaigns.

Data Security

Data is your business’s primary currency; thus, its integrity and safety need to be guaranteed at all times. Certain SMTP services offer server infrastructures hosted in countries where your data, both physical and digital, are protected by federal laws and absolutely impervious to any requests made to access it, irrespective of who has issued it (Switzerland is an example of one such country).

Best SMTP Services In The Market

Below, we mention a few SMTP services that are highly popular among businesses at present.



Amazon SES

To help you make the most of your selected SMTP server, you can always consider partnering up with a dedicated agency that specializes in email campaign management

Wrapping It Up

While choosing the right SMTP service is, no doubt, a tricky affair, we hope the insights shared above will make your hunt easier. If you have any queries you feel we can address, please leave them in the comments section. 

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