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Urgency in Emails – Countdown Inspirations

Why do you often meet the deadlines of a given task at work? Because of the urgency. gotcha! Urgency has a direct influence on human psychology which makes them pro-active so as to finish the incomplete task. That said; urgency in email acts as a stimulus, thus improving the click through rate as well as the conversion rates. So, how do create urgency in your emails? Countdown in emails is the answer to it.

Well, in our earlier blog, we had discussed about the impact of countdown in emails and how does it create urgency among the readers. Now, let’s experience some divine countdown in emails inspiration straight from the Uplers.

1) Flybuys

2) 7 for all mankind

3) Xfinity

4) Radioshack

5) OfficeMax

6) The Home Depot


8) Littlemissmatched

9) LEE

10) Aerie

11) Halfords

12) GAP

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