What is COUNTERS in email

Fashioning a sense of urgency in an email with countdowns to promote any sale, event, or any other communication; affects your email campaign positively. Countdown makes the email look exclusive & preeminent.


Countdown in emails is compatible across all platforms. However, Outlook & Lotus will render the images if they are provided proper fallback support.


  • Ecommerce sites have a big churn of products. They can offer discounts on different products for a limited period of time through email with the help of countdown in emails.
  • Event companies can use countdown in emails to send reminder to the attendees about the event.
  • Banks while offering a limited period loan offer to customers can also take the advantage of countdown in email to show the validity of the offer.
  • Automobile industry can send emails with countdown before the launch of their new car.
  • Retailers wanting to inform their readers about the expiry of the ongoing offer or expiry of the abandoned products in the cart can also use countdown in email.

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