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5 Reasons That Indicate You Must Change Your Email Marketing Agency

Reasons You Must Change Your Email Marketing Agency

Your business uses email. As do hundreds and thousands of your competitors. So, how can your email marketing efforts tower above theirs? It all boils down to who you have chosen to steer your ship- yes, we are talking about an email marketing agency. Email has plenty to give, but to mine it effectively, you need to partner up with the right email marketing agency. With options galore in the market, it is anything but an easy choice to make. But what if you are already availing of the services of a particular agency? In that case, you need to evaluate whether you are getting the right bang for your buck. And that’s precisely what this article intends to help you out with.

Should your agency be underperforming, you will definitely observe the five signs we have listed today. Read on to check if any of them seem familiar.

1. Your Audience Engagement Rates Are Going Down

Keep in mind that millions of emails bombard your target audience on a daily basis. To earn their attention, thus, the design and content of your emails must be top-notch. Content and design trends are extremely dynamic within the email marketing landscape. If the campaigns designed by your email marketing agency fail to take stock of them, you will find your audience engagement rates decreasing steadily.

To prevent this, look to it that your agency implements the following best practices.

On the content front:

Here are a few examples of emails that absolutely hit the bull’s eye with their copy.

On the design front:

Take a look at these stunning templates to get your creative juices flowing.

2. Your Email Deliverability Is Down In The Dumps

Imagine merging your days and nights to create your campaigns, only to discover that they are not even landing in your subscribers’ inboxes. Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly why email deliverability is among the topmost priorities of every agency out there. However, if yours is not doing its job properly, you’ll find a lot of your emails bouncing from your recipient’s inboxes, plummeting the performance of your campaigns in the process.

So, what possible oversights by your agency might be costing you a healthy deliverability rate? Take a look.

3. Your Performance Is Not Being Measured Properly

Successfully executing an email campaign isn’t the end of the line. Equally important is to monitor how your subscribers are responding to it. To do so, your email marketing agency must devise a foolproof email campaign report. That, in turn, must include the following metrics.

If your agency’s campaign report doesn’t have the above metrics, identifying and fixing the potholes in your plans will become extremely difficult.

4. You Are Gaining New Leads At A Painstakingly Slow Pace

Acquiring new customers is critical to a business’ sustenance and growth. To do so, they take the help of signup or opt-in forms. But, if your email marketing agency fails to curate it properly, adding new contacts to your mailing list will become a Herculean task. 

Here are a few things agencies should keep in mind while designing email signup forms.

5. Your Customer Retention Rates Are Reducing Drastically

Automation and personalization play a pivotal role in modern-day email marketing. If your email marketing agency is not adept at executing complex automation workflows and implementing personalization, your campaigns will naturally suffer. 

Listed below are a few grounds where they might be coming up short.

Wrapping It Up

It goes without saying, if any of the above signs look familiar to you, discuss the requirements with your agency. And if that too does not work, start looking for a new email marketing agency at the earliest. Only a well-oiled agency can treat you to the extraordinary delicacies this evergreen marketing channel has to offer!

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