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8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a White Label Email Agency

Why Should Hire a White Label Email Agency

White label services have been around for quite a long time. But, they have gotten more popular in recent times. Are you familiar with the concept of ghostwriting? A third person writes something for you with your author byline. Or consider someone serving as a body double for an actor in an action movie. That’s exactly how white label email marketing agencies work. They do the job but give the credit to the client. 

Now, consider the task of email marketing. There are so many intricate processes involved in it. Right from the conceptualization to the deployment, various departments work in close collaboration to ensure the smooth execution of an email marketing strategy. Wouldn’t it be great if someone else does it all for you without anyone else getting the slightest hint about it? Here’s where a white label email agency can be of great help. 

Whether you are a brand looking for someone to handle their in-house emails or an agency looking for someone to do it for clients, a white label email agency is suitable in both scenarios. You can decide to go for white label services based on the limitations and competencies of your organization. With outsourcing, you can render flawless email marketing services for your business and clients alike. 

Having said that, we shall now walk through all the reasons why a white label agency can be the perfect partner for your email needs. 

1. It helps cut unnecessary costs

No matter how well you plan your finances and marketing budget, it is quite likely to get messed up. By hiring a white label email agency, you can rest assured about your overall expenses. It eliminates the need to hire an in-house email marketing team. You don’t have to spend on recruitment and training of the resources when you hire an agency. It will also spare you of the infrastructure and overhead costs. If you hire an agency like Email Uplers, you will also be able to cut down on the costs involved in purchasing premium tools. For example: We provide email templates tested in tools like Litmus and Email on Acid. So, you don’t have to allocate any in-house budget for these tools. 

2. It helps save time

No need of posting any job openings, shortlisting candidates, arranging interviews, evaluating the assignments, negotiating salaries, onboarding resources, or training them. 

It will save all the time it takes to look for an ideal candidate, conduct their interview, and then contemplate over the hiring process. You can use these man-hours in formulating strategies to drive faster business growth. A full-service email agency will take care of the entire email campaign management. As a result, it will cut down the time taken to deal with clients. 

3. It minimizes the pressure of keeping up with the tasks

When you hire an in-house team, you have to think about training them, engaging them, retaining them, and managing them well. In addition, you also have to keep up with the daily tasks like conceptualizing the email, getting it designed and coded, deploying it at the right time, and tracking its performance. All this is easier said than done. It can get too overwhelming for an average professional. With an email agency by your side, you can count on them for timely execution of all these tasks and more.

4. It offers flexibility with resources and pricing

There are chances that you have a huge flow of email jobs during the Holidays and slack season during some other days. An email agency allows you to pay-as-you-go. Unlike an in-house team that works on monthly payroll irrespective of the work done, an agency gives you the liberty to scale the resources up or down as needed. For instance: Email Uplers lets you hire temporary resources to keep up with the workload in the Holiday season. Once the Holidays come to an end, you can scale down the resources. There are no complicated contracts or payment terms. You can either choose project-based pricing or dedicated resources according to your requirements. You also get to decide if you want to pay monthly, yearly, or go for the wallet model. There are a range of services to choose from. Email template production, automation, data integration and migration, campaign management, or modular email templates — 

5. It will help you retain customers and cater to new ones

Assume you are a digital marketing agency with minimum expertise in email marketing. You offer content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing services to your clients but you want to explore email marketing services too. So, hiring an agency is a great idea for you. More often than not, a client who has invested in your digital marketing services would love to try email marketing services too. You can pitch in your email marketing services and once you get a client, you can outsource the requirements to an agency. Sounds like a plan, right? It will not only help in retaining the customers and increasing the ticket size but also contribute to customer acquisition. As you will be able to bridge the gaps for the proficiency you lack, it will enable you to diversify your offerings. 

6. A white label email agency will ensure client satisfaction

As there are a number of tasks involved in executing email marketing strategy, there is a possibility of mismanagement. If you hire an agency, you can trust them with error-free delivery of your email marketing campaigns. Email Uplers offers email campaign management at 99.98% error-free rate. They can address the client’s concerns promptly without letting any timezone barriers get in the way. Seamless communication and flawless execution will lead to satisfied clients. It will, in turn, bring you referrals and expand your business.

7. You get access to pre-vetted talent

An agency will offer you certified resources who are experts in their respective niche. Hiring a white label agency will allow you to work with these professionals as your extended team. As an instance, Email Uplers has Marketo certified associates and Salesforce certified experts to take care of your email campaign needs. By hiring us, you can work with all these professionals like they are your in-house employees. We are partners with ESPs like Mailchimp, Braze, and Klaviyo. Plus we have expertise in 50+ ESPs. All these perquisites are possible only by outsourcing. 

8. You get all the services with your branding by hiring a white label agency

Lastly, let me recapitulate what I have already said. 

The most important thing about working with a white label agency is that no one comes to know who is working on your email strategy behind the curtain. The agency manages everything so meticulously that you will only have happy and returning clients for your business. 

Let me share a personally annoying experience with you. 

Recently, I wanted to get my toddler’s photoshoot done from one of the most accomplished photographers in the city. Everything went great till she revealed that all the photos will have “XYZ photography” watermarked and I could not get it removed. 

Now, imagine all the beautiful pictures with an unsightly watermark right in the middle. It would ruin the experience, right? That’s why white label services are so valuable. They do the task for you keeping your branding guidelines in mind and without sharing the credit.  

Wrapping Up

There are many tools that are great at creating awesome emails. But most of them come with a signature – “Created with ABC tool”. An email agency helps you do away with this signature and build a powerful email strategy that is sure to make heads turn. If you are looking for a reliable and qualified team to handle everything email, hire a white label email agency. They will do the job without letting anyone else know who is behind all the awesome work. 

Note that if you want to be honest about it, you can always let your clients know that you are outsourcing your tasks to an agency. 

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