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From helping amass new customers to letting you carve a unique brand identity, email helps your business in myriad ways. And one of the best ways to maximize the potential of email marketing lies in leveraging automation. To be able to achieve this, you need skilled and seasoned email marketing automation experts. This is where we can help.

Our automation specialists can set up simple as well as complex workflows catering to every stage of your customer’s journey. We are experts in setting up Welcome, Post-purchase, Promotional, Cart Abandonment, Nurture, Win-back and Lead nurture email series. No matter which ESP you use, our automation specialists can set, manage, and optimize your workflows.

Automation makes it possible for you to send your customers the right message at the right time, thereby ensuring that you constantly stay on their radars, doing a whole world of good to your engagements and conversions in the process.


Automation for Various Needs

Email automation isn’t a one trick pony. Our automation wizards will help you employ a variety of workflows such as welcome series, cart abandonment series, re-engagement series, product recommendation series, post-purchase series, and the like to amplify your interaction and engagement levels, ultimately helping you drive improved results.

Customized Workflows

Our skilled experts will carefully monitor the interactions and activities of your customers to set up customized workflows that correspond faultlessly to the same. These workflows, subsequently, will allow you to level up your personalization game, strengthening customer relationships and increasing retention rates.

Workflow Maintenance and Optimization

Armed with years of industry experience, our automation champions know better than to stop at simply implementing the workflows. Once they are in effect, the dedicated resource will chart out a meticulous upkeep blueprint, scanning the workflows for loopholes and optimizing them continuously as per the pulse of your customers.

Build Simple and Complex Journeys

Depending on where your customers are in the sales funnel, our email automation specialists will help you craft journeys of varying complexity to engage them effectively. This enables you to always send relevant information to your consumer irrespective of the stage they are occupying in the customer lifecycle.

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Our email marketing automation experts will help you convert your prospects into customers irrespective of the stage of their journey. Just share your email marketing calendar and/or the copy with us and we'll execute the best email automation strategy.

Result Driving

Our automation experts have a thorough understanding of email performance metrics and benchmarks and focus on constantly optimizing your workflow to get the best results.

Email Resource

You can hire an automation specialists of your choice at a cost as low as $1750. What’s more, you do not have any obligation of hiring our resources full-time. You can hire part-time or on a per-project basis as per your requirements.

Experienced Email
Marketing Experts

Whichever ESP you use, our email automation specialists can set up workflows and journeys as per your email marketing goals. We have automation experts of varying levels of expertise on deck so that you can choose one who best suits your requirements.


Our marketing automation experts keep themselves updated with all the latest industry trends and developments, forever eager to put their newfound knowledge and insights into action while tackling your problem statements.

Support and

After your campaigns and workflows are made live, our specialists remain on standby throughout to lend support whenever required. Additionally, they constantly monitor the state of their deliverables to ensure everything is functioning as desired.

Time Zone

Our resources align with your way of working and processes to become an extended arm of your team, working for you according to your time zone

A Managed Team, That's All You Need.
No more dull days. Now sail through your business operations with ease.

Match your needs with the skills and experience of Automation Expert

You can choose from 3 levels of automation managers based on the skills and experience you need for your email automation management.

Skills Junior Level Middle Level Senior Level
Monthly price starts at (Non Enterprise ESP Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Campaign monitor and Hubspot) $1750 Per resource $2500 Per resource $3500 Per resource
Enterprise ESP(Salesforce, Marketo, Braze, Adobe Campaign and Eloqua) Customized quotation can be shared based on requirements Customized quotation can be shared based on requirements Customized quotation can be shared based on requirements
Years of Email Development experience 1-3 3-5 5+
Manage email, segmentation, deliverability, copy and design approaches
Able to import, segment list and able to work on data hygiene and data validation
Set up & manage scheduling, testing, deployment of email campaigns along with effective QA process Basic Intermediate Advanced
A/B & Multivariate Testing of campaigns
Manage production of emails, dynamic emails, landing pages, pop-ups, banners in DIY ESP
Drive insights out of reports on the performance of each campaign
Identify deliverability issues & solution to resolve them
Drive results for every campaign
Setup, execute and manage multi-channel automation programs
Planning productivity improvement on assets production for every clients on their campaigns.
Awareness of Javascripts and its use cases,
Strategise IP warming and setting up new account
Awareness with relational database concept and SQL queries
Able to drive strategy and work to grow the business
Troubleshoot technical issues related to HTML templates, list segmentation and other aspects of email execution, as required.
Able to built custom digital solutions
Awareness of functioning of different CRMs

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Most Helpful FAQs

Why do I need an Email Marketing Automation Expert?

If you are looking for a professional to set up email workflows, an email marketing automation expert can help. Our automation specialists can build simple and complex workflows that align with every stage of the customer's journey. We are experts in setting up various workflows like welcome, post-purchase, promotional, cart abandonment, and win-back series according to different triggers.

Why do I need an Email Marketing Automation Specialist?

If you are looking for a professional to set up email workflows, an email marketing automation expert can help. Our automation specialists can build simple and complex workflows that align with every stage of the customer's journey. We are experts in setting up various workflows like welcome, post-purchase, promotional, cart abandonment, and win-back series according to different triggers.

What makes your email automation service unique?

What makes us unique is our in-house resources who can help with all your email automation needs. We have automation experts trained in 50+ ESPs including enterprise ESPs like Marketo, Salesforce, Braze, and Klaviyo. You can hire a part-time or full-time resource according to your business needs.

What is the cost of hiring an email automation expert?

You can hire an email automation expert of your choice at a cost as low as USD 1750 per month. It is affordable and helps save up to 40% of your overall cost.

What are the benefits of hiring a full-time email marketing automation specialist?

A full-time email automation specialist will work as an extended team member for your business. They will clearly understand your business goals and how you want the automation workflows to work. They will follow your flowchart and efficiently convert it into functional automation workflow, which also includes creating rule-sets, segmentations etc.

Can you migrate email marketing automation expertise to email marketing campaign management services?

Yes, we offer migration services to transition your email marketing automation experts or specialists to comprehensive email marketing campaign management services. Contact us to learn more about this migration process.

Can you migrate an email-marketing automation expert/specialist to an email marketing campaign manager?

Absolutely! Our migration services are designed to seamlessly transition your email-marketing automation expert or specialist into the role of an email marketing campaign manager. This migration involves expanding their responsibilities to include overseeing the entire lifecycle of email campaigns, from strategy development to execution and analysis. As a campaign manager, they'll coordinate with various teams, manage resources, optimize campaign performance, and ensure alignment with overall marketing objectives. This transition empowers them to leverage their automation expertise within a broader strategic context, driving even greater impact and effectiveness in your email marketing efforts. Contact us to learn more about how we can facilitate this migration process and maximize the potential of your email marketing team.

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