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Our automation specialists can set up simple as well as complex workflows catering to every stage of your customer’s journey. We are expert in setting up Welcome, Post-purchase, Promotional, Cart Abandonment, Nurture, Win-back and Lead nurture email series. No matter which ESP you use, our automation experts can set, manage and optimize your workflows.

WHY HIRE OUR Automation Expert

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    resources starting
    at $30/Hr

    You can hire an Automation Expert of your choice at a cost as low as $30/Hr.

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    Skilled EXPERTS

    Choose an Automation Expert as per need of your project, ESP & experience level required.

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    The Automation Expert will be all set to start your project within 5 days.

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    Hire as & when you need! With Email Uplers, you get the flexibility to hire full-time or part-time experts on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis.


    Your dedicated resource aligns with your way of working and processes to become an extended arm of your team, working for you according to your time zone.


    Our automation experts have thorough understanding of email performance metrics and benchmarks and focus on constantly optimizing your workflow to get the best results.

  • Multi-ESP

    Whichever ESP you use, our email automation specialists can set up workflows and journeys as per your email marketing goals.


    All our resources are thoroughly screened and evaluated for their skills.

Meet our rockstars

  • Pratik

    Marketo Certified Associate

    Pratik Bhatt

    Marketo Certified Associate, 9 Years


    With over 9 years of professional experience in the industry, Pratik is our Senior Email Marketing Manager. He is the maven everyone in the team looks up to when it comes to Marketo. He lives and breathes Email Marketing.  

  • Priyanka

    Marketo Certified Associate

    Priyanka Patel

    Senior CRM Manager, 7 Years


    Priyanka is our Senior CRM Manager with 7 years of experience in the industry. Motivated and skilled, she is our wonder woman who creates email programs like no other. And when it comes to Marketo, she’s certainly the go-to expert.

  • Jinay

    Salesforce Certified Email Specialist

    Jinay Shah

    Campaign Manager, 2 Years


    A Campaign Management executive with 2 years of industry experience, Jinay is a hands-on Salesforce Certified Email Specialist. Any campaign hiccup to deal with, and all eyes turn to Jinay for sureshot solutions. 

  • Parthvi

    Marketo Certified Associate

    Parthvi Shah

    HTML Developer, 4 Years


    Parthvi is a passionate HTML Developer with 4 years of experience in the email industry. She excels in designing and coding email templates and landing pages; in fact, she’s one of the best we have when it comes to Marketo expertise.

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Match your needs with the skills and experience of Automation Expert

You can choose from 3 levels of Campaign managers based on the skills and experience you need for your email campaign management.

Skills Skilled Experience Experts
Monthly price Starts at $2750Per resource $3500Per resource $4500Per resource
Years of Email Development experience 1+ 2+ 3+
ESP expertise (Setup, execute and manage email automation programs ) DIY ESPs such as Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Dotmailer, etc. All DIY and EnterpriseESPs such as SFMC,Marketo, Hubspot,Mailchimp, CampaignMonitor, etc. All DIY and Enterprise ESPs such as SFMC, Marketo, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, etc.
Manage email, segmentation, deliverability, copy and design approaches
Able to import, segment list and able to work on data hygiene and data validation
Set up & manage scheduling, testing, deployment of email campaigns along with effective QA process Basic Intermediate Advanced
A/B & Multivariate Testing of campaigns
Manage production of emails, dynamic emails, landing pages, pop-ups, banners in DIY ESP
Drive insights out of reports on the performance of each campaign
Identify deliverability issues & solution to resolve them
Drive results for every campaign
Setup, execute and manage multi-channel automation programs
Planning productivity improvement on assets production for every clients on their campaigns.
Awareness of Javascripts and its use cases,
Strategise IP warming and setting up new account
Awareness with relational database concept and SQL queries
Able to drive strategy and work to grow the business
Troubleshoot technical issues related to HTML templates, list segmentation and other aspects of email execution, as required.
Able to built custom digital solutions
Awareness of functioning of different CRMs

How Email Uplers Helped Weight Watchers

Everything from Email Campaigns to ESP Migration. And Beyond!

Say YES to Uplers! Over the past 2+ years, we’ve worked with Uplers, we consider them part of the Weight Watchers’ family. We’re now looking at additional solutions for them to help us with, including campaign services as well as an additional developer as our workload continues to grow with them over time. They are a trusted partner, and we appreciate how quickly they are able to turn projects around for us. We would recommend Uplers to any company, big or small.

Natasha Navab Tehrani

Marketing Associate - CRM, Offer &
Pricing, Weight Watchers

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