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Top 8 Business Email Examples to Revamp your Campaigns

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As an email marketer, your email marketing to-do list looks something like this:

Prep precise Email Copy
Segment your Email Marketing List
Set up Lead Nurture Workflow
Generate Opt-Ins

Yikes! Isn’t there anything interesting left in email marketing?

Thankfully, there are some brands out there that have indulged themselves in creating emails that are beautiful and at the same time serve kind of fun. If you want something really compelling for your next email campaign, check out the following business email examples:

A. Grilli Type Foundry Design Industry

• Red+Blue+Black= Powerful color choices
• Cartoon characters with big block of colors at the top of newsletter to draw people in.
• Introduced new typeface GT Eesti by describing GT Eesti display and design.

B. Shuka Design Bureau

• Premiered new comic series T’s Charlotte in form of descriptive letter
• Glimpse of portfolio discussed and paired those short descriptions with high quality images
• Call-to-action to Shukagram, Facebook, and Behance.

2. Social Print Studio Printing Industry

• Well-crafted product-sale email to promote Print Studio app.
• Conversation layout to announce 15% off offer on downloading it for iPhone and iPad.
• CTA at the end to individual team member’s Instagram accounts and company’s official Instagram account.

3. Pinterest and Instagram Social Media

• Email to show recent activity of your friends and followers.
• Clever way to involve subscribers in new kinds of pins.
• Retention email to bring more activity in user’s account and involve them more in the app.

4. Mr. Fogg’s Tavern Hotel Industry

• Announcement email with subject line Now landed on St. Martin’s Lane!
• Vintage theme email with three distinctly different fonts.
• Described the different areas of place in the form of a stage performance.
• Not to miss out the vintage social handles at the end of the email! (Clap Clap)

5. Freelancer Service Industry

• Addressed the common problem faced and presented themselves as the solution of same.
• Promoted the message of Do your job, not someone else’s.
• Well described the reasons on why you should hire a freelancer and get your shit done with much ease and perfection.

6. Indiemark Email Marketing Agency

• Minimal use of designs.
• Enlisted all the services provided by the email marketing agency with strong quirky images.

7. The Hustle Media/Publishing House

• Best of all listed in this category.
• No image support, yet delivered the best welcome email plausible.
• Described amazingly how much they are happy on having the new subscriber in their email list
• Narrated the whole chaos that took place at their workplace and how each and every person responded to the news of having new subscriber.
• Lastly, lured the subscriber for hitting like on their social buttons by offering incentive of watching video of one of the employees doing push-ups due to the happiness of having you as subscriber.

8. Warby Parker Lifestyle Industry

• Described unexpected uses of your sunglasses.
• Introduced their new collection named Sun Collective but described its use for everything else than sunlight itself.
• Some funny uses like Read a sad book and Make 2 A.M bathroom trips surely tickles subscribers funny bone.


Unique ideas are always appreciated- So, always make sure you end up with something out-of-the-box for your next email marketing campaign.
Throw away the myth of “Image Compulsion” in an email. The Hustle can be your best motivation.
Everyone cherishes a little bit of laughter. Tickle the funny bone of your subscribers. By doing so, your email will reside not only in their inbox but even in their minds.

Agonized at how to design a perfect email template for your business? Let Uplers work for you!
What are the companies that have you noticed are pro at creating incredible business email marketing campaigns? Let us know in the comments below!

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