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8 Proven Dos and Don’ts to Create Effective Email Campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Virtually every successful brand agrees that if there is one Digital Marketing initiative that yields some of their best results – better quality leads, more conversions, better customer experiences, and ultimately, happier customers – it’s email marketing.

If you’re a B2C email marketer, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (“SFMC”) is one of the best ESPs out there. It’s packed with amazing features to help you (and your SFMC specialist) create stunning Salesforce email campaigns that your customers will want to open and engage with.

Ready to create an amazing Salesforce email campaign with SFMC? Read this guide first!


#1: Segment your audience

Today’s customers are looking for more than just transactional relationships with their favorite brands. They’re looking for experiences. Still, many email marketers make one elementary mistake with their campaigns – they send the same campaign out to everyone. When you do this to your subscribers, you will lose them, possibly forever. That’s why segmenting your audience is so crucial.

SFMC provides a number of tools such as Journey Builder and Email Studio to help you effectively and easily segment your audience.

Tips for effective segmentation in SFMC:

#2: Create personalized content and tailored emails

We can’t stress this enough! No one likes to receive emails that start with “Dear User” or “To whomsoever it may concern”. 

People also don’t appreciate emails that look as though they were meant for someone else. A few years ago, a well-known eCommerce company sent out a ‘baby registry’ email to people with no babies on the way!

You can easily create personalized content in your Salesforce email campaigns using Email Studio in SFMC. Make sure your SFMC specialist:

Some more content personalization tips for SFMC:

#3: Create mobile-optimized emails

In 2019, mobile was the most popular reading environment, accounting for 42% of all email opens. (Source:

If your email campaigns are not mobile-optimized, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for greater conversions, engagement and even sales.

Tips to create mobile-ready email templates:

#4: Pay attention to email deliverability

You and your SFMC email specialist worked hard to create a memorable email campaign. You segmented your audience, created amazing content, personalized every email – but the campaign still didn’t yield the results you were hoping for. Open rates are low and click-through rates are even lower.

One reason for these poor results could be traced to poor deliverability.

“If your emails aren’t getting delivered, then email marketing is a massive waste of time and money.”

–Neil Patel

Email deliverability is when an email successfully arrives in the recipient’s inbox. Poor deliverability usually happens because the email landed in the recipient’s ‘spam’ folder OR because their email address is invalid.

To improve email deliverability in SFMC:

#5: Perform A/B testing before sending emails

Before sending out an email, test it on a small group within your target audience. This will help you make any necessary changes before sending out the final version, and thus increase your chances of success.

SFMC provides a powerful A/B testing feature. Have your SFMC specialist configure A/B testing in SFMC and create two versions of your email with different variables (subject line, content, images, etc.).

Then send each email out to a different test audience. Track which version receives the highest open or click-through rates and send that version to all your remaining subscribers.

Here are a few tips to run a successful A/B test  for your email campaign:

And now, on to the next important part of this guide: the don’ts for SFMC email marketing.


#1: Reinvent the wheel – use SFMC email templates

If your next Salesforce email campaign is strictly time-bound, you need a way to quickly create and execute it – without compromising on quality, usefulness or deliverability. Use SFMC email templates with Content Builder in Email Studio.

To get the most value out of your Salesforce email templates, use these strategies:

#2: Ignore the need for data migration, cleaning and integration

If you’re migrating from another ESP to SFMC, you must migrate or integrate all data into SFMC before you start working on a new campaign. Keep these best practices in mind:

#3: Forget to track performance

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Luckily, SFMC provides a number of tools to help you do both. With its powerful tracking and analytics capabilities, you can easily review the performance of your email marketing campaigns and optimize your email marketing approach over time.

Email Studio has a tracking feature so you can:

Here are some more analytics tools in SFMC that are super helpful:

Wrap Up

To make the most of your email marketing efforts and ensure that you’re reaching the right people with your Salesforce email campaign, keep these Dos and Don’ts in mind. They have worked for hundreds of organizations and they’ll surely work for you!

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