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New Year Email Inspirations Of Brands To Inspire Your Next One!

New year inspirations

2021 has almost come to an end, believe it or not! This also means that marketers have one last chance to hit their targets. And what better way to wish their audiences a memorable New Year?

So let’s dive in and look at the top new year emails from brands around the world that you can check to inspire your 2022 Happy New Year emails!

1. Quizlet

Subject Line: 6 step plan for 2021 resolutions and new lo-fi guitar music

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This is an example of a good, minimalist New Year email. The brand not only does an excellent job of sending a holiday email (with awesome use of whitespace) at the right time but hits the right chord with the theme of New Year’s resolution. Quizlet offers a guide on how to make the most of the next year, setting a concise plan for customers that is easy to follow!

And that’s not all. Did you notice the sneaky curated mix of Lo-fi guitar mix at the end? What an excellent way to give a treat for those who have tuned in to the whole email! Including something like this gives the message that the brand takes into account the entire study experience of the receiver, adding quite a polished touch.


Subject Line: Get 65% off Gravit Designer PRO this New Year!

This happy new year email template from Gravit Designer takes the festivities up a notch by including a power deal in the email itself! Something along the lines of 65% off is usually seen around the annual Black Friday sale. So including it in the New Year email is a pleasant surprise for subscribers. Such a strategy hits two birds with one stone:

Including the tool’s features list in the New year email itself is a nice touch that would increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) and warm the lead enough for better conversions!

3. Zenscale

Subject Line: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sometimes, it helps to keep things simple. This New Year Email from Zenscale is a reminder that if you are not in a position to go big on offers or innovation, why not drop a simple Happy New Year wish?
This is not a bad strategy if your subscriber base is significant in size, with a lot of inactive users on the platform. It can help you rekindle that connection and remind your subscribers of why they signed up in the first place. A simple but effective hack to capture attention in the holiday season! Make sure the design of the email is attractive and colors vibrant.

Bonus: Also, notice the subtle invitation for subscribers to follow the brand on social media at the end, bringing in more engagement to other key platforms that matter to the brand.

4. Bonobos

Subject Line: Our Predictions for 2021

As a fashion brand, what is even better than sharing an updated list of products with your prospects? A curated list of fashionable and trendy outfits that can be bought on your website at a time when the festive spirit is high. Bonobos does this with ease in our next new year email example, grabbing the attention with a catchy headline that delivers the New Year lingo.

Not only is this a great way to garner a better email open rate, but pairing it with a worthy email copy would boost the CTR as well. Bonobos does it all in this email – headline, email body, images, CTAs, etc. And all this with the aim of dictating the fashion in the upcoming year by setting the precedence in style!

5. OkCupid

Subject Line: Today is a GOOD day to be single!

This new year wish from OkCupid comes with a simple and witty reminder that directly ties with the brand’s product offering. New Year is often a time of loneliness and introspection for single people in terms of their love life. By addressing such feelings head-on, the brand does a great job of being a ‘friend’ to the subscriber, something that they are more likely to value than a simple discount or holiday deal.

And what’s more? The email even shares the latest product updates that make the platform even better, making it relevant for both old and new users. Finally, a simple yet bold CTA at the end perfectly ties up the message, promising a simple solution to the subscriber’s holiday woes.

6. Practo

Subject Line: Alright 2020, that is a wRAP for you!

A doctor rapping about 2020 and wishing you a Happy New Year – can it get any crazier? Believe it or not, this was the actual New Year email that Practo sent out in Jan 2021, clocking a whopping 85,000+ views on the embedded Youtube link of the video.

It seems like that the idea was to end a roller coaster of a year on a lighter note. This is an inviting change from the connotation in which Practo’s medical app is usually used (it is a platform that connects Doctors with patients).

And notice how at the end of the email, the brand also lists the value propositions, reminding prospects of what they can get out of the app.

What Should You Include In Your New Year Email?

These examples above show that brands need not reinvent the wheel every time they send out a new year message. The key is to keep it simple and relevant, something that gives the recipient a reason to read the email and remember your brand at a time of celebration.

In case, you’re looking for some helpful content to include in your next New Year email, here’s a quick guide:

The key is to not overwhelm the email with discounts or deals that may look too commercial. The holiday theme needs to be a part of your brand’s DNA, not a mere ‘add on’.

And lastly, don’t forget to send out emails with a call to action. It can be anything from social media sharing, signing up for your new year offers, or even an invitation to try out a paid service.

Wrapping Up

As long as you have a real New Year message to send out, you will find that the subscribers are still active and open to engagement. Happy emailing and a very Happy New Year in advance!

How did you find these brands’ creative New Year email messages? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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