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10 New Year Email Inspirations To Get Your 2023 Off To A Rollicking Start!

New Year Email Inspirations

Such is the relentless march of time, that the boundaries between two successive years now seem increasingly blurrier than ever before. As I write this, we are some 20-odd days from 2023. For someone, who’s mentally grazing the comfortable pastures of 2019, this is a ridiculous amount of information to process. But, I digress. This blog isn’t about my unenviable coping mechanism with the flipping of the years; it’s about the finest email marketers and brands among us who grace this occasion with their jaw-dropping campaigns. 

Starting the year on a high is essential, for it can set the tone for the days to follow. This is why businesses treat their new year email campaigns with incredible gravity. But, creativity is a funny thing. It eludes us when we need it the most. Thankfully, there’s no dearth of stunning inspirations around us, just the tonic we need to get our thinking gears into full swing. Today, we have presented a selection of the finest new year email examples to give you just the headstart you need with your own campaigns. Ready to dive deep into them? Let’s go!

1. Lucky Brand

Subject line: Cheers To The End Of The Year!

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Lucky Brand’s new year emailer is neat and visually striking and gets its message across in a few words, an approach I am completely in favor of. You see, customer inboxes during this time of the year are obscenely crowded. So, it’s fair to assume that they are highly likely to skim past emails where the content is presented in the form of long and winding paragraphs. Aiming for brevity, thus, will most definitely elevate your success rates. 

Another thing worth appreciating in this email is its single column layout- this promotes accessibility (making your email more palatable for screen reader users) as well as keeps you free from overlapping columns, misplaced images, overflowing text, and a whole lot of other rendering issues that frequently occur while using multi-column layouts. Lucky Brand’s commitment to email accessibility can also be seen in the mindfulness they have observed with the foreground-background contrast. Although the email uses two starkly different background colors, it takes care to curate the foreground accordingly, making sure the contrast is never short of ideal. 

2. Avon

Subject line: Happy New Year

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Many brands launch a new slate of products during New Year’s. If you’re planning to do the same, let Avon’s email over here be your guide. Their product display section, in particular. Besides using high-quality images of items, they have cleverly punctuated the background with a creative visualization of the specific product’s contents. This not only takes the visual appeal of the email to the next level but also helps the viewer understand exactly what they’re looking at, even without reading the title. 

3. Mya Bay

Subject line: Happy New Year !

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Year-in-reviews make for highly engaging content, but at the same time, they can be information-intensive as well. Hence, if you are taking this route, you need to ensure that your design game is top-notch, just like Mya Bay have done over here. 

Their design language here ticks all the right boxes- it is perfectly in line with the brand’s persona, it helps the viewers distinguish between different sections without relying on the content, it is uncluttered, and of course, it looks drop-dead gorgeous. In fact, if I’m being completely honest, I was a tad bit disappointed that the timeline HAD to be brought to a close post November-December; I wouldn’t tire of spending a dozen more scrolls on this kind of visual presentation. 

4. Tiny Tags

Subject line: A recap of our fave pieces, tags and words.

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During the holiday season, your email list is very likely to undergo a seasonal growth courtesy of customers who subscribe simply to avail of your holiday offerings. Given New Year’s signals the fag end of this period, it’s your last chance to convince and convert this crop of contacts from seasonal to full-time buyers. And what’s a better way of going about it than by making social proof the core of your new year emailer? That’s precisely what Tiny Tags have done over here. 

In an adorable photo grid, they have added pictures of some of their happy customers and also tagged their Instagram handles. Below this grid is a testimonial section, which flashes one glowing review after another. Hoping that both these sections would have worked their magic on you, they cap off the email with a product recommendation to nudge you into making a purchase. 

5. Emma Sleep

Subject line: Happy New Year!

Image source

Illustrations are an excellent means of grabbing attention. Be it their endearing imperfection or their inimitable appeal, they know just the spell to cast on eyeballs. Now, throw animation into the mix, and you have at your disposal an extremely potent visual concoction. Emma Sleep, in this email, have taken this very concoction and used it in their hero section, thereby making sure that the reader would feel compelled to scroll down the email after opening it. Since the above-the-fold section here is so visually busy, Emma Sleep have made the conscious choice of keeping the bottom half rather simplistic. The margin of discount on each product has been distinctly labelled across them to offer more clarity to the buyers. 

6. Email Uplers

Subject line: Wishing you all an awesome 2022!

At Email Uplers, we decided to welcome the new year by sharing with our subscribers some of our highest points of 2021 (21 of them, for obvious reasons). With the design, our aim was to evoke sentiments of happiness and celebration in the reader’s mind. As per the content, each feat has been presented with a crisp copy and a complementary icon. The titles of our best-performing content pieces, along with their links, have also been included over here. 

We at Email Uplers create beautiful, pixel-perfect, responsive email templates. Should you wish to get an email template coded, we can do it in just 8 hours! 

7. Mexicali

Subject line: New Year, New Moon

Image source

Gradients have been among the most popular email design trends over the last few years. If you are wondering why that’s the case, just take one look at Mexicali’s new year emailer. Visually, gradients serve various purposes, but in this hero section, they’re accentuating the enigma and surrealness that is intrinsic to astrology. Gradients can be of various types- single color, multiple colors, bold, subtle, and even animated. Subtle gradient is what’s at play over here. It can be noticed in the email’s CTA buttons as well, which is what makes them so prominent, to begin with. In their gift guide section, Mexicali have employed a GIF to display their various offerings. 

8. Coola

Subject line: Start with you

Image source

When it comes to deciding the color palette of your new year emailer, you have, more or less, two options to choose from- creating a new one for the occasion, and sticking to your brand book. Just for the record, neither approach is wrong. Eventually, it all boils down to execution. In this case, Coola have chosen the latter. Ocean blue and dark blue are Coola’s primary shades, and to make them prominent, they have chosen for their background a shade that is significantly lighter than these two. 

I really like the product descriptions over here too. They’re crisp, to the point and perfectly convey the USPs. Having a unique CTA phrase for each section is another feature worth noting in this email. Personally, my favorite CTA is one accompanying the blog promotion section. Telling the subscribers upfront about the blog’s read time is a great way of establishing transparency with them. 

9. buybuybaby

Subject line: Kickstart the year with a fresh routine >>

Image source

Keeping the design language consistent while also making sure that no two sections in the email look similar- this is an area that poses a headache to many brands out there. buybuybaby’s new year emailer presents a solid solution. This email has 4 sections in all, and all of them use the same template. Yet, as a reader, you’ll have no trouble distinguishing between any. Why? Because a unique color has been assigned to each. A simple yet highly effective fix. Another thing which makes this email engaging is its cuteness quotient, which, we can all agree, is right through the roof.

10. Pretty Litter

Subject line: January is looking bright

Image source

Pretty Litter’s new year email contains a little bit of everything- a plugin of their latest product, an introduction (via video) of the founder, a blog promotion section, and mention of their social media handle too. What this does is give every subscriber, no matter where they fall on the spectrum, something to engage with. Overall, the image is heavy on visuals with the intention of maximizing engagement and interaction.

Wrapping It Up

How do you feel about crafting your new year campaign now? A lot more confident, we hope? If you want to go beyond this list and dig up the internet for some more inspirations, feel free, by all means! If you come across anything you want to share with us, you know where to find us. And if you want to get a really cool new year email template designed, just get in touch with us; we’ll respond in a jiffy.

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