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Real Estate Email Newsletter Examples With Industry Best Practices


Being a mammoth business that generates yearly revenue of billions of dollars, real estate industry presents a lucrative scaffold to business owners. We also have a good news for all the real estate professionals out there. According to Forbes, 2019 is said to be the most pivotal year in US housing and commercial real estate since the Great Recession. Considering this trend, marketers should try to make the most of their marketing efforts and yield more profits in the real estate marketplace. As email is the most effective channel to target and approach prospective clients, it is incumbent upon the marketer to incorporate it in the marketing strategy.

To make things easy for you, we are here with real estate email newsletter examples and the industry best practices.


Rightmove sends a nice welcome email with first name personalization and aesthetic illustrations accompanied by relevant CTAs. However, what meddles with the best practices is the “From name” – The welcome email could be sent by an automation tool but such a “From name” makes it evident and does not present a good impression. They could have instead used a From name like


The “double opt-in” email newsletter by Realtor is awesome in several ways. First of all, it is a good idea to build your email list by double opt-in method. Next thing that catches the eye is the preheader text that conveys the purpose of the email. It could have been better to use something different from the subject line, in the preheader text. The email is short and sweet with a clear and contrasting CTA.


Whenever a subscriber signs up to your newsletter, you should always send a welcome email. Zillow knows this perfectly well. It is a unique email with a GIF in the hero image. Even if the GIF does not work in the reader’s email client, he or she will be able to see an image that represents three different types of homes.

The image is followed by a short and crisp copy that introduces the brand and its USPs that allows the user to download their app, save a search, and favorite a home.

Once a user adds something to the favorite list, Zillow sends out automated emails that share the details of all those properties added in the list. It also comes with a “Share” button so that the email recipient can share it with his or her friends and family. It is a neatly designed email with ample whitespace.

Transactional emails are an important part of your email marketing strategy, irrespective of the industry you are in. Zillow sends out a confirmation email once the user has claimed a home on Zillow. It is a minimalistic email with all the necessary home details and a CTA that lets the user confirm or edit the home facts. It also allows the user to view comparable homes, list rental homes, and find cost estimates on Zillow Digs.


The welcome email by Redfin promotes the Home Affordability Calculator to help the subscriber figure out a price range according to their budget. The email follows the principle of visual hierarchy and the most important information is placed at the top. The CTA is easily clickable and prominently placed. When the user hovers the mouse over the CTA, it changes its color to a lighter shade of red – this trick entices the user to click-through and engage with the email.

Another email by Redfin explains the subscribers how to use the Redfin App. The email features tips and tricks from expert professionals associated with their App. It is a great idea to convince the subscribers to download the app and use it to the maximum potential. The email ends with the social sharing buttons and their contact details to facilitate easier communication.

Searching for the right real estate agent can get quite tough for a user. OpenAgent makes this daunting task easier. They share an email that talks about how to choose an agent with them. It is a great real estate email newsletter because it is informative, has a clear CTA, builds trust with the statement – “60,000+ Australians trust OpenAgent to research agents every month”, and features some tips for the novice buyers along with Trustpilot rating. The email ends with social sharing icons.

Key Takeaways

  1. Build your list of real estate buyers organically with double opt-in method.
  2. Always have a recognizable From name like
  3. Write an engaging subject line and elaborative preheader text. (The preheader text should not be repetitive.)
  4. Follow a definite visual hierarchy by placing the most important content at the top and draft informative emails.
  5. Automate your email marketing strategy – welcome emails, lead nurturing emails, browse abandonment emails, etc.
  6. Your emails should be visually attractive as well as contextually appealing.
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